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Gael McCarte - . Atlanta, GA, US

Gael McCarte

Speaker, author


Australian living in the US with the wit and wisdom of her Scots-Irish ancestors



Gael coordinated a private psychiatric hospital inpatient program. She directed her private practice clinic. As a psychologist with the Department of Justice working with criminals she devloped the Justice Through Art program to be an independence maker and wealth creator for released prisoners. She supervised 23 psychologists and social works in a 24x7 response team assisting the survivors of sexual assault. She speaks on mental health issues, PTSD especially trauma as a criminogenic variable, the psychology of successful leadership, successful writing and the effective use and of social media. She is setting up the social media outreach for a local charity. She is funny, informative and inspirational.

Concerning her presentation: “There are so many layers, so much to wonder about, clever - it brought laughter and tears…i “ KP, professional therapist and seminar speaker, USA

Industry Expertise (3)

Mental Health Care

Social Media

Writing and Editing

Accomplishments (3)

The Con (professional)

Published The Con. A factuional novel, fiction based on fact, with cultural and psychological integrity. The hero is a psychologist working with criminals, it personifies the professional challenges of those working within justice and the stories and lives of the offenders.

Justice Through Art (professional)

Program to reproduce out side of jail the art class prisoners had in prison. Selling the pieces through a websire designed by a local university student body. Prisoner art is a hot commodity. It was designed to be an independence make for the men as assist them to re-integrate into society though the art's community which is generally inclusive and accepted the artists.

Master's Degree (professional)

Clinical and Community Psychology

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  • Writer's groups
  • Red Cross
  • writes for e-zine in Atlanta


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