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Elliot A. Spoon - Michigan State University. East Lansing, MI, US

Elliot A. Spoon

Professor of Law in Residence | Michigan State University


An expert in housing finance issues and securities regulation


Elliot Spoon joined Butzel, Keidan, Simon, Myers & Graham and later chaired the firm's corporate department and was a member of its management committee. He also chaired the Business Transactions Practice Group and was a member of the Executive Committee at Jaffe, Raitt, Heuer & Weiss.

Spoon teaches Contracts, Corporate Finance, Mortgage Banking, and Securities Regulation. He is faculty advisor to the Business Law Society. Professor Spoon has lectured widely on various mortgage banking and corporate topics. He has co-chaired the Midwest Securities Law Institute since 2004.

Industry Expertise (5)

Public Policy

Writing and Editing



Legal Services

Areas of Expertise (2)

Securities Regulation

Mortgage Finance

Education (2)

University of Michigan: B.A.

University of Michigan: J.D.

News (2)

Law school graduates face tough job market, high student loan debt



Elliot Spoon, assistant dean for career development at Michigan State, said graduates at his school were experiencing the same shift. "We have a number of people going into compliance even though you don't have to have an admission to the bar," Spoon said. "I do think that this challenging time in legal education has made the stakeholders look at things differently."...

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Upside down in Pontiac: How investors walk away from disaster



Elliot Spoon, professor of law at Michigan State University, speculates that either lenders were "in cahoots or they didn't care" about making so many loans to individuals. "They were going to sell the loan anyway," he says. "They might have sold them to a variety of investors who didn't know that [Faitel] had 60 loans in this neighborhood. Each one thought they were getting a good loan." Some lenders have learned from the last decade of mistakes, Spoon says. He doesn't expect to see a repeat anytime soon of the environment or policies that led to one investor getting so many loans in Pontiac...

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