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Edward Anderson - The University of Texas at Austin, McCombs School of Business. Austin, TX, US

Edward Anderson Edward Anderson

Professor, Department of Information, Risk, and Operations Management | The University of Texas at Austin, McCombs School of Business


Operations management and system dynamics in the automotive, videogame, and healthcare industries


Areas of Expertise (13)

System Dynamics New Product Development Healthcare Management Supply Chain Management Operations Management Video Game Industry Knowledge Management Innovation Management Dynamic Programming Automobile Industry Electronic Business (Ebusiness) Project Managemenmt Computer Simulations


Edward Anderson is a professor in the Department of Information, Risk, & Operations Management and the director of the McCombs Healthcare Initiative at the McCombs School of Business, The University of Texas at Austin. He teaches operations management, project management, and launch planning for startups.

Dr. Anderson is the co-author of two books: The Innovation Butterfly: Managing Emergent Opportunities and Disruptions Under Distributed Innovation, as well as Operations Management for Dummies. He has authored 20+ articles for research journals in Management Science, Production and Operations Management, and The System Dynamics Review.



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Education (2)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Ph.D. in Management , Operations Management/System Dynamics

Stanford University: Bachelor of Arts and Sciences , Electrical Engineering, History

Media Appearances (3)

2016 Best MBAs: Jennifer Thomas, University of Texas

Poets & Quants  online


Finally, in my personal conversations with Ms. Thomas, she is always thoughtful and articulate, without the overbearing or arrogant nature commonplace among people of her capabilities. Frankly, I learn something every time I speak with her, which is something I can say of very few students.” — Edward G. Anderson Jr., Professor, Information, Risk, & Operations Management, Director, McCombs Healthcare Initiative, President, Production and Operations Management Society

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Managing the Innovation Butterfly

Innovation Excellence   online


About 40 years later, a pair of strategy wonks on duty at the McCombs School of Business developed a theory that sheds new light on the butterfly effect’s implications for business. McCombs Management Professor Edward Anderson and then-visiting professor Nitin Joglekar were deep into “a five-year conversation” on how companies trying to innovate can strike a path that rapidly diverges from the original route because of unpredictable, small changes.

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The 18 Biggest Tech Hires and Departures in Austin From April 2018

Austininno  online


Vertify Inc., an Austin-based smart integration software company, announced it hired Wayne Lopez as VP of product and Edward Anderson to newly created leadership role as senior technology architect. Lopez was most recently VP of product at TrendKite, and Anderson was previously a senior technology architect at the University of Texas Systems.

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Articles (10)

Edward Anderson Citations Google Scholar

Listing of top scholarly works by Edward Anderson.

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Managing Distributed Product Development Projects: Integration Strategies for Time-Zone and Language Barriers Information Systems Research


The increasing trend toward globalizing projects requires firms to coordinate development efforts made by team members from various functions within the firm, speaking multiple languages, and working in various time zones. We analyze qualitative data from 70 distributed product development projects that span 14 countries and involve cross-functional team members speaking 10 different languages. We find that commonly discussed integration strategies such as modular product designs and colocating team members by themselves are insufficient to coordinate project work.

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The Role of Industry Studies and Public Policies in Production and Operations Management Production and Operations Management


This article reviews a sample of IS&PP publications and analyzes the content of 180 selected papers—85 papers published in the Production and Operations Management (POM) journal and 95 papers published in related journals between 1992 and 2014. Our analysis of the sample dataset and examination of exemplar papers provide four findings.

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Integration of Global Knowledge Networks Production and Operations Management


This article surveys the literature and develops a framework for research into the integration of distributed knowledge work (DKW).

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A Dynamic Model of Individual and Group Learning Amid Disruption Organization Science


Using the methodology of system dynamics, we model the effects of disruptive events on learning and productivity in organizations.

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Platform Feature Investment in the Presence of 3rd Party Developer and Consumer Externalities Information Systems Research


Managers of emerging platforms must decide what level of platform performance to invest in at each product development cycle in markets that exhibit two-sided network externalities.

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Accuracy of Data in Distributed Project Settings: Model, Analysis and Implications ACM Journal of Data and Information Quality


We examine the management of data accuracy in inter-organizational data exchanges using the context of distributed software projects.

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Integration and Cospecialization of Emerging Complementary Technologies by Startups Production and Operations Management


We analyze the market entry problem faced by startups that must integrate their service or product with one or more complementary technologies.

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Putting It Together: How to Succeed in Distributed Product Development Sloan Management Review


Companies have traditionally been protective of the innovation activities they use in product and process development, seeing the activities as part of their crown jewels. That thinking, however, is starting to change.

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Evaluating System Dynamics Models of Risky Projects Using Decision Trees System Dynamics Review


Most downloaded System Dynamics Review article of 2010 at 1400+ downloads.

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