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George F. Brown, Jr.

CEO and CoFounder | Blue Canyon Partners, Inc.


Experienced speaker on strategies for driving growth in business markets

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Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing

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Best Practices in Strategy Implementation

The Changing Competitive Environment

Managing Price Pressures

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The Changing Competitive Environment

Future growth will require western companies to develop the ability to compete in the broad middle segments of emerging markets like China. And future competitive success in even traditional western markets will require responses to new competitors that will quickly offer western customers "almost as good" products at highly attractive price points ? a value proposition likely to find as many takers in the west as it did in China and other developing country markets. For most firms in most industries, while this challenge is on the way, there is still time to shape a response. We believe that an effective response will require western businesses to evolve, blending what they already do well with the competencies that characterize the Chinese firms that have become a force in global markets. The growth markets of the future will place a much more significant premium on price. To accomplish that, most western firms will have to bring what the Chinese do so well into their own firm's cultures, most likely through acquisition. Doing so will require a different perspective on acquisition strategy and about what is to be accomplished in the integration process.


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