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Edd Wilder-James - Silicon Valley Data Science. San Francisco Bay Area, CA, US

Edd Wilder-James

VP Strategy | Silicon Valley Data Science

San Francisco Bay Area, CA, UNITED STATES

Expert in emerging technologies and how they change the world, specializing in big data & data science



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Edd Dumbill - GE Industrial Internet (2013) - theCUBE Strata Summit 2011:  Edd Dumbill, Strata: Data in the Dirt The SMAQ Stack for Big Data




Edd is an emerging technology analyst with a broad background in web, open source and data technologies.

Edd works as Vice President of Strategy at Silicon Valley Data Science, where he is focused on explaining and exporting the techniques of building strategic data applications from Silicon Valley to industry at large.

He is also a Research Associate at the Leading Edge Forum.

A leading expert in big data, Edd was the founding chair of Strata, the central big data industry event, and the founding editor of peer-reviewed journal Big Data. Edd spent six years as program chair for the O'Reilly Open Source Convention.

Previously, Edd was chair of the XTech / XML Europe conference series for 8 years.

A veteran CTO of internet startups, Edd was the creator of the Expectnation system for conference organization and management and co-founder of life-science intellectual property exchange

With a background as a technical educator, Edd has written several books including "Learning Rails", and "Mono: A Developer's Notebook". He was the editor of and, and a freelance writer on XML and the semantic web for IBM developerWorks.

Edd's open source contributions included time as a developer on the Debian GNU/Linux project and the GNOME project.

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Events Services

Writing and Editing

IT Services/Consulting

Media - Online

Computer Software

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Emerging Technologies

Future of It

Data Science

Big Data

Open Source


Accomplishments (3)

Founding chair of the O'Reilly Strata conference on big data (professional)


Created and grew the industry leading conference for big data and data science.

Founding Editor of Big Data (professional)


Founding editor in chief of the peer-reviewed journal "Big Data" —

Chair of the O'Reilly Open Source Convention (professional)


From 2008 to 2013, Edd Dumbill was program chair for the Open Source Convention (OSCON), the central gathering place for the open source software community.

Education (1)

University of York: BEng (Hons) – Class I, Computer Science 1995

Research into combinatorial optimization.

Affiliations (1)

  • ACM

Event Appearances (13)

Key Trends to Embrace - Supporting "Big Data"

2013 SLA PHT and BIO Division Spring Meeting  Philadelphia, PA


Welcome and Master of Ceremonies

Strata 2013  Santa Clara, CA


Welcome and Master of Ceremonies

Strata + Hadoop World 2012  New York, NY


Welcome and Master of Ceremonies

OSCON 2012  Portland, OR


Welcome and Master of Ceremonies

Strata 2012  Santa Clara, CA


Welcome and Master of Ceremonies

Strata + Hadoop World 2013  New York, NY


Welcome and Master of Ceremonies

Strata London 2013  London, UK


Welcome and Master of Ceremonies

Strata London 2012  London, UK


Welcome and Master of Ceremonies

OSCON 2013  Portland, OR


Navigating the Big Data Vendor Landscape

Strata 2014  Santa Clara, CA


Keynote: The Experimental Enterprise

Citrix Connect 2014  London, UK & Bangalore, India


Keynote: The Experimental Enterprise

InformationWeek: BI: Empowering Employees to Make Smarter Business Decisions  Chicago, IL


Outside-In Agility through New Data Architectures

Leading Edge Forum Executive Forum  Washington, DC


Sample Talks (2)

Navigating the Big Data Vendor Landscape

A maze of twisty databases, all of which look the same, and each claim they're best for the job. Welcome to the world of choosing big data vendors. In this session we'll map out the data tool landscape, and lay out a framework to help you choose a solution, or elect to build one yourself.

The Experimental Enterprise

A company needs stability to operate, but it also needs innovation to compete. Balancing these is difficult, but those companies that maintain a perpetual state of innovation keep their leading position. The starting point for innovation is experimentation—the freedom and power to try new things, and learn from both success and failure. To make this happen you need two things. First, the cost of failure has to be cheap, or fear will stifle creativity. Second, you need business engagement: great artists know both their art and their medium. Web pioneers such as Google and Facebook have embraced this experimental attitude, and from these companies have emerged technologies and practices that enable the innovation culture. Continuous deployment, programmable infrastructure, and smart use of data enable rapid experimentation, supporting an organization that is able to learn and adapt. In this talk I will draw together the components for success, showing how recent changes in technology and software engineering aren’t just best practice, they’re key to transforming and accelerating an entire company.



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5000 to 15000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee