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Eckhard Meinrenken - University of Toronto, Department of Mathematics. Toronto, ON, CA

Eckhard Meinrenken

Professor | University of Toronto, Department of Mathematics

Toronto, ON, CANADA

Eckhard Meinrenken researches symplectic geometry, mathematical physics, and Lie theory.



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Research Interests (3)

Symplectic Geometry

Mathematical Physics

Lie Theory

Accomplishments (3)

Fellowship of the Royal Society of Canada (professional)

The fellowship of the RSC comprises distinguished men and women from all branches of learning who have made remarkable contributions in the arts, the humanities and the sciences, as well as in Canadian public life.

NSERC Steacie Fellowship (professional)

Up to six Steacie Fellowships are awarded annually to enhance the career development of outstanding and highly promising scientists and engineers who are faculty members of Canadian universities.

McLean Award (professional)

One $125,000 award annually to support an emerging research leader conducting basic research in physics, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, engineering sciences, and the theory and methods of statistics. Eligibility for the McLean Award is restricted to full-time members of the University’s faculty who conduct research in the fields designated above and who are, as of the date of application, within twelve years or less of having received the Ph.D.

Education (1)

Albert-Ludwig Universitaet Freiburg: Ph.D., Physics 1994

Vielfachheitsformeln fur die Quantisierung von Phasenraeumen.