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Gene Wright - Milwaukee School of Engineering. Milwaukee, WI, US

Gene Wright Gene Wright

Instructor, Program Director | Milwaukee School of Engineering


Gene Wright's areas of expertise include global business development, entrepreneurship, sales, marketing, and engineering management.





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WI Servant Leadership: Gene Wright Gene Wright, Graduate Management Program Director, MSOE - Strategic Plan


Education, Licensure and Certification (3)

M.S.: Engineering Management, Milwaukee School of Engineering 1987

B.S.: Industrial Management, Milwaukee School of Engineering 1979

A.A.S.: Electrical Power Engineering Technology, Milwaukee School of Engineering 1977


Gene Wright is an instructor and the graduate management programs director in MSOE's Rader School of Business. He has four decades of engineering and business management experience, along with owning several small businesses, which gives him an appreciation of how well business and engineering can work together. Wright also coaches small businesses and works for a nonprofit in Boston that assists disadvantaged business enterprises. He also is group chair of Executive Agenda and principal of Wright Innovation Inc. Earlier in his career he was principal and vice president of marketing for Netconcepts LLC, practice director for BORN Information Services, and director of global R&D/national sales manager for Brady Corp.

Affiliations (4)

  • American Marketing Association (AMA) : Professional
  • Product Development and Management Association (PDMA) : Academic
  • Vistage : Group Chair
  • Wright Innovation, Inc : Owner/Principal


Media Appearances (2)

Gene Wright

MSOE News  


While working to put the grant together for the CREATE Institute, Wright said he and CREATE Institute Director DeAnna Leitzke realized they were building a framework around what MSOE already does well. “We’ve always been about project-based learning, hands-on learning, applied learning,” said Wright. “If we can get everyone to start working together and understanding the concept of value creation in a way that we’re respecting one another, embracing diversity and differences, then we’re better off. That’s what servant-leadership does.”

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Blood shortage solution developed by MSOE students



The team is pursuing additional funding to further develop the product and commercialize it. "This is a unique opportunity we have at MSOE where science, technology and business can work together to bring value to the world," said Wright.

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Patents (3)

Adhesive note dispensing roll having individual release sheets


2001 A strip for dispensing adhesive notes is described. The strip includes a row of at least first, second and third notes disposed consecutively in lateral alignment removably adhered to a row of at least first, second and third release sheets disposed consecutively in lateral alignment such that each note is disposed in alternate staggered relation to each release sheet. The individual note may be removed with its corresponding laterally offset release sheet in order to avoid a continuous release sheet stream at the point of dispensing. The notes and release sheets may be separated by transverse score lines, perforation lines, or lines of weakness in order to facilitate their removal from the strip. The strip may be placed in a row form and placed in a dispenser as part of a dispensing kit.

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Markable repositionable adhesive sheet dispensing roll for use in an industrial setting


2001 Adhesive sheet assemblies are described comprising a continuous carrier in roll form, a series of longitudinally spaced adhesive sheets on the carrier, and at least one cut in the web defining, for each adhesive sheet, one cover piece cut from the carrier such that the cover piece has an outer peripheral edge within the first portion on the backside of the adhesive sheet, so that the cover piece may be separated from the web and retained on the first portion of the backside of the adhesive sheet when the adhesive sheet is peeled off the carrier due to adhesion between the cover piece and the adhesive sheet. Preferably, at least 40 percent of the total length of the outer peripheral edge of each cover piece is substantially in registration with the outer peripheral edge of the adhesive sheet to which it is adhered. Each adhesive sheet comprises a flexible polymer film, polymer-reinforced sheet or cloth and is capable of being removed from a substrate to which it is adhered without leaving an adhesive residue on the substrate. Kits for dispensing the adhesive sheet assembly, processes for making the adhesive sheet assembly and processes for printing the same are also described.

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Toggle switch lockout device


1999 A lockout device has a baseplate which mounts to a control panel containing a toggle switch. The baseplate provides a hinged attachment for a cover that is swung down to a locked position in which the operation of the toggle switch is inhibited. In one embodiment the cover is integrally formed with the baseplate, and in a second embodiment the cover is removed when swung open from the locked position.

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Research Grants (1)

“Engineered Red Blood Cell” I-Corps

National Science Foundation $50,000