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Eric Weaver

CEO | Transparent Path spc


Bringing IoT, blockchain and AI together to reduce risk, loss and waste in the food supply.





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Eric Weaver is a digital transformation veteran who has spent 30 years counseling large enterprises and governmental agencies on disruption and transformation. Weaver leveraged his first career in enterprise software development to become one of the very first digital marketers in 1990, after which he has served as CEO, chief strategist, creative director, and client lead for major management consultancies and ad agencies. He has counseled the leadership teams at over 80 blue-chip brands on everything from brand building to digital operations to blockchain use cases - and has built and led creative, production and strategy teams in London, New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Seattle, Detroit and Cincinnati.

Most recently the VP of the Xerox Customer Experience Practice, Weaver oversaw the company’s $550M marketing services team and led efforts around digital ledger technologies. He left Xerox in 2018 to launch Transparent Path - an early warning system for the food supply chain that combines IoT-based sensors, blockchain data sharing, and predictive analytics. Weaver also sits on the advisory boards for startups and academic organizations focused on food innovation, ethical minerals/mining, and blockchain technologies.

Weaver has been twice recognized as one of the “Top 50 Marketing Thought Leaders Over 50” by Brand Republic, and has been quoted in AdAge, BusinessWeek, Forbes, Fortune, Hoover’s, Huffington Post, Inc. Magazine, InformationWeek, MediaWeek, the Seattle Times and the Washington Post. He speaks globally on food safety, blockchain, digital transformation, digital supply chain, and marketing ethics. Weaver gives back to the marketing profession as a guest lecturer for a number of schools that include the University of California at Berkeley, Dublin City University, Pepperdine and the University of British Columbia.

Industry Expertise (11)

Food Production

Food Distribution

Computer Software

Non-Paper Containers / Packaging

Social Media


Management Consulting

Agriculture and Farming

Computer Hardware

Food and Beverages

Food Processing

Areas of Expertise (7)

Performance Based Marketing

Digital Marketing Strategies

Social Media Analytics

Social Media

Consumer Behavior

Social Business

Big Data Analytics

Accomplishments (9)

Top 50 Marketing Thought Leaders over 50 (professional)


Again chosen to be included in this impressive group of career marketers.

Top 50 Marketing Thought Leaders over 50 (professional)


Each of the Marketing Thought Leaders highlighted have a wealth of experience and knowledge to share; and have gained the respect of their peers through their words, actions and achievements, in print, online and in person.

Brand Leadership Award, World Brand Congress (professional)


Awarded a Branding Leadership Award from the World Brand Congress for lifetime work in branding

Multiple Gold Beacon Awards, Business Marketing Association (professional)

Awarded "Best Brand Identity," "Best Integrated Campaign" and "Best Print Collateral" for work for client SumTotal

American Corporate Video Award, "Best Original Score" (professional)

Role: Composer. Client: Technomic Publishing. Awarded an American Corporate Video award for "Best Original Musical Score" for "Total Quality Management for Schools."

Webby Award, "Best Healthcare Site" (professional)

Webby Award for "Best Healthcare Site" for MayoClinic.com

Best Brand Website, American Advertising & Marketing Association (professional)

Automotive Advertising & Marketing Association, “Best Brand Website – Bronze” for lincoln.com

"Best of Healthcare Industry" Award, Web Marketing Association (professional)

Web Marketing Association “Best of Health Care Industry” award, for mayoclinic.com

"Cool Corporate Website Award" (professional)

Awarded “Cool Corporate Web Site Award” for mercuryvehicles.com (Ford Motor Company)

Education (1)

Xavier University: Communication Arts/Broadcast Media, Bachelor of Arts

Graduated summa cum laude, 4.0

Affiliations (5)

  • Marketing Hall of Fame Academy
  • American Advertising Federation
  • Chief Digital Officer Club
  • I-COM Global Forum for Marketing Data & Measurement
  • World Brand Congress

Languages (1)

  • English

Testimonials (8)

Angela Scardillo, VP Marketing | Best Buy

“Eric is among the rare few thought-leaders truly immersed in social media. He definitely “gets it”. Our organization reached out to Eric in an effort to better understand and integrate social media into our communications and customer experience strategy, and he left our team engaged and inspired."

Andrea Shuff, Digital Marketing Manager | Jack in the Box

“As a client who worked closely with Eric for more than a year, I would entrust him with any large Marketing project – not just Social. Eric is one of the smartest people I’ve ever worked with – an absolute leader in the digital space, a true expert in Social and an all-around great guy. From the beginning of our engagement, he was a partner in the truest sense – engrossing himself in our business and ultimately becoming more knowledgeable about the inner workings of our organization than many of us were. He is more than capable of developing complex strategies but doesn’t shy away from then determining the necessary tactical pieces to execute it.”

Maria Emmer-Aanes, VP Marketing & Communications | Litehouse Foods

"When I met Eric Weaver in 2008 during a website redesign project, I knew NOTHING about social media. Day in and day out, Eric encouraged me to jump into this new media world with both feet. Over a six month period, Eric built our confidence and convinced Nature’s Path Organic Foods that we could no longer leave untapped, awareness building and shopper engagement opportunity on the table. He helped us set strategic goals, provided our team with new resources, collaborative partnerships, and effective tools that allowed us to soar. In fact, during that time we set communication handrails that have made us the number one organic brand throughout social media today. Eric can see the future. He has a clear picture of what matters in building relationships and he is remarkable at pulling people together to get things done. He is a phenomenal listener who is generous with praise, open to tough assignments and strategically breaks through constraining paradigms by taking smart, calculated risks. He is a man who leads with honor, integrity and heart. Simply put, you cannot and will not find better than Eric Weaver."

Shane Gibson, Founder | Socialized Communications

"Eric Weaver and I first connected on Twitter several years ago. The thing that struck me immediately was his willingness to genuinely help and share his vast experience in marketing, business and of course social media and social communications. As an author of two books on social media I have traveled to four continents interacting with all sorts of social media "leaders" and thought leaders. I've seen it all - and Eric is the real deal. We had him speak at Social Media Week Vancouver in 2011 and he was so well received that we asked him to return and speak a second year in-a-row at Social Media Week Vancouver 2012. I would highly recommend Eric as a marketing and social media thought leader. He is the real deal."

Gary Goldhammer, SVP | Edelman Public Relations

“Eric Weaver is a profound thinker, astute strategist and an inspirational speaker, manager and practitioner in all things digital. He can do ‘what’s now’ while always pushing his clients and colleagues toward ‘what’s next,’ and his dedication to his work is admirable to say the least. There are a very few people in this industry with Eric’s abilities or passion.”

Jon Winberg, President | Acuity Forums

“I’ve have had the opportunity of working with Eric Weaver on two occasions, this year. Eric’s presentations are very well researched and organized, he is a true professional and a pleasure to work with. The delegates were very impressed with Eric’s presentation style and incredible knowledge on the subject matter. We would highly recommend Eric and I personally look forward to the opportunity of working together in the future.”

George Riddell, Board of Directors | American Advertising Federation

“Eric Weaver has delivered several outstanding presentations to the members and constituents of Ad Club Seattle over the past few years. Each time, he has delivered an insightful, forward-thinking analysis of the current and future state of online social networks—with specific attention to the ways marketers and advertising professionals can and should be using new media. Based on our experiences with Eric, I strongly endorse him as a presenter and expert on the subject of digital media and social networking.”

Mike Whitmore, President | Fresh Consulting

“Per my recommendation, Fresh brought Eric to be our Keynote Speaker at Social Media 201 in Seattle on April 15th. He was the PERFECT choice for the event which was held at Microsoft’s Conference Center. Eric provided the perfect blend of fantastic delivery, comedic timing, supportive data and relevance to the attendees and made his Keynote one of the highlights of the event. I would highly recommend Eric as a Keynote and want to publicly recognize his contributions to the success of our event.”

Media Appearances (18)

Global Blockchain Summit announces Eric Weaver

Denver Blockchain Week  online


Eric Weaver, CEO and co-founder of Transparent Path, advises brands in the food & beverage, packaged goods and cannabis sectors on how to build proof of origin and chain of custody systems, via IoT automation, digital packaging, certification, and blockchain provenance. By demonstrating transparency and trustworthiness, brands reduce reputational and share price risk, improve efficiencies, increase regulatory friendliness, incentivize partner compliance, and grow consumer trust in an increasingly distrustful world.

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Despite a "Crypto Winter," Blockchain-for-Food Projects Push Forward to Reduce Risk in the US Food Supply

Boston Herald  online


ANAHEIM, Calif., March 7, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- During what some are calling the Crypto Winter of 2018/2019, blockchain-centered startups have struggled to survive the shakeout in the adjacent crypto space and separate themselves from the investment mania surrounding tokens. To tackle this nascent market, some blockchain ventures are banding together to educate the world around blockchain's promise —and how it can create real social impact independent of crypto.

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Transparent Path et Penta Network unissent leurs efforts pour réduire les risques financiers, de réputation et de santé…

SupportIvy (France)  online


Transparent Path et Penta Network unissent leurs efforts pour réduire les risques financiers, de réputation et de santé des producteurs et des consommateurs de produits alimentaires.

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Penta携手Transparent Path推出区块链食品溯源 为食品安全赢回信任

CCN Value (China)  online


Penta公链和Transparent Path联手,正在致力以此种方式打破现有食品体系的不透明,从而降低消费者的健康风险,为食品生产商减少财务及声誉损失。

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New kids on the block: Check out these 5 recently launched Seattle startups

Built in Seattle  online


Transparent Path cites growing instances of contamination in everyday products in the food, pharma and beauty sectors — think arsenic in rice and salmonella in shampoo — as an impetus to improve supply chain tracking through a distributed ledger. The company seeks to integrate IoT and blockchain technologies into supply chains, and supplement on-the-ground certification procedures.

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Supply chain solutions: Q&A with the CEO of Transparent Path

Medium  online


"Transparent Path is one great example that triggers my personal enthusiasm for blockchain. Because it involves the supply chain for products and therefor it can potentially change our daily lives for the better. It’s not only beneficial for the people, but also for the companies interested in exploring ways to do their business even better."

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Could blockchain solve food-borne illness outbreaks?

Washington Journal of Law, Technology & Arts  online


One potential solution is to implement blockchain in the supply chain process. Transparent Path, a Seattle based start-up is looking to take on this challenge. Eric Weaver, Transparent Path’s CEO and Co-Founder shared his vision at the UW Blockchain Expo on October 13.

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How blockchain is supporting climate action

Cisco Newsroom  online


How blockchain helps in carbon emission trading, clean energy trading, the reduction of food waste, and more.

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Advertiser (Italy)  print


“Credo che i Social, avendo acquisito una grandissima rilevanza, stiano entrando in una fase di progressiva maturazione” ha infatti dichiarato Gian Paolo Tagliavia, CEO di IPG Mediabrands Italia (nella foto). “Questo vuol dire che, all’interno delle Aziende, sempre di più si passerà dall’iniziale fascinazione per la novità, a una valutazione delle performance legata al ritorno sull’investimento necessario per creare e alimentare la propria presenza Social. Con Performly affianchiamo le Aziende in questo percorso; a livello globale stiamo già lavorando con molti grandi clienti con la divisione guidata da Eric Weaver, Chief Social Officer G-14 Region, e finalmente iniziamo l’attività anche in Italia”.

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IPG Mediabrands lancia Performly, il tool di misurazione dedicato all’Earned Media

Engage (Italy)  print


Lo strumento, che consente di quantificare in termini monetari le attività editoriali delle aziende sui social network, è ora disponibile anche sul mercato italiano

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Top 50 Marketing Thought Leaders over 50

Brand Quarterly Magazine  print


Brand Quarterly: "Each of the Marketing Thought Leaders highlighted on this year's list have a wealth of experience and knowledge to share with fellow marketers; and have gained the respect of their peers through their words, actions and achievements, in print, online and in person. They are proof that age has little to do with ability; that you’re never too young OR too old, when you’ve got talent."

Media Appearance Image

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Earning Time: the New Age of Paid and Social

CampaignLive.co.uk  print


Paid social advertising is now a requirement to have your content seen by fans. But in trying to justify new paid budgets without hard financial metrics, many corporate social teams feel stuck. But a solution exists.

Media Appearance Image

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Nace Performly, la primera herramienta de medición de ROI en redes sociales

MarketingDirecto.com  print


“Durante años las marcas se han preguntado cuál era el impacto real de sus actividades en redes sociales mientras que los equipos de gestión se esforzaban en demostrar el valor de un Like o un Retweet. Del mismo modo, se desconocía el impacto real de las redes sociales sobre el marketing mix” ha declarado Eric Weaver, Director de Social Media de Mediabrands para G14, “Performly responde a todas estas preguntas mostrando la rentabilidad financiera de los proyectos en redes sociales y permitiendo la comparación con otros canales de comunicación tradicionales”, concluye Weaver.

Media Appearance Image

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IPG Mediabrands To Launch Automated Social Performance Tool

Beet.TV  tv


COLOGNE — The free ride on social media is over and brands are needing to bolster their social channels with paid ads, says Eric Weaver, Chief Social Officer for Mediabrands G14 Cluster, in an interview with Beet.TV. That’s why IPG Mediabrands is launching in November an automated solution called Performly that’s designed to assess the the financial impact of social media activity. “What we are seeing since January of this year is a massive drop in organic reach. Only 5% of yours fans see your brand’s ads, content and engagement. You have to do paid social ads to even be seen,” he says. “Social is about optimization and wringing as much as you can out of your dollar. A lot of these automated tools will get us there.” For more insight into social strategies and also the effectiveness of programmatic buying, check out this video interview. This video is part of series of videos covering DMEXCO.

Media Appearance Image

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IPG Mediabrands launches Performly

M&M Global  print


IPG Mediabrands has launched Performly a service to measure its clients’ social media impact.

Media Appearance Image

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2014: Time for Social Media to Grow Up Already

CampaignLive  print


Eric Weaver, the chief social officer for the G14 region at IPG Mediabrands, explains how and why IPG Mediabrands has developed a solution to prove the value of social media.

Media Appearance Image

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IPG Mediabrands launches Performly to extract financial impact of social activity

Brand Republic  print


Eric Weaver, chief social officer for Mediabrands’ G14 cluster, said: "For years, marketers have questioned the financial impact of their social efforts, and management teams have struggled to prove the true value of a ‘like’ or a ‘re-tweet’. "Equally puzzling has been the impact of social in the overall marketing mix. Performly answers all of these questions, by showing the financial payoff of social programmes and allowing social to be measured in comparison to other traditional media channels."

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Bitcoin may be risky—but don’t discount the potential behind virtual currencies

InformationWeek  print


Critics are quick to judge Bitcoin and the concept of virtual currencies. These technologies do indeed possess many risks, particularly when used for speculative investment. But once “cryptocurrencies” are fully baked, virtual currencies could do to transactions what the Internet did to information.

Media Appearance Image

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Event Appearances (55)

The Future of Food, 2020 Edition

FASTCON: Food, Agriculture, Supply chain and Technology  Minneapolis, MN


PANEL: Slavery in Fishing & What We Can Do to Help

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What Are You Feeding Me? Blockchain, BS & the Future of Food (Part 1)

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CMO Council Elite Retreat  Scottsdale, AZ


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National Assn of Education Procurement annual meeting  Reno, Nevada


ROX: Creating a Return on Experience

IPG CMO Marketing Summit  Atlantic City, New Jersey


KEYNOTE: Everybody talks about Disruption like it's a Good Thing

GetSocial 2017  Dublin, Ireland


LECTURE: Crisis Communications in the Age of Digital Tribalism

Dublin City University - Masters in Digital Marketing Programme  Dublin, Ireland


The Five Horsemen of Digital Disruption

140 Characters Conference  Los Angeles, California


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KEYNOTE: Leap of Faith: Surviving & Thriving the Coming Brand Apocalypse

Elevate 2016  Oakland, California


KEYNOTE & CONFERENCE CHAIR: The Five Horsemen of Digital Disruption

eBev Global Summit  Berlin, Germany


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Six Secrets to Overcoming Digital Marketing Hurdles

Performance Marketing Insights London  London, UK


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KEYNOTE: The Great 2014 Social Media Crisis of Faith

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Sample Talks (1)

What Are You Feeding Me? Blockchain, BS & the Future of Food

Parasites in your salad. Salmonella in your child's shampoo. Sugar water in your grandmother's insulin shot. Incidents of counterfeit products, contamination, and outright fraud are mushrooming in the food, beauty and pharma sectors — and consumer trust has plummeted to historic lows. But what if your products could talk? Tell you where they came from, and where they've been? If they were real - or if they'd spoiled? Former Xerox blockchain lead Eric Weaver discusses the growing risks around these very personal products and how distributed ledger tech is allowing brands to demonstrate proof of origin, chain of custody, and marketing claims. Attendees will walk away with a deeper understanding of how integrating IoT and blockchain technologies with on-the-ground certification is transforming the packaged goods sector. AUDIENCE: Organic food CEOs; supply chain, sourcing and logistics executives; food industry CIOs. PRESENTATION LENGTH: :30 or :60 PREVIOUSLY SEEN AT: Blockchain World Summit (London, UK); Global Blockchain Summit (Denver CO); 2019 Emerging Technologies Conference (Minneapolis MN)



  • Keynote
  • Moderator
  • Workshop Leader
  • Host/MC
  • Corporate Training


3000 to 10000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee