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Elise  King, MID, M.A. - Baylor University . Waco, TX, US

Elise King, MID, M.A.

Assistant Professor in Family and Consumer Sciences | Interior Design | Baylor University


Elise King, MID, M.A., is an Assistant Professor in Interior Design at Baylor University.






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Elise King is an Assistant Professor in Interior Design at Baylor University. As an interior designer and design historian she believes that examining critically the designers and built environments of the past can enhance our understanding of contemporary life and design practice. Her research focuses on twentieth-century design innovators and exploring the intersection between theory and practice.

Areas of Expertise (9)

Sleep and Creativity

19th and 20th Century Design History

Community Engagement

Interior Design

Fundamentals of Interior Design

Interior Design Graphics

Architectural History


Frank Lloyd Wright

Education (3)

The University of Texas at Austin: MID

The University of Texas at Austin: M.A., Architectural History

Baylor University: B.S., Interior Design

Affiliations (1)

  • Interior Design Educator's Council (IDEC) - Member

Languages (2)

  • English
  • German - Reading Proficient

Media Appearances (9)

Turning Assisted Living into a Home: Baylor Interior Design Faculty Members Discuss 3 Ways to Create Sense of Home for Residents

Baylor Media and Public Relations  print


Interior design faculty Elise King and Debra Harris, Ph.D., in Baylor University’s Robbins College of Health and Human Sciences provide their perspective about how interior designers ensure that assisted living facilities provide a sense of comfort and a sense of home to their residents.

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Notre Dame Fire Marks ‘Dark Day,’ But Beauty Will Emerge, Baylor Architectural Historian Says

Baylor Media and Public Relations  online


In the wake of a massive fire that devasted Paris’ iconic Notre Dame Cathedral on Monday and captured eyes and prompted tears across the globe, a Baylor University expert in architectural history said beauty can emerge from the ashes. Elise King, M.I.D., M.A.,, assistant professor of interior design in Baylor’s Robbins College of Health and Human Sciences, is an architectural and design historian. “Something I find comforting is that when you study architecture and design throughout history, there are numerous examples demonstrating that destruction, chaos and loss can beget inspired beauty. No matter the damage, this will not be the end of Notre Dame’s story,” King said.

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How does sleep impact creativity?

Baylor Connections  radio


How does sleep impact creativity? Two Baylor professors sought to answer that question in interdisciplinary studies which provide insight into the role of sleep, sleep consistency and more on attention, creativity and academic performance. Dr. Michael Scullin, Assistant Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience and Director of the Sleep Neuroscience and Cognition Laboratory, and Elise King, Assistant Professor of Interior Design in Family and Consumer Sciences, share more in this Baylor Connections.

Michael Scullin Elise King

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A Heart For Local Service

BaylorNews Online  


“Typically, organizations within the community reach out to our program with projects they’d like to see some designs for,” said Dr. Elise King, assistant professor of interior design. “We make sure to involve the client in the design process as much as possible along the way, like in the research and the design development phase, and then have them come in to view a final presentation so they understand the process and can provide feedback.”...

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Get Some Sleep!

Baylor Magazine  


Dr. Michael Scullin, director of Baylor’s Sleep Neuroscience and Cognition Laboratory and assistant professor of psychology and neuroscience in the College of Arts and Sciences, teamed with Elise King, BSFCS ’08, assistant professor of interior design in Baylor’s Robbins College of Health and Human Sciences, to study the impact of sleep habits on cognition in 28 interior design students...

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'Catch-Up' Sleep Spoils Attention and Creativity, Study Suggests

CBC News  


While lack of sleep is a universal post-secondary experience, studio-based disciplines like the fine arts, architecture and interior design are notorious for taking sleep deprivation to an unhealthy extreme, according to Elise King. King is an assistant professor of interior design at Baylor University and lead author of a new paper that looks at students' sleep habits...

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Why Sleep Marathons Do NOT Make Up for an All-nighter: Study Shows How Erratic Sleep Schedules Crush Brain Function and Creativity in Young Adults

Daily Mail  


Lead author Dr Elise King, an assistant professor of interior design at Baylor, said the study challenges a common myth, that 'the best design ideas only come in the middle of the night'. 'But recently, we've seen the consequences of that type of thinking: anxiety, depression and other mental health issues -and also the dangers of driving while sleep deprived,' she added...

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Alternating Skimpy Sleep with Sleep Marathons Hurts Attention, Creativity in Young Adults, Study Finds

Baylor Media Communications  


Skimping on sleep, followed by “catch-up” days with long snoozes, is tied to worse cognition — both in attention and creativity — in young adults, in particular those tackling major projects, Baylor University researchers have found.

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Downtown Depot: Elise King

Waco Business News  online


"The ALICO is amazing for the time it was built--almost a self-sustaining building, powered by the natural springs below...It's not just the architectural style, which is beautiful, but the thought and engineering that went into it."

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