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Frank Luyckx

Principle Consultant | Software AG


Dynamic speaker who will confince the audiance why Holisitic BPM is so important within an SAP environment



Frank Luyckx is leading the Enterprise BPM Solution group of IDS Scheer in the Netherlands. After completing his BA in Business Informatics in The Hague, Frank has worked as a business consultant and project manager with a strong international focus. He has over 20 years of experience implementing SAP, CRM or BPM (or a combination of those) at clients within various industries (high tech, chemical and consumer products).

Frank is the founder of the SAP BPM and the SAP CRM focus groups, under the umbrella of the Dutch SAP User Group (VNSG). Based on his experience Frank has developed the Enterprise BPM framework which can help organizations developing a holistic BPM strategy. The Enterprise BPM framework can be used to perform BPM maturity checks within companies.

Frank has performed multiple BPM maturity assessments within several industries. Frank has published the results in several blogs and journals. The BPM maturity research clarifies the underlying causes for companies having difficulties implementing BPM.

As already implemented in educational institutions, the book is the basis for a BPM curriculum. Business (information) students are now learning to understand the concepts and value of BPM based on the Enterprise BPM Framework.

Frank is a strong believer that Business Process Management will only generate business value when companies understand that Business Process Modeling is only the first step in implementing a BPM strategy. Companies must have the discipline to manage the corporate process model and utilize the corporate process model to harmonize and optimize all their business processes.

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Hollistic Bpm in an Sap Environment

Bpm Roadmap Assessments

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Holistic BPM in an SAP environment

Every company recognizes the benefits of BPM, but organizations find it difficult to define a holistic BPM strategy because there is no holistic BPM framework available. Therefore we developed the Enterprise BPM framework. This BPM framework will help you: 1.To perform a BPM roadmap assessment and create a BPM roadmap 2.Discover the business issues 3. Explain the required BPM tools & projects 4.Create a financial BPM benefits case. Within this book we will provide the results of the BPM maturity research in more than 1000 companies and the results of BPM roadmap assessments within industry leaders. We will explain why the Operational Excellence group and the ERP CC should work together and why the role of the CPO (Chief Processing Officer) is so important. One opinion of an independent industry analysts is: "The Enterprise BPM framework is interesting because this is the first framework where the different BPM topics are integrated into one framework to create a BPM roadmap which can deliver business value"



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