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Eamon Hoey - Hoey Associates Management Consultants Inc.. Toronto, ON, CA

Eamon Hoey

Managing Partner | Hoey Associates Management Consultants Inc.

Toronto, ON, CANADA

How do organizations capture opportunity created by the unequaled, violent, global, tectonic transformation in our world order?





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Eamon Hoey is a consultant, author and speaker who delivers insightful ideas and strategies to solve the 21st Century’s complex business problems. His performance at corporate conferences, leadership summits, and intimate board meetings cut to the core of how to achieve sustainable long-term growth, corporate longevity, and above-average corporate performance. His fact-based, actionable presentations deliver profound insights, incisive analysis, and enlightened common sense that resonate long after the event ends. Eamon removes fear of the future and shows the way to avoid stagnation and seize the many opportunities for a prodigious future. Attendees leave the event with a definite plan and a new resolve to fully harness the opportunities for an exciting tomorrow.

Eamon champions a set of innovative business ideas that inspire leadership teams to make consequential, responsible, and incremental ongoing decisions which overcome organizational barriers to opportunity. He issues a call to action that inspires participants to embrace change in order to turn their visions of an abundant future into reality. Eamon urges leaders to see beyond the short-term and create responsible yet ambitious long-term growth strategies that lead to decades of financial success exceeding market expectations.

If you are looking for a speaker who champions conformity and ideas that maintain the status quo, Eamon is not for your event. If you seek a one of a kind thought-leader who thinks differently; a dynamic speaker with a unique grasp of what is driving a turbulent, unstable 21st Century; and a speaker who delivers his ideas coherently with passion and enthusiasm; then Eamon Hoey is for your event.

Industry Expertise (7)



Corporate Leadership


Management Consulting

Training and Development

Public Policy

Areas of Expertise (10)

Change Management

Business Transformation

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Competitive Analysis

Culture Change


Strategic Planning

Merger and Acquisition Strategy and Execution

Creating Learning Organizations

Global Change in the Business Environment

Accomplishments (2)

Certified Management Consultant (CMC) (professional)

Professional Designation for Management Consultanst

Managing Partner – Hoey Associates Management Consultants (professional)


Hoey Associates helps business leaders craft and execute their Company's ambitious aspirations. To each engagement we bring our knowledge advantage, insights, ability to innovate, decades of experience, functional expertise, and sophistication to address the firm’s critical issues. We focus on delivering solutions designed to secure sustainable leading edge results. These are derived from a rigorous and creative approach unconstrained by prevailing thinking.

Education (2)

Royal Roads University: MBA, Business Administration 2007

Carleton University: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Sociology 1971

Affiliations (3)

  • Canadian Management Consultants Association
  • Toronto Board of Trade
  • Electricity Distributors Association (EDA)

Languages (2)

  • English
  • French

Sample Talks (2)

The Big Shift - What leaders need to do to transform their organisations to the needs of a new world order.

The world is experiencing an unparalleled global violent tectonic transformation of the business environment while bringing unbounded opportunity. Eamon in this presentation focusses on the need for leaders to redefine the ambitious aspirations they have for their organizations; how to accomplish the transformation to the needs of the new reality; and closes by arguing leaders have few choices either they transform their organization or it will wither and die.

Entrepreneurs, the Forgotten Engine of Innovation

Today more than ever, entrepreneurs are the engine of innovation. A generational global economic tectonic shift is occurring bringing unparalleled change to an organization's external environment. Change brings opportunity. In this discussion, Eamon highlights the important elements which bring about long-term innovation, and how every sector of society can benefit from embracing entrepreneurship as being at the heart of meaningful & lasting change.



  • Keynote
  • Moderator
  • Panelist
  • Host/MC


4000 to 8000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee