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Gerald P. Simmons Jr. Gerald P. Simmons Jr.

Visionary / Author / EMPOWERment Speaker | Innovative Visions, DBA

Dallas/Fort Worth Area, TX, UNITED STATES

Visionary / Author / EMPOWERment Speaker at Innovative Visions, DBA



Gerald P. Simmons Jr., delivers Keynotes and Workshops to help keep individuals focused on the BIG picture of life, which is to enjoy it and always let our GREATNESS shine.

One of the biggest mistakes in life we make is forgetting who we are and falling into the traps of the world. This steams from losing focus on the purpose of our life and gaining focus on the so called “Fears of Life”.

F.E.A.R stands for (F)aith (E)ventually (A)lters (L)ife

Coach GPS brings engaging motivational seminars that will teach his 10 simple steps of life. These steps have been proven to encourage people to always be inspired to move forward towards the BIG picture of life [Letting our inner GREATNESS shine]. The only way for people to successfully do this is by staying true to themselves and keeping control of their own destiny.

This presentation is great for Orientations, Empowerment Conferences, General Success Conferences, Empowerment Seminars and General Success Seminars.

Available Seminars/Workshops by Coach GPS (Gerald P. Simmons Jr):

GPS Success Seminars

Available Seminars/Workshops by the Kings of Motivation (Thurmon Flood, Thomas Glover, Gerald P. Simmons Jr.):

Playing the Cards of Life Seminars 4 College Students

Playing the Cards of Life Seminar 4 High School Students

Education (3)

Eisenhower High School: Drafting and Design Technology/Technician, General 1996

All - Area and All - District DB (Cornerback) at Eisenhower High School in Lawton Oklahoma

Intellitec College-Colorado Springs: Associate's degree, Architectural Drafting and Architectural CAD/CADD 2004

East Central University: N/A, N/A 1998

Started on Special teams and Started the second half of the season as Cornerback