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Gary Gabriele, PhD - Villanova University. Villanova, PA, US

Gary Gabriele, PhD

Drosdick Endowed Dean of Engineering | College of Engineering | Villanova University


Gary Gabriele, PhD, is a leader in engineering education and training the next generation of engineers to meet societal demands.



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Villanova University, College of Engineering



Areas of Expertise (5)

Engineering Careers Careers in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Systems Design Engineering Education Engineering Design


Training the next generation of engineers to meet societal demands for increasingly sophisticated structures, systems, products, technology and environmental issues is Dr. Gabriele's main focus. He is an authoritative source on what engineering educators are doing to develop academic and practical instruction that puts students ahead of the curve, giving them a competitive edge. Dr. Gabriele has had extensive experience in teaching engineering and product design, has developed innovative engineering design programs that combine engineering with other disciplines, such as architecture and the social sciences. He can also address the complexities of multidisciplinary design that involves resolving conflicting design objectives that drive a design in opposing directions. Prior to arriving at Villanova, Dr. Gabriele was Division Director for Engineering Education and Centers at the National Science Foundation.

Education (3)

Purdue University: PhD

Purdue University: MSc

Norwich University: BS

Select Media Appearances (6)

Curiosity Is Common Force Behind 'Mythbusters,' STEM and the Entrepreneurial Mindset

U.S. News & World Report  


The key to educating the next generation is instilling in them an entrepreneurial mindset.

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Pope Francis expected to push environment message on U.S. trip

WHYY Radio  


The encyclical will be the focus of a panel discussion at Villanova University next week, and a core text for a masters-level sustainable engineering class at the Catholic university.

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Not Everyone With a STEM Degree Chooses a STEM Job

U.S. News & World Report  


"We are getting very talented students into college that come with a breadth of experiences, and what we've tried to do is make sure they have a chance to pursue all their various passions while, at the same time, making sure they get a good engineering education," says Gary Gabriele, dean of Villanova's College of Engineering. "We cast this as more of 'we're not training you to be an engineer, we are giving you an engineering education with which you can do a lot of different things.'

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How Can Engineers Heed Pope Francis' Challenge on Climate Change?

U.S. News & World Report  


In a time of great unrest, uncertainty and disagreement over the reality of climate change, the encyclical forces all peoples and institutions, particularly Catholic ones, to examine if they are doing enough to address one of the gravest issues of our time. The encyclical presents us with a challenge and an opportunity as we consider the role of engineering education in an interdependent world.

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Seeing and Doing: Revamped curricula show freshmen what it means to be an engineer.



At Villanova, engineering Dean Gary Gabriele told faculty to “figure out what would be the best first-year experience we could offer” …. Enthusiasm grew, and produced a redesign intended to give students an intuitive feel or “kinetic” knowledge of engineering.

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Disciplines Follow Their Own Paths to Quality

The Chronicle of Higher Education  


Gary A. Gabriele, the dean, says his faculty members are committed to the institution's Roman Catholic mission. The college regularly sends students on church-related service projects to design orphanages in Honduras or sanitation systems in the Philippines.

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Select Academic Articles (2)

Advancing Engineering Education in a Flattened World Journal of Engineering Education

Gary Gabriele


Gabriele shares some of his observations on the impact of a flatten world on engineering education. In a flattened world, he learns that US engineers will find themselves working with engineers from all over the world, required to communicate with, and perhaps manage, a much more diverse workforce than perhaps at any time in one's nation's history.

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Product Design and Innovation: Evolution of an Interdisciplinary Design Curriculum International Journal of Engineering Education

Frances Bronet , Ron Eglash , Gary Gabriele , Jeffrey Hannigan , David Hess , Larry Kagan , Dean Nieusma , Coulter Toatley , Linda Layne , Jenny Wu , Dmitrios Comodromos


What models for integrated learning exist in contemporary university structures? The pace of technological change is unprecedented and the impacts of technological innovation are often profound. Significant challenges await us in the years ahead if the nation is to compete successfully in a highly competitive global economy.

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