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Fidel Alonso Valls began his career in the education industry in 1971 as the Assistant Director for the accredited college MBTI Business Training Institute. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Valls joined the Instituto de Banca y Comercio (IBC), which consisted of only 2 classrooms and 15 students at the time. As Chairman of the Board of Directors over the next 33 years, Fidel Alonso Valls helped IBC grow into a leading technical education and training establishment in Puerto Rico. Today, IBC consists of 12 branches, 9 sites of learning, and 6 schools of education. Twenty-four thousand students attend the school annually. IBC focuses on providing fast, practical, quality education to students with the goal of supporting their education and helping them contribute to their communities in meaningful ways.

Fidel Alonso Valls has led a number of educational establishments. While still working with IBC, he again became involved with MBTI Business Training Institute, as well as the National College of Business and Technology a few years later. Mr. Valls served both of these institutions, which together accepted 15,000 students. In addition, he served as Director of the National College of Business and Technology. Today, Fidel Alonso Valls remains at the head of MBTI Business Training Institute.

Fidel Alonso Valls has been honored on multiple occasions for his commitment to higher education. His honors include Businessman of the Year in the Education Sector by Vocero Newspaper and the Regional Journalists Association; a Top Management Award in Education from the Association of Sales and Marketing Executives; and a listing in the Best of Who’s Who in Puerto Rico.

In addition to higher education, Fidel Alonso Valls has professional interests in real estate and aviation. He is the owner of two real estate companies, Tres Amigos Real Estate Holdings and F.A. & Sons, Inc., as well as Tropical Aviation Corp., a company dedicated to serving private aircraft fueling and handling needs.

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