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Evan (Rabble) Henshaw-Plath

Instigator | Cubox SA

Portland, Oregon Area, OR, UNITED STATES

Founder of Cubox S.A.



Hacker & Troublemaker.

* In the 90's founded SaaS event calendar company, with Kellan Elliott-McCrea, sold to in January 2000.
* Technical founder of activist media network, '99 to '04.
* Started developing with Ruby on Rails with it's first release 0.5 in July 2004.
* First employee & lead developer, left shortly after Twitter launched.
* Architect of Yahoo Brickhouse's Fire Eagle location platform.
* Introduced OAuth to Yahoo & Co-founded the Ruby group at Yahoo.
* In 2007, moved to Uruguay, setup a coworking space, started Ruby Conf Uruguay.
* Sole founder / owner of a consulting company, Cubox SA which currently has 15 developers.
* Built an off the grid house of out of recycled paper, called papercrete, in Northern California.
* Given talks on Rails, Testing, ActiveRecord, and related topics at Rails Conf 2007, Euro Rails Conf 2006, SDForum, MySQL Conf, XTech 2008, and many other smaller conferences.

My Skype account is anarchogeek if you want to get in touch with me.

Industry Expertise (1)

Computer Software

Education (1)

Hampshire College: 1998