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Gabor Forgacs - Ted Rogers School of Management. Toronto, ON, CA

Gabor Forgacs Gabor Forgacs

Associate Professor, Hospitality & Tourism Management | Ted Rogers School of Management

Toronto, ON, CANADA

Professor Forgacs specializes in hospitality, and hotel industry, asset management, and branding



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Dr. Forgacs has twenty years work experience in the hotel industry on two continents including a management position at a Four Seasons hotel in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and the position of president and general manager of a full service hotel in Budapest, Hungary. He had joined the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management at Ryerson University, Toronto in 1997. He teaches Revenue Management for Hospitality & Tourism, The Value of Branding in Lodging, and Asset Management in Hospitality – all these courses are cross-disciplinary and current.

Gabor is a textbook author and he publishes articles on professional topics in the electronic media. He is the faculty advisor of the School’s co-op program and he is frequently interviewed and quoted in the media.

Areas of Expertise (4)

Revenue Management Asset Management Hospitality Branding


Education (3)

Karl Marx University of Economic Sciences, Budapest Hungary: Dr. Oec.

Karl Marx University of Economic Sciences, Budapest Hungary: Graduate Degree, Economics of Commerce

College of Commerce and Hospitality Management of Budapest, Hungary: B. A., Hotel and Restaurant Management

Selected Media Appearances (7)

No middle name on ticket keeps Mississauga woman off flight



Gabor Forgacs, from Ryerson University’s Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management says the issue of identification can be a common and costly problem for airlines.

In 2016, 60,000 passengers were not admitted into a country of arrival. Airlines are then fined up to $4,000 per passenger and forced to cover the costs of returning the passenger to their country of origin.

“Airlines learned to be very careful because they can be in a lot of trouble for not complying with the regulations that require the names of the passenger to match the names of the travel documentation,” Forgacs said...

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Why airline tickets are not transferable

680 News  


But airlines also put these rules in place to tighten security after 9/11 — and to dissuade people from making changes, according to Gabor Frogacs, associate professor at Ryerson University.

“They hedge their bets,” he said. “If a ticket is sold and all the change rules apply, they try to punish people for changing and they charge all those fees, so they protect their revenue.”

Frogacs also said the airlines can be flexible and bend the rules in certain cases.

“I know of situations when the person had their name changed legitimately and … they needed executives to get involved because the people at the gate are not authorized to overrule,” he said...

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WestJet to launch low-cost carrier Swoop in 2018



WestJet has announced an ultra-low-cost carrier called Swoop, to launch in 2018. Industry insiders say for the airline to be successful, it should look to budget airlines abroad that focus on short flights...

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Revenue Metrics Are Evolving: Average Room Rate Becomes Two for One



The previous methods of ADR (Average Daily Rate) calculations are not good enough any longer. In the fast-paced world of the hotel industry the ecosystem of distribution channels and methods is evolving fairly rapidly and we need to reflect that in our ADR calculations. We need to separately calculate an external ADR from guest-paid room rates and an internal ADR from hotel-collected net room rates in order to come to terms with some fundamental measurement challenges...

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Donald Trump name to be removed from Toronto hotel, condo tower

Global News  


Trump’s brand was fairly straightforward as long as the only association customers had was “luxury, excellence and all the glamour,” said Gabor Forgacs, an associate professor at the Ted Rogers School of hospitality and tourism management at Toronto’s Ryerson University...

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The Emerging Trend of Total Hotel Revenue Management

Hotel Online  


Revenue management seems to evolve towards total revenue management and hotels have begun to execute strategies using this concept. However, even though many hoteliers understand the importance of utilizing the total revenue management approach, in reality, few are making meaningful progress following this direction. We have studied some of the current practices and future trends of total revenue management in hotels and discussed them in our research paper for practitioners...

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Murders fail to tarnish the allure of Mexico's beaches

Toronto Sun  


That’s according to Gabor Forgacs, associate professor of Ryerson University’s Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, who weighed in on how Canadians continue booking flights to Mexico in light of yet another Canadian killed in that country last month.

“There is this willful ignorance that ‘I take care of myself, and I’ll be safe,’ and with the best of intentions, we assume we’ll be fine,” he said.

“We don’t look at them as danger. Those are occurrences that are unusual and random. If people go mingle with the local population and they happen to be at the wrong time, wrong place, that’s a different story. But those who stay at a resort and only take guided tours, they have every right to assume that things will be safe.”...

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Selected Event Appearances (3)

Teaching A New Discipline: Revenue Management

Advances in Hospitality and Tourism Marketing & Management Conference  Corfu, Greece, 2012

Using The Case Method in Revenue Management Teaching

ICHRIE Annual Convention  Denver, CO., 2011

Changing Metrics of Hotel Performance

ICHRIE Annual Convention  Atlanta, GA., 2008

Selected Articles (4)

The emerging trend of hotel total revenue management Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management

Chuyi Zheng, Gabor Forgacs


Total hotel revenue management has emerged in the hotel industry as a next stage in the evolution of revenue management. By integrating several revenue streams including food and beverage, function space, catering, spa, retail, golf, and others with room revenue management, total revenue management enables hotels to achieve their goal in maximizing revenue in highly competitive markets. This study investigates the practices of hotel revenue management and discusses several future trends of total revenue management. In-depth interviews were conducted with 12 revenue professionals. Current issues and challenges in hotel revenue management are discussed and recommendations are offered.

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Revenue challenges for hotels in the sharing economy: facing the Airbnb menace Journal of Revenue & Pricing Management

Forgacs, G. & Dimanche, F. J


This paper discusses the reasons behind the success of Airbnb and provides a brief analysis of their business model. The possible revenue effect on the hotel industry is discussed as well as some suggested strategic measures that hotels may consider for successfully competing in the rapidly changing market for holding their fair share of accommodation demand...

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Brand asset equilibrium in hotel management International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management

Gabor Forgacs


Branding is a topic of great interest in the global hotel industry. In the USA, over 70 percent of the hotels are branded; in Canada, brand penetration is around 40 percent, in Europe it is under 25 percent and growing. Branded hotels tend to outperform comparable independent properties. A fundamental understanding of the dynamic relationship between brand asset value and the management of marketing and operations can be the key to success of branded hotels...

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Human capital challenges in the hotel industry of Canada: finding innovative solutions Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes

Paul A. Willie, David Connor, Jordi Sole, Gabor Forgacs, Robert Grieve, Jennifer Mueller


This paper aims to identify possible solutions to the current and persistent challenge of attracting and retaining qualified people to work in Canada’s hotel industry. The outlook for the industry is that a critical shortage of skilled workers will continue to exist for at least the next decade.

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