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Erin Kaplan - Loyola Marymount University. Los Angeles, CA, US

Erin Kaplan Erin Kaplan

Clinical Assistant Professor of Economics | Loyola Marymount University


Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts


Dr. Kaplan is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Economics at Loyola Marymount University.

Education (4)

University of California, Santa Barbara: PhD, Economics 2011

University of California, Santa Barbara: MA, Economics 2008

University of Kansas: BA, Mathematics 2005

University of Kansas: BA, Economics 2005

Areas of Expertise (3)


Education Economics

Health Policy

Articles (8)

Capitalization of School Quality in Housing Prices: Evidence from Boundary Changes in Shelby County, Tennessee American Economic Review

Collins, Courtney A., Kaplan, Erin K.

107(5): 628-32. May, 2017

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Cyclical Unemployment and Infant Health Economics & Human Biology

Kaplan, Erin K., Collins, Courtney A., Tylavsky, Frances A.

27PA: 281-288. November 2017

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Three Years In - How Rising Premiums and Instability in the U.S. Health Insurance Marketplace May Affect the Frequency of Plan Switching Among Cost-Conscious Consumers BMC Health Services Research

McKillop, Caitlin N., Kaplan, Cameron M., Kaplan Erin K., Thompson, Michael P., Waters, Teresa M., Greatz, Ilana

18(1):450. June 2018

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Impact of the REACH II and REACH VA Dementia Caregiver Interventions on Healthcare Costs Journal of American Geriatrics Society

Nichols, Linda O., Martindale-Adams, Jennifer, Zhu, Carolyn, Kaplan, Erin K., Zuber, Jeff, Waters, Teresa M.

65: 931-936. March 2017

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Economic Analyses of an Alcohol Misconduct Prevention Program in a Military Setting Military Medicine

Li, Tao, Waters, Teresa M., Kaplan, Erin K., Kaplan, Cameron M., Nyarko, Kwame A., Derefinko, Karen J., Talcott,, Gerald W., Klesges, Robert C.

182(1):1562-1567. January 2017

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Hospital Volume and Acute Myeloid Leukemia Mortality in Medicare Beneficiaries Aged 65 and Older Blood

Thompson, Michael P., Waters, Teresa M., Kaplan, Erink K., McKillop, Caitlin N., Martin, Mike G.

128(6):872-874. 2016

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Medication Therapy Management and Adherence among US Renal Transplant Recipients Patient Preference and Adherence

Chisholm-Burns, Marie A., Spivey, Christina A., Tolley, Elizabeth A., Kaplan, Erin K.

10:703-709. April 2016

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The U.S. Health Insurance Marketplace; Are Premiums Truly Affordable? Anals of Internal Medicine

Graetz, Ilana, Kaplan, Cameron M., Kaplan, Erin, K., Baily, James E., Waters, Teresa M.,

161(8):599-604. October 2014.

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