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Eva Pomeroy - Concordia University. Montreal, QC, CA

Eva Pomeroy Eva Pomeroy

Lecturer, Department of Applied Human Sciences | Concordia University

Montreal, QC, CANADA

Eva Pomeroy is interested in optimizing the relationship between work and family systems, and the creation of innovative solutions to do so.





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Eva Pomeroy is a Lecturer in Applied Human Sciences at Concordia University. She teaches, consults and collaborates in the areas of facilitation, leadership, learning and change, human systems intervention and action-research. She is an active member in the burgeoning ULab/Theory U community presently emerging in Montreal. She has a particular interest in optimizing the relationship between work and family systems, and the creation of innovative solutions to do so.

Industry Expertise (3)



Writing and Editing

Areas of Expertise (10)

Work Family Balance



University Teaching

Group and Workshop Facilitation

Leadership Development

News Writing

Team Building

Community-University Partnership

Experiential Learning

Education (2)

Birmingham City University: Ph.D., Education 1999

Thesis: "Excluded Students’ Perceptions of their Educational Experience: A Model for Understanding"

McGill University: B.A., Political Science 1992

Languages (2)

  • English
  • French

Media Appearances (5)

Opinion: Employers gain when they give employees a chance to balance work and family

Montreal Gazette  


There’s a new line on my CV. It reads: Eight years experience at home taking care of my young children. Enough pretending that the work required to care for another human being doesn’t count. It is one of our great collective blind spots and, as we celebrate Mother’s Day Sunday, it’s time to bring it into view ...

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Work-Family Balance Isn't Just an Issue, It's a Movement

Huffington Post  online


Family is the f-word of feminism. At least it has been. But that is about to change ...

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Why job-life balance is no longer 'just a women's issue'

Concordia University News  


“It’s the hardest part of the day,” a friend said to me recently at daycare drop off. “It’s the guilt.” I understand completely and am grateful to hear him voice it. My gratitude stems partly from knowing I’m not alone and largely because his engagement reflects a larger cultural shift taking place in the dialogue around work-family balance: it is beginning to be initiated by men ...

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Why businesses should be adapting to make work-life balance an option

The Globe and Mail  


My friend Beatrice is an accidental flex worker. Made redundant when her company decided to downsize, she was later asked to return when the economy picked up and the company needed her skills and experience. She did return – only this time, on her own terms: as a consultant, working part-time and flexibly. Now she enjoys a healthy balance between the work she loves and the time needed to care for her three young children ...

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Opinion: Making family and work … work

Montreal Gazette  


We’re incredibly lucky to be parents in Quebec, right? Generous parental leave and subsidized daycare have made me the envy of my friends elsewhere. With this kind of support in place, doesn’t it follow that we should be less stressed than parents in other provinces?

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