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Gene Wright

Managing Partner | Northstar Consulting LLC


Gene Wright is a motivational keynote speaker and business strategist who brings "logically provocative" ideas on the leading business issue





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Gene Wright is an exceptional professional with a reputation of great ethical conduct and over 30 years of experience in business. From his involvement in the development of warehouse clubs and supercenters across the nation to expanding his expertise into global markets with Fortune 100 companies, Gene has helped many organizations achieve their goals. His quick insight into people and special ability to analyze market opportunities as well as risks give him unique perspective into the challenges and advantages in today’s business environment.

Gene began his professional career with pioneer warehouse club operator Makro based in Utrecht (Netherlands). Upon the sale of Makro to Kmart, he joined K Mart’s specialty retail group where he was responsible for expanding Supercenter presence in the U.S.

Following Kmart, Gene joined the global consulting firm Andersen Consulting (Accenture) as Associate Partner responsible for facilitating discussion with Andersen’s global client executive management teams. He administered workshops focused on growing and sustaining competitive advantage for companies such as Best Buy, Sears, Ace Hardware, McDonalds, Harley Davidson, Target, Home Depot, Carrefour and Ito Yakado.

In 2000 Gene became an entrepreneur, founding business ventures in management consulting and real estate development. His first venture, Northstar Advisory Group, based in Chicago successfully assisted AT&T to open over 500 Wireless stores nationwide. Through his real estate consultancy and development group Dmyterko & Wright Partners LLC he led initiatives at RadioShack and Linens ‘n Things to examine and reposition their store portfolios to improve return on invested capital.

Most recently, Gene established Northstar Consulting LLP, working with The Organization for Entrepreneurial Development (OED) in order to help local Atlanta business owners access grants, investment opportunities, training and support, while also providing key business advice based on his hands on experience.

His highly personable approach, enthusiasm and supportive nature coupled with his phenomenal experience and know-how have earned him great respect in the field. His professional skills include: Executive Coaching, Business Strategy, Workforce Performance, Operational Excellence, Risk Assessment, Financing Business Growth and Equity Sourcing.

Gene is a graduate of the University West Georgia where he earned a Bachelor of Business Administration

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Management Consulting


Restaurant/Food Service

Real Estate Services

Business Services

Think Tanks

Areas of Expertise (2)

The Small Business Advantage

Scenario Based Planning- Planning for the Future in an Uncertain World

Education (1)

University of West Georgia: Bachelor of Busines Adminstration, Marketing & Management 1972

Affiliations (2)

  • Accenture Alumni Network
  • Organization for Entrepreneurial Development

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Thom McAn to Gucci

CEO Workshops  Atlanta Georgia


Sample Talks (3)

The Reality of Work

We now live in a time of exponential change and increasing uncertainty in the world of work. The "new normal" is often expressed in terms of jobless growth, asset de-risking and the relentless pursuit of increasing competitiveness. The necessity for innovation in the workplace has long been recognized as a critical success factor for global companies like Apple, General Electric and Wal-Mart. However, it is no less important to small businesses where the loss of a single employee may be devastating to its success. Today, in the best and most profitable organizations large and small, greater wealth is being derived directly from people performance versus capital equipment investment. In these organizations, unleashing the potential of people is seen as essential for the organization to thrive. Their employees are regarded as "talent" versus "labor" and seen as investment versus an expense. And like an investment, they?re being sought after to provide a return on investment (ROI). Employees are being more precisely targeted and selected for work roles to predictably and consistently provide maximum performance for their employers.

Growing Profitable Sales

Revenue management was first used in the airline industry following de-regulation to repond to low cost carriers that created fierce industry price wars. At its essence, revenue management involves adjusting pricing versus cutting costs to achive more profits. Small business owners who are more agile than their larger competitors can often react to local market conditions more quickly to take advantage of short term "windows of opportunity" to achieve more profitable sales

Scenario Based Planning- Preparing for the Future in an Uncertain World

In 1996, my team at Andersen Consulting created a set of retail scenarios to help our clients better prepare their businesses for change. Our purpose in creating those scenarios wasn’t to predict the future, but to help our clients better prepare for it. 15 years later, I plan to revisit those future worlds with local business owners, CEO’s and financial executives to share what happened following 1996 and discuss how scenario based planning can better prepare executives for the future.



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