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Fabrizio Poli - Orville Aviation. Chorley, --, GB

Fabrizio Poli

Founder | Orville Aviation


Aviation Entrepreneur, Jet Captain, Author & Keynote Speaker





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I am an Aviation Entrepreneur, Airline Transport Pilot, Aviation Advisor, Author and Speaker.

I have also worked on 3 continents; USA, Europe & Middle East, with over 65 different nationalities.

As a pilot I have flown for a number of Airlines & Corporate Jet Operators. I have flown Beech King-Air 90, Rockwell Turbo Commander, Piper Cheyenne, Cessna Citation 500 Series, Dassault Falcon 900, Dornier 328TP & Dornier 328Jet & Boeing B737NGs.

Today I spend most of my time as an Aviation Consultant buying & leasing Private Jets, arranging private jet leases & biz jet charters. I am also a pilot and inspirational speaker & working on my new sci-fi trilogy.

I am also the author of a number of books, my latest being "The Quantum Economy". This book is about the business of the future and tailored for entrepreneurs. It also includes various stories of business people that have and are using the private jet as a business tool to scale their businesses.
Find out more about the business of the future and the pivotal role of private jets by getting yourself a copy of the Quantum Economy:

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Airline Transport Pilot Licence (professional)

EASA Airline Transport Licence Type Rated on Boeing B737-300/900 - Boeing Business Jet - Dornier 328 Jet - Dornier 328TP - Cessna Citation 500 Series

Education (1)

Lindbergh Flying School Technical Aviation Institute: Technical Aeronautical Engineer Majoring in Air Navigation High School Diploma, Technical Aeronautical Engineer 1989

Was Class President in Senior Year

Languages (4)

  • English (mother tongue)
  • Italian (fluent)
  • Spanish (fair knwoledge)
  • French (basic)

Media Appearances (7)

Sukhoi Superjet 100 Crash Initial Analysis

RT News  tv


Fabrizio Poli's initial analysis on Sukhoi Superjet crash in Moscow.

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430 Plane order for Airbus

TRT World  tv


Fabrizio Poli discusses Airbus recent order for 430 aircraft. The race between Boeing & Airbus continues..

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Easyjet Goes Long-Haul

TRT World Money Talks  tv


Easyjet to launch long-haul flights.

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Airline Headwinds

TRT World Money Talks  tv


More airlines going bust, why?

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Terrorism, Airlines & Private Jets

TRT World Money Talks  tv


Terrorism fuelling private jet industry

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Tony Blair & Private Jets

Granada TV  tv


Documentary about former UK PM Tony Blair. Fabrizio Poli talks about Mr Blair's use of private jets.

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Live Your Dreams | TJ Hoisington Interviews Fabrizio Poli

TJ Hoisington Podcast on Youtube  online


Best Selling author TJ Hoisington interviews fabrizio Poli for his podcast show about success.

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Event Appearances (1)

Born to Fly

Born to Fly Lecture to students studying Entrepreneurship  Lancaster University


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Unconventional Way

Snippet of live presentation given to students at Lancaster University, UK:



  • Keynote
  • Panelist
  • Workshop Leader
  • Author Appearance
  • Corporate Training


7500 to 20000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee

Articles (7)

How many Engines Should My Private Jet Have

Billionaire Chronicle

Fabrizio Poli


Fabrizio Poli is currently aviation advisor & editor for Billionaire Chronicle Magazine

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Maximizing Business & Family Time with a Private Jet

Avbuyer Magazine

Fabrizio Poli


or Omar Haedo to balance a successful insurance business in the Caribbean with quality family time in Miami, a suitable travel solution was needed. Tired of the airlines, he bought his own plane, as Fabrizio Poli discovers in a recent interview…

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Real-Estate Mogul Discovers Magic of Private Jets

Avbuyer Magazine

Fabrizio Poli


Though his journey into private jet travel came later than hoped for, Kris Krohn is undoubtedly reaping the benefits of his own aircraft now, as Fabrizio Poli discovered in a recent interview...

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Jon Schaff: Buying a Jet With Bitcoin

Avbuyer Magazine

Fabrizio Poli


In the competitive world of business, success often hinges on the ability to seize opportunities, make bold decisions, and employ the right tools to gain an edge. Jonathan Schaff embodies this approach, and one key asset in his toolkit is his HondaJet...

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Jared Isaacman: From Business Aviation to Space

Avbuyer Magazine

Fabrizio Poli


Jared Isaacman made his fortune by creating an online payments platform, and went from zero to hero in aviation (and now space) in a few years - all because he needed a hobby! Fabrizio Poli shares his story...

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From Handyman to Private Jet Ownership in 12 Years

Avbuyer Magazine

Fabrizio Poli


From handyman to truck driver, to private jet owner and pilot in 12 years. Fabrizio Poli catches up with Gheorghi ‘George’ Turcanu to discuss his meteoric rise to success...

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Soaring Success: Tom Abood's Private Jet Ownership Path

Avbuyer Magazine

Fabrizio Poli


From legal briefs to business strategies, aided by a Cessna Citation CJ4: Fabrizio Poli learns more about the unconventional career path of Tom Abood, and how private jet ownership helped...

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