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Eric G. Hanson - Hanson Global Advisors. San Francisco Bay Area, CA, US

Eric G. Hanson Eric G. Hanson

Chief Financial Officer, Board of Directors - San Francisco Bay Area Chapter | Hanson Global Advisors

San Francisco Bay Area, CA, UNITED STATES

Entrepreneur. Ethics. Leadership. Alumni @University of Hawaii, @EastWestCenter, @GVSU.



I am an educator, entrepreneur, and business consultant. I am also an area expert on China having formally been trained in Chinese culture and language. I have recently been involved in researching, lecturing, and consulting on the intersection of ethics, business, and technology.

I have taught and worked in unique and stimulating environments, including a university in Shanghai, China, the East-West Center’s Asia Pacific Leadership Program in Honolulu, Hawaii, and as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Grand Valley State University.

I have served on non-profit boards in Honolulu, HI and San Francisco, CA and ethics committees in Michigan and California.

I am an entrepreneur that has developed business plans, facilitated the raising of capital for new ventures, and handled day-to-day management of small organizations. Most recently, I have helped to launch MotleyGreen, a social media and gamification platform focused on sustainability.

I speak Mandarin Chinese and have lived and worked extensively in China.

I have consulted with large and small business organizations in South Africa, China, and the United States on the future of business, the role of China's economic and social development, generational theory, leadership and ethics, and social media technology.

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University of Hawaii at Manoa: M.A., Comparative Philosophy 2007

After working in the Asia Pacific Leadership Program for one year as a Leadership Seminar Assistant, I decided to return to school and spend time studying once again with Dr. Roger T. Ames. My goal was to become a better writer and develop advanced critical thinking skills that would prepare me for further academic work and consulting. Study throughout the duration of this degree included in-depth analysis of Chinese philosophy and strategic culture, the impact of industrial and organic food delivery systems on the natural environment, global environmental issues, Islamic culture and history, and advanced symbolic logic.

Grand Valley State University: B.A., Philosophy, Business 2000

At GVSU I started in the Finance program and found the curriculum to be a bit less rigorous than I anticipated. After taking Ethics and the Philosophy of Religion, I was inspired to take a more comprehensive approach to my education and develop critical thinking skills through a philosophy degree, while at the same time completing a minor in Finance. Study throughout the duration of this degree included general undergraduate curriculum in comparative philosophy, social and political philosophy, East Asian religions, and business with a particular focus on finance. Extensive field study took place through the Community Working Classics Program in the underprivileged and economically challenged communities of Western Michigan with a particular focus on the Heartside community of Grand Rapids, Michigan and the Muskegon Correctional Facility in Muskegon, Michigan.

East-West Center (APLP): Postgraduate Certificate, Leadership Studies 2005

While in residence at the East-West Center, during my M.A. work in Chinese Studies at the University of Hawaii, I was intimately introduced to the education programs that were available at the Center. The Asia Pacific Leadership Program was an opportunity to be part of an elite graduate program that promised to upgrade my professional marketability and to provide a special experience to build lasting friendships and professional relationships with leaders across the Asia Pacific. Study throughout the duration of this year-long certificate program included in-depth analysis of leadership theory, negotiation skills and strategy, conflict resolution, social network development, team building and group dynamics, and culture, diversity, and leadership. The program also focused heavily on international relations and diplomacy in Asia. Extensive field study took place in Southeast Asia (Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore)

University of Hawaii at Manoa: M.A., Asian Studies: China 2005

After spending a year in China following my undergraduate study at GVSU, I was enamored with the possibilities that China promised (both intellectually and in business). In addition, my comparative studies as an undergraduate helped me to see the value in studying culture broadly. To exhibit my commitment to China, and to open career possibilities in the Asia Pacific region, I chose to head to the University of Hawaii to study with China scholar Dr. Roger T. Ames. Study throughout the duration of this degree included in-depth analysis of Chinese popular culture, China and its modern economy, Chinese strategic culture, Chinese philosophy and religion, East Asian politics, the Asian built environment, and advanced Mandarin training. Extensive field study took place in China, particularly Beijing and the Eastern provinces of the P.R.C.

Testimonials (2)

Michael DeWilde, Director and Associate Professor | Center for Business Ethics, Grand Valley State University

Eric is a highly compelling and effective educator, speaker, and consultant. His management skills, which are many, include development of competent leaders and navigating generational conflicts.

Graeme Codrington, Expert on the New World of Work, Founder, Author | TomorrowToday

Eric worked with TomorrowToday as an intern after connecting with us through our mutual involvement with the Asia Pacific Leadership Program. Our whole team was immediately impressed with Eric's deep insights into the changing world, his work ethic and his quiet sense of authority. Eric conducted research, developed new intellectual capital for us, delivered workshops and presentations, and sought out new international clients for the business. He was - and remains - a self starter who brings deep thought, integrity and energy to any engagement. I cannot recommend Eric highly enough. His impact as an intern is such that even though no longer term position emerged in our company, a few of our team have remained connected to him both professi

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Technology and the Generations

Executive Education w2010  Executive Education Program, Grand Valley State University


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Technology and the Generations

Overview of employing social media in the context of generational diversity.



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