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Francis Cholle - The Human Company. Los angeles, CA, US

Francis Cholle

Ceo and Founder | The Human Company

Los angeles, CA, UNITED STATES

Dynamic speaker who connects cognitive science and organizational & behavioral design to boost sustainable innovation & business performance





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Francis Cholle is a best selling author and an international business consultant with Fortune 500 and mid-size companies. He lectures at Wharton and Columbia Business School. He holds a Masters in Science of Management from HEC, Paris, Europe's leading business school, where he teaches a class on leadership and innovation. He has also studied classical music, theater, and clinical psychology. Cholle enjoys French-American citizenship and lives in Los Angeles and New York.

At a time when we need new solutions and agile adaptation to rapid change, it’s more important than ever to surrender control and not limit ourselves to cost-cutting, analysis and overly rational responses at the expense of creativity, flexibility, and sustainability. Cholle invented a model The Intuitive Compass™ to help companies with sustainable innovation and change management, and effective decision making in the fast changing and complex environment of the new economy.

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Cosmetics and Beauty

Media - Print

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The Creativity and Sustainability Crisis

Successful Decision Making in the New Economy

Innovation in the New Economy

Accomplishments (2)

The Intuitive Compass (Jossey Bass, Oct 2011) (professional)


2011 USA Best Book Awards (Business and Motivation Category)

HEC Paris (personal)

top 0.3% of his class

Education (1)

HEC Paris, Europe's leading business school: Master's in Science of Management, Finance and Marketing 1987

Francis also holds a degree in clinical psychology and he is an executive coach, yoga instructor and classical musician.

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  • Fashion Institute of Technology NY

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ICF Annual World Conference in Montreal, TEDxKC 2010, TEDxBayArea 2011,   Kansas City, Mountain View



ICF Annual World Conference in Montreal, TEDxKC 2010, TEDxBayArea 2011,   Kansas City KA, Mountain View CA


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Why Intuitive Intelligence

Intuitive Intelligence is the ability to create a powerful synergy between reason and instinct. Intuitive intelligence is a set of skills that uses intuition to get to the emotional, instinctual and non conscious parts of our mind. Intuition allows us to operate in the zone of ambiguity and change. It feeds the rational mind to enable logic to work with paradox. Since the beginning of mankind, instinct was meant to help us survive so it would be foolish to ignore it. Its mission is to ensure the sustainability of our species. Integrating instinct to our thought processes is the key to sustainable living. The four tenets of intuitive intelligence are thinking holistically, thinking paradoxically, noticing the unusual, and leading by influence. Each tenet helps us to complement the dualistic and limited nature of the logical mind with our emotional and instinctual brains. At a time when sustainability is a must, intuitive intelligence has become essential. With the concept of Intuitive Intelligence and the actionable model The Intuitive Compass™ to apply intuitive intelligence, Cholle has helped companies move from red to black and outperform market in challenging economic times.



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