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Eben Watt - . Victoria, BC, CA

Eben Watt Eben Watt

Victoria, BC, CANADA

Personal effectiveness, performance management and positive living




Panic! Why projects get done at the last minute and what you can do about it


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Eben Watt: Indentify and Leverage Your Strengths




Eben is a public servant and executive coach with extensive experience in performance management. His easy style, quick wit and gifted storytelling capture the audiences' attention as listeners ponder the world in ways they had never considered before.

With undergraduate studies in psychology and a masters of public administration, Eben brings rigour and insight to his discussions of how to make improvements in both personal and business effectiveness.

Industry Expertise (2)

Corporate Leadership

Government Administration

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Performance Management



Personal Success


Personal Accountability

Education (3)

University of Victoria: Masters of Public Administration, Public Administration 2005

Erickson College: Certificate, Coaching 2012

Carleton University: Bachelor of Arts with Honours, Psychology 1997

Affiliations (1)

  • International Coach Federation

Testimonials (2)

Roley Chiu, Internal Communications Coordinator | Internal Communications Conference 2014

Eben’s Quick and Snappy Presentations was a refreshing, informative and expertly delivered session that every presenter can learn from. Eben tells it like it is and provides practical advice that can be utilized immediately. As a communications professional with many years of experience working with both internal and external audiences, I found Eben’s session highly relevant (and necessary)!

Lindsey Poepping, Communications and Events Coordinator | BC Pension Corporation - Staff Day

Eben’s presentation on innovation in the public sector was a meaningful part of our professional development event for staff. We received great feedback from staff; some said it was the highlight of their day. Eben was keen and organized leading up to the event, giving us planners the confidence we needed to know he would deliver on our goals.

Event Appearances (7)

Inspire Action: how to deliver snappy presentations

Internal Communications Conference  Victoria, BC


Innovation: the upside of failure

BC Pension Corporation Staff Day  Victoria, BC


PANIC! Why project get done at the last minute

Rotary Club Meeting  Union Club, Victoria, BC


Performance Management: it's all about the people

Public Sector Performance Management (INFONEX)  VICTORIA, bc


Innovation: the upside of failure

Engagement, Technology, Culture (ETC)  Victoria, BC


Integrating Risk Management into Business Planning`

Risk Management Forum  Victoria, BC


Deloitte Business Risk Management Session  Victoria, BC


Sample Talks (5)

Innovation: the upside of failure

An exploration of the relationship between innovation and failure using the real life example of how a solar powered boat turned into a tool to catch poachers in Siberia. (10-20 mins)

PANIC! Why projects always finish at the last moment

A humorous examination of why it seems that we always complete projects just before the deadline, why that is probably okay, and three strategies to gain a little breathing room. (30 mins)

How to Deliver Awesome Presentations

Awesome presentations grip the audience and don’t let them go until they’ve driven home their message. If you’ve ever wanted to give a presentation that had your audience in the palm of your hand, this session is for you. Covering content, structure and delivery, the 12 insights addressed in this session offer something for everyone—from the shy novice to the seasoned veteran. Come find out what could make your next presentation … an awesome presentation. (45 mins)

Identify and Leverage Your Strengths

We show you how to flip the script and go from focusing on weaknesses to focusing on your strengths. We all have things we are innately good at doing, so let's find out how to tap into them. This inspiring talk will show you how to identify, leverage and use your strengths to accomplish anything in your life. (20 mins)

Information Interviewing: 15 minutes to your future

Getting good information about different jobs can be tough. And by the time you are interviewing for a position, it’s pretty much too late. That’s where informational interviewing can give you the edge. This presentation breaks down the process for who to interview, how to approach them, how to get your story out and what to do next. Who knows, an informational interview might even lead to your perfect job. (20-30 mins)



  • Keynote
  • Panelist
  • Workshop Leader
  • Corporate Training


500 to 5000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee