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Areas of Expertise (4)

Moral Psychology


Judgment and Decision Making

Pattern Perception


Ellen Evers is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at the Haas School of Business.

Education (3)

Tilburg University: PhD, Social and Behavioral Sciences

Tilburg University: MA, Social and Behavioral Sciences

Tilburg University: BA, Psychology

Selected External Service & Affiliations (3)

  • Association for Consumer Research
  • Society for Judgment and Decision Making
  • European Association for Decision Making

Positions Held (1)

At Haas since August 2015

2015 – present, Assistant Professor, Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley 2014 – 2015, Post-doctoral researcher, Wharton School – OPIM

Media Appearances (1)

Do viral boycotts lead to real results?

San Francisco Chronicle  online


Boycotting companies over their political stance makes people feel good, but might not be that useful. “Keurig isn’t going to suffer because you destroyed your coffee machine,” said Assist. Prof. Ellen Evers. “They’re not going to feel the damage.”

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Selected Papers & Publications (6)

Preference Reversals in Willingness-to-Pay and Choice

Journal of Consumer Research

Ellen R.K. Evers and Michael O’Donnell


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When Do People Prefer Carrots to Sticks? A Robust “Matching Effect” in Policy Evaluation

Management Science

Ellen R.K. Evers, Yoel Inbar, Irene Blanken, Linda D Oosterwijk


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The Hidden Cost of Microtransactions

International Journal of Internet Science

Ellen R. K. Evers, Niels van de Ven, Dorus Weeda


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Set-Fit Effects in Choice

Journal of Experimental Psychology: General

Ellen R. K. Evers, Yoel Inbar, and Marcel Zeelenberg


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Practical Recommendations to Increase the Informational Value of Studies

Perspectives on Psychological Science

Ellen R. K. Evers and Daniel Lakens


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Revisiting Tversky's diagnosticity principle

Frontiers in Psychology

Evers, E. R. K. and Lakens, D.


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Teaching (1)

Customer Insights

MBA 260