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Eden Adele - Get Back to Passion Institute. Greater Chicago Area, IL, US

Eden Adele Eden Adele

Chief Passion Officer | Get Back to Passion Institute

Greater Chicago Area, IL, UNITED STATES

Are You Looking for a Way Out of the Intimacy Deprivation You've Been Living Day to Day?





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Affectionately known as the Premiere Passionator and Love Liberator, I am a best-selling author, highly sought after speaker and media personality. My primary interest is in supporting my clients' efforts to relieve the pain of lost intimacy in their relationships and revive the sheet-grabbing, eye-rolling, toe-curling good times they used to have! I am the creator of the SatisFillment strategy for intimacy creation/building, life reinvention, and emotional independence. My offerings include, but are not limited to, free resources, special reports, blogs, books, retreats, and coaching programs. Continuing education is the foundation of 'Get Back to Passion Institute', as we seek to facilitate substantive and lasting changes in the lives of our clients.

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Roosevelt University: Bachelor's candidate, Business Administration 1999

University of Phoenix: Bachelor's candidate, Business Management 2005

Howard University: Bachelor's candidate, Accounting 1982

Whitney Young High School: Diploma, Math/Science 1980

Kaplan University: Bachelor's candidate, Applied Behavioral Analysis 2006

Testimonials (4)

Jack Zufelt, Keynote Speaker and Trainer | Book review

She teaches super simple, "commonsensical" mental lessons and some exercises that you will find very rewarding - even fun. One of them you do before you even get out of bed! You get a vividly clear picture and specific direction on how to maximize the whole being, so you can plug into your true power and become a mentally and physically healthy "you"! With her concepts you can live life to the max! Eden shows you how to change everything around . . . and quickly . . . 30 pages to be exact! If you read just one page a day and apply what she teaches, you will be a "new and improved" person who has learned to use their innate power at full throttle . . . FAST!

John Monsul, Host | Communicating Today

"I just had to 'thank you' so much - for being a wonderful guest on our T.V. show last night!" "You looked beautiful last night - and you were the 'consummate Pro'! I was proud of you! One of these days, you'll be back in our D.C. area - and I sincerely hope we can keep in touch again - and get you back to Ch 10 again!"

Sallie Felton, Hostess | Light at the End of the Tunnel

" It was such a pleasure to have interviewed you on my radio show, “A Fresh Start with Sallie Felton”. As I always say, “One has to ‘Start Where You Stand’ in order to move forward and change”; and you generously provided those tools and more for my listeners …thank you!"

Eric Dye, Host | Elite Professionals magazine

I had a great interview with you yesterday, Eden. I've already sent you a friend request on Facebook. Let's stay in touch. Thank you so much.

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Cable TV Author Interview

Communicating Today with John Monsul  Fairfax, VA


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Get Back to Passion Playbook

The major topic of discussion is identifying the seven most destructive intimate relationship problems, how they most often show up, and practical ways to effectively deal with these problems. This talk has been presented as an hour-long webinar. It can be repurposed for many other uses - from a keynote speech or panel discussion to a full-day intensive or weekend bootcamp experience.



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1500 to 2500 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee