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Evelyn Gray Evelyn Gray

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"If you can't find it in 30 seconds, it's in the wrong place."



Evelyn Gray is a Productivity Expert and is among a handful of certified professionals from the Institute for Challenging Disorganization around the world, who works with the ADD community and chronically disorganized individuals.

She coaches the unstructured professional, small-based business and corporate environment, where they are supported through compassion, understanding, and a nonjudgmental attitude where anxiety has affected workplace performance. Evelyn also has her credentials as a Hoarding Specialist to assist HR managers with solving this delicate and sensitive issue in the workplace.

She teaches people to recognize the crucial factors of how to identify, simplify, strategize and organize by learning simple and effective time management and communications skills through her workshops and hands-on learning process. Evelyn customizes workflow systems so you can lead a stress-less, organized lifestyle through her proven method of “Stop, Drop & Roll” of how to have a neat mess so you can find it in 30 seconds or less.

Her main priority is to improve health, greater focus and awareness, and clarity while raising productivity levels up to 40% in the workplace. Savings in time and money, increasing clarity and productivity, are only a fraction of the value you can realize.

She is an author of 2 books, “Simple Organizing Strategies for AD/HD and the Chronically Disorganized,” and “No More Junk Mail” of how to stop up to 80% of paper junk mail coming to your home and office.

Remember, "If you can't find it in 30 seconds, it's in the wrong place."

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  • Coaching Frim Internation
  • National Association of Female Executives
  • American Seminar Leaders Association
  • National Association for Professional Organizers
  • Institute for Challenging Disorganization
  • International Education Institute