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Eva Maria

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New Zealand, NEW ZEALAND

Professional Speaker, Trainer, Bestselling Author: Inter-Generational Relationships, Youth at Work and Social Media Expert









Twenty-one year old bestselling author of the book ‘You Shut Up!’, international speaker and certified coach Eva-Maria is living her dream: she is on a mission to help improve 10,000,000 relationships between adults and teenagers around the world.

With recent achievements of being awarded the Most Inspirational Role Model at the Her Business Awards (2009), and her appointment as President of the Wellington Chapter of the National Speakers Association of NZ, constant media coverage and full support from groups and colleagues, her mission is not only getting stronger, but is becoming a reality.

Join Eva-Maria on her journey to bridge the gap of misunderstanding between teenagers and adults around the globe, and bringing them together through use of Social Media for fun and profit at home and in business!

Industry Expertise (3)



Social Media

Areas of Expertise (4)

Parenting Teenagers

Youth in the Workforce

Social Media

Inter-Generational Relationships

Accomplishments (2)

Most Inspirational Role Model Award at Her Business Awards, Wellington (professional)


President of Wellington Branch of National Speakers Association of New Zealand (professional)


Education (1)

Athena Montessori College: 2007

Affiliations (1)

  • 2010 - 2011: President of Wellington Branch of National Speakers Association of NZ 2011 - : National Executive Member at National Speakers Association of New Zealand

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Generation SMART - Organisational Succession Made Easy

An educational & insightful presentation about today’s young generations in the workforce. Learn all about what makes them tick, how to use their energy for long-term gain & what you can do to make sure the company stays in protected hands for years to come. Find out about the leaders of tomorrow – they've grown up in the age of the cell phone and computer, and have a different psychology, culture and productivity that can benefit YOU now and many years onwards! For more:



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