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Edward Moses Edward Moses

United States Institute of Leadership and Diplomacy


Leadership, Negotiation, and Advocacy Expert, Speaker, and Coach


Corporate and Government Consulting on Leadership, Negotiation, Strategy, Diplomacy, Crisis Management, Conflit resolution, Advocacy, International Affairs, International Litigation, Political Advocacy

Accomplishments (4)

President at Rene Descartes University of Angola (professional)


First to create and implement the program of art of advocacy in Angola. This is a program designed to train outstanding litigator lawyers in the methods of identiffying and striking down the unconstitutionalities. As results, we've successfully train judges, litigator lawyers, and political advocators.

Attorney at law (professional)

Specialized in trial advocacy

Leadership, Negotiation, and Advocacy Speaher and Coach (professional)

Certified Leadership Speaker and Coach at John Maxwell Team

Founder and CEO at Aglai, Inc (professional)

This is an international corporation concentrated in the ares of telecommunications

Education (4)

Bealsley School of Law at Temple University: Master of Laws (LL.M), Arte of Advocacy, and International Litigation 2005

School of Advanced Studies in International Relations and Diplomacy: PhD, International Relations and Diplomacy 1999

Ecoles des Hautes Etudes Internationales de Paris

French Center for Diplomatic and Strategic Studies: Master of Art, Diplomatic and Strategic Studies 1996

9eme Session of the Center of Diplomatic and Strategic Studies (CEDS) Member of French Diplomatic and Strategic Studies (Centre d'Etuded Diplomatiques et Strategiques de Paris)

Faculte de Droit Jean Monnet a Sceaux, Universite Paris XI): Post Graduate , European Business Law 1995