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Ginger Grant - Sheridan College. Mississauga, ON, CA

Ginger Grant

Professor (Marketing and Innovation) | Sheridan College

Mississauga, ON, CANADA

Innovation Management, Leadership Development, Strategy, Corporate Anthropology, Organizational Design, Scenario Planning, Storytelling



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Dr. Grant is a strategist and organizational designer whose work is grounded in scenario planning and the use of image and narrative as a tool for transformation. Her expertise is increasing the ability of individuals, teams and organizations to capture untapped potential to leverage innovation. She works with a range of approaches and techniques, with an emphasis on experiential learning and applicability to real life challenges and aspirations. As a Jungian psychotherapist, she brings social and emotional intelligence practices into the world of business.

A passionate teacher and stimulating speaker, Ginger inspires and motivates others to identify and pursue their own unique paths. She is the only Canadian in the consulting team for the Stanford Business School “Creativity and Business” program. Ginger is the Managing Partner of Creativity in Business Canada Inc. and a Professor of Marketing and Innovation at Sheridan College. She is also an Advisor to the Canadian Council of Customer Experience, the Innovation Metrics Council and a frequent speaker with the Conference Board of Canada. In her spare time, she is a Visiting Professor at the Copenhagen Business School where she teaches advanced market research and corporate anthropology.

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Industry Expertise (10)


Social Media

Market Research


Think Tanks

Talent Management


Management Consulting

Corporate Leadership

Information Technology and Services

Areas of Expertise (9)

Experiential and Archetypal Marketing

Scenario Planning

Revisioning Retirement

Innovation Culture

Design Thinking

Talent Management

Corporate Anthropology

Corporate Culture

Emotional and Creative Intelligence

Accomplishments (4)

Board Member - Human Capital Executive Research Board (professional)

Market Intelligence Arm of Talent Management and Diversity Education

Advisor - Council for Client Relationships and Customer Experience (professional)

Special Advisor to Conference Board of Canada

Survived Mid-Life Crisis (personal)

Went back to School mid-life and did graduate work and post-doc.

Sheridan Voices Project (professional)


What happens when you link passion to purpose? The role of business is to provide an economic driver. Entrepreneur as artist - artist as entrepreneur. A ongoing project with second year students at the Sheridan Production House. Digital storytelling is an excellent way to highlight your creative capital!

Education (4)

Stanford University: Post-doctoral studies, Creativity in Business Program 2005

Member of the teacher/trainer group "Creativity in Business". Founder Michel Ray has been called the father of Silicon Valley.

Pacifica Graduate Institute: Doctorate, Depth Psychology/Mythology 2005

Mythologist Joseph Campbell helped form the Myth program. Metaphor is the native language of myth. Depth Psychology (or archetypal psychology) is the study of the human imagination and the use of image. Expert in how to enhance and develop people's creative ability. Dissertation was on Innovation and Corporate Culture.

Pacifica Graduate Institute: Master of Arts, Depth Psychology/Mythology 2000

Mythology is an important aspect to understanding a global economy. Myth carries the value system that drives behavior.

University of Waterloo: BA, Psychology and Religion 1998

Affiliations (8)

  • Academy of Marketing Science
  • European Group for Organizational Studies
  • Special Advisor - Conference Board of Canada
  • British Academy of Management
  • Qualitative Research Consultants Association
  • Academy of Management
  • British Academy of Management
  • American Anthropology Association

Testimonials (12)

Andrew Pender, Senior Conference Planner | Conference Board of Canada

Ginger Grant is an inspiring and engaging speaker. Having worked with her on several speaking presentations for various audiences, I found her to be accommodating, organized and reliable. As a speaker she offers a leading edge presentation and is able to captivate the audience with her knowledge, charisma and presentation style. She is passionate about her topics and consistently reveals thought leadership in the areas she speaks about.

Anne Markey, Executive Director | Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers

Ginger Grant has worked with the Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers twice. Each time she has wowed audiences with her selection of appropriate themes, compelling presentation style and expert knowledge base. In June 2009, Ginger was a featured speaker at the CACEE National On-Campus Recruitment Conference. Her talk on creativity in business, and why it’s essential to recognize and overcome barriers to creativity was extremely well received by all 250 delegates. You can be sure that Ginger Grant’s presentation will be both on- topic and entertaining, and that your organizing committee will be praised for offering such a terrific keynote speaker.

Susan Climie, Director of Training and Development | Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Canada

Dr. Ginger Grant is a thoughtful and though-provoking speaker. She effectively wove her teachings into our convention theme with humour and with a focus on the mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters. After delivering her keynote address, Ginger was surrounded by delegates seeking more of her time and thoughts. Ginger is an accomplished speaker and storyteller, and was the perfect person to open our national convention.

Abraham Hyatt, Journalist | Journalism Conference, Portland Oregon

Ginger is a fantastic public speaker -- one who's able to connect with and energize an audience, no matter how varied the group may be. At a recent conference that I organized she wowed a crowd of media, tech, and online professionals with a pres- entation on storytelling and its importance on a professional and personal level. Twitter was buzzing after the session. People described it as "amazing" and "best talk of the day." One of simplest comments was also one of the most emblematic: "Ginger! Love her!"

Sonia Poulin, Director | Alberta Law Libraries

As a speaker and a strategist, Ginger is inspiring, energizing, creative, passionate and unique. If this is not what you are looking for, move on. (Your loss!)

Ashley Bennington, Talent Management Consultant | Fraser Valley Health Authority

Ginger’s work will definitely send your company in new directions: and all for the better. If you’re seeking new ideas, a cutting edge outlook on business, or great success on a change initiative, you definitely need one of the most widely read, engaging and enthusiastic people I’ve ever met. Critical thinking doesn’t solve everything; you need creativity!

Stewart Marshall, Controller | Blast Radius

Ginger has an amazing ability to link things like creativity and storytelling to the business world. Thanks to Ginger, I understand the difference between reading/ talking about going from Good to Great to actually LIVING the idea. Her insight into people and her incredible ability to communicate are talents without equal.

Nick Black, Vice President, Strategic Insight | Concerto Marketing Group

As Director of the Creative Intelligence Lab at Simon Fraser University, Ginger Grant was a tireless advocate for new approaches to both business and branding. A compelling combination of energy and ideas, her work used psychology to understand organizational behaviour and creativity to change it. I’m happy to recommend Ginger; she’s an exciting person to be around.

Sharon McIntyre, Chief Marketing Officer | Chaordix

We've been so lucky to have Ginger with us at MRU in the Bissett Business School and I've been privileged to count her as a colleague. Her profound expertise in a range of disciplines and practices including Jungian psychology, business creativity, visual analytics, place branding, storytelling, and innovation process has made an important impact on our curriculum, our faculty, and (most importantly) our students. "Watch this space!" ... Ginger will continue to play a transformative role in the landscape of Canadian innovation and education.

Kenton Hyatt, Consultant | Santa Cruz

Ginger is a powerhouse of energy and intellect. She is clearly one of the most charismatic speakers I have encountered. Her professionalism is of the highest calibre!

Victoria Acheson, Director, Human Resources | Douglas College

Ginger presented a workshop to the Administrators of Douglas College. She obtained rave reviews for her expertise, level of energy and how she challenged the participants in a positive, thought provoking and innovative manner. The title of the presentation was, "Creative Thoughts, Innovative Leaders: Turning Ideas in Action for the Future of Douglas College". Speaker Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative.

Rajesh Taneja, Program Planner | Young Entrepreneurs Association

Ginger rocks! Stated mildly. She's been instrumental in so many discussions regarding organisation, business and of course, creativity in said business. Thank you so much for your valuable insight. Without it, I'd be far, far behind.

Event Appearances (54)

ReVisioning the Way We Do Business

BLOOM Sustainability Applied 2013  Oakville, Ontario


Tedx Milton

Tedx Milton - Linchpins  Milton, Ontario


Keynote: Finding Your Creative Core

Journey2Success Women's Conference  Oakville, Ontario


Keynote: Managing Creative Capital

National Workforce One Conference/Conference Board of Canada  Toronto Convention Centre


Storytelling and Business Transformation

Global Innovators Conference  Doha, Qatar


Passion, Purpose and an Economic Driver

World Marketing Congress  Atlanta, Georgia


The Drive to Creativity

International Conference on Jungian Psychology  New Orleans, Louisiana


Developing an Innovation Culture

Webinar - Conference Board of Canada  Ottawa, Ontario


Knowledge Management and Visual Analytics

Conference Board of Canada - National Council on Knowledge Management  Regina, SK


Growing an Innovation Culture

Conference Board of Canada - Innovation and Commercialization Council  Ottawa, Ontario


Security, Visual Analytics and Innovation

Conference Board of Canada - National Security Council  Montreal, PQ


Bringing Experiential Marketing to Insurance

Insurance Brokers Professional Development  Vancouver, BC


Branding and Customer Engagement using Visual Analytics

Conference Board of Canada - National Council - Experiential Marketing & CRM  Ottawa, ON


Storytelling and Visual Analytics as an Educational Tool

Douglas College Professional Development  Vancouver, BC


Strategy Weekend Retreat

Canadian Association of Legal Information  Ottawa, ON


Transparency in Marketing: How Much is too much?

BC Association of Integrated Marketers Contagious Conference  Vancouver, BC


The Power of Story and Corporate Marketing/Workshop: Storytelling as Fundraising Tool

Big Brother Big Sisters of Canada National Conference  Toronto, ON


Effective Storytelling in Business School Ethics Curriculum

International Business Education Conference  Edmotnon, AB


Your Brand: Experienced through Storytelling

Vancouver Interactive Digital Conference  Vancouver, BC


Intersection of people, creativity and technology

VX2010: Vancouver Olympic Games - BC Digital Media and Wireless Industry Showcases  Vancouver, BC


Leadership and Innovation

Revenue Canada Managers Conference  Vnacouver, BC


Design-Driven Innovation

National Managers Leadership Conference - Government of Canada  Vancouver, BC


Creativity in Business

Genivar Engineering National Conference  Edmonton, AB


The Power of Story

Journalism Bootcamp  Portland, OR


Design-Driven Innovation Keynote

Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers  Vancouver, BC


Branding from the Inside Out: Turning Ideas into Action

Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers Workshop  Vancouver, BC


Archetypal Approaches to Business

various C.G. Jung Societies in North America  USA and Canada

Creativity in Business

BC Hydro Leadership Summit  Vancouver, BC


Moving from Good to Great through Generational Diversity

Govt of Alberta Leadership Conference  Lake Louise, AB


Creativity in Business

Govt of AB Leadership Strategy Retreat  Drumheller, AB


Creativity in Business

Certified Management Accountants of BC  Vancouver, BC


Innovation Strategy Retreat

International Institute for Child Rights and Development  Victoria, BC


Leadership Strategy

BC Govt Social Services Conference  Vancouver, BC


Storytelling as Recruitment/Retention Tool

Department of Fisheries & Oceans (DFO) Conference  Victoria, BC


Generational Diversity in the Arts

BC Touring National Arts Conference  Vancouver, BC


When Assets Have Feet

Canadian Bar Association President's Forum  Vancouver, BC

Building an Innovative Organization

Executive Education, University of British Columbia  Vancouver, BC

Women's Leadership and the Law

National Conference of In-House Counsels  Halifax, NS

Heroic Journey in Legal Profession: Branding Your Organization

Canadian Bar Association National Conference  Winnipeg, MB

Legacy Leadership and Archetypal Branding

Fast Company  Seattle, WA

The Heroic Journey: ReVisioning the Way We Work

Carnegie Lecture, University of British Columbia  Vancouver, BC

Commencement Address

UBC Librarians  Vancouver, BC

Employer Branding and Emotional Engagement

University of Moncton  Moncton, NB

Emotional Engagmeent and Retention for Key Professionals

Mount Allison University  Sackville, NB

Becoming an Employer of Choice

National HR Directors Conference, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP  Vancouver, BC

Level 5 Leadership and the Art of Capturing Consumer Imagination

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce  Vancouver, BC

Internal Branding: Becoming an Employer of Choice

Health Care Leaders of BC Executive Retreat  Vancouver, BC

Level 5 Leadership and Key Staff Retention

Health Care Leaders of BC Annual Conference  Victoria, BC

Taking Companies from Good to Great

Emerging Entrepreneurs Association  Vancouver, BC

Branding from the Inside Out

International Banking Conference  Richmond, BC

Heroes at Work: Protecting Change Agents

Govt of Canada - Pacific Managers Conference  Vancouver, BC

Creativity in Business

Tomorrow's Workplace National Conference  Vancouver, BC


Branding from the Inside Out

International Banking Conference  Richmond, BC

Corporate Culture: Your Secret Sauce

2015 National Human Resource Professionals Association  Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Sample Talks (5)

Scenario Planning: Why It Works

Focus: Human capital requires investment. This intensive focuses on narrative methods to motivate and develop your best and brightest which bring out your creative energy. You will discover those branding practices that provide a positive impact on people retention and succession planning while enhancing your external marketing effort. You will create and develop strategic narrative approaches for developing your talent throughout the organization and grow your leadership from within. Sometimes only by breaking old paradigms, can creativity flourish and grow. TWO DAY OR RETREAT PROGRAMS INCLUDE: - avoid the common pitfalls of traditional HR - learn how to capture and handle emotion to enhance performance - learn why “buy-in” is to be avoided - develop scenarios for strategic planning purposes - the importance of pattern recognition - the need to take a design-driven approach in order to retain valuable human capital and increase productivity - the importance of building a collaborative organizational culture - the need for analytics: measurement of your corporate culture and the success of your efforts - why common values and an environment of trust provide an fast track to an effective brand and competitive advantage - avoid the most common cultural traps that drive an organization down - move ideas to action and results

Creativity in Business

How to enhance creativity in your people and innovation in your organization by bringing ideas to action. Based in the Stanford 'Creativity in Business' program popularized by "Good to Great". What are the barriers to creativity and innovation in your organization? How do you overcome them? What is your core ideology? This session explores your ability to innovate and you will practice techniques to enhance your own natural creative ability. By sharpening your creative edge, you will develop tools for transformation to top performing teams and maintaining enthusiasm and full engagement in the workplace. The Stanford Creativity in Business program has a 30 year track record of building creativity and innovation in both people and organizations. This session will explore its unique approach to all areas of your life - both professional and personal. As a leader, you will be able to recognize what drives your people and connect those drives to corporate objectives. KEYNOTES or HALF AND FULL-DAY PROGRAMS INCLUDE: - enhance your ability to suspend judgement and overcome barriers to the creative process - recognize the key factors required for personal creativity - increase your confidence in your creative abilities - use the four tools of creative thinking established at the Stanford Business School in the “Creativity in Business” program - learn how to apply a series of creative techniques at work - develop strategies and retention plans for key employees using a creative focus

Tapping the Power of Generational Diversity

Focus: We now have five competing generations in the workforce – all of which have a different value system. Miscommunication, confusion and conflict arise when people of different generations or cultures work together. How then do you optimize team performance? Understanding your own cultural and generational assumptions and communication style is the first step. This workshop will show you how to establish a cultural/generational framework by which managers can enhance the creative effects of generational diversity. The use of archetypal keys unlocks the door in understanding the differences across generations. 
KEYNOTES or HALF AND FULL-DAY PROGRAMS INCLUDE: - understand the motives of those you seek to lead - understand how your own behaviour contributes to team performance - develop ability to recognize opportunities and avoid pitfalls in generational diversity - focus on key challenges and formulate a challenge statement to focus efforts - discover how to work with the science of archetypal keys and cultural memes - gain new insight into the people issues that effect business outcomes - set specific goals to help you navigate five generations in the workforce

Branding from the Inside Out

Branding is a buzzword that is frequently misunderstood. A true brand is one that provides and enhances customer experience. It is the essence or what we call the “core” of who you are and what you do. Your brand is your ideology: some have called it your corporate religion. To identify the essence of your product or service, an archetypal or depth psychological approach is invaluable in locating and elaborating on brand experience of both your internal and external customers. Your brand must be anchored internally before it will be fully effective externally. This session will provide a foundation for fully living your brand from the inside out. KEYNOTES or HALF AND FULL-DAY PROGRAMS INCLUDE: - identify your organization’s appropriation of cultural meaning in operational metaphors - isolate brand symbols and translate them into both language and behaviour - understand the importance of your internal brand in aligning your corporate culture - enhance employee engagement through internal brand extension - use the four tools of creative thinking to extend your brand use your brand as a pivotal planning tool for both short term and long term strategy

ReVisioning Retirement

Focus: Approximately half of our current workforce is facing retirement. In some organizations, numbers are higher. How can we re-vision the idea of retirement that permits retention of organizational knowledge as well as meet the needs of those who wish to retire? Talent management is key. Our quick fix – one-step civilization provides us with every convenience to get ahead, advance and develop. If this is true, why are so many people voicing dissatisfaction with their lives and where they are? Perhaps we’ve become more focused with the destination rather than the journey. We’ve become distracted with the making of plans, rather than the living of life. Approaching the second half of life can be a challenge but also provides immense opportunity. Acquiring a clearer understanding of your own journey ultimately provides you with an understanding and respect of the journey of others. This understanding opens the lines of communication and opens new opportunities to engage, collaborate and grow – in areas of your life. This session focuses on methods to motivate and develop alternative retirement plans that fit both the organization and the employee. Learn how re-visioning retirement can enhance an employer of choice program. To re-vision retirement means to re-vision a new beginning, perhaps even crafting a new career. KEYNOTES or HALF AND FULL-DAY PROGRAMS INCLUDE: - learn how to extend your brand through alternative retirement programs 
- identify and target key employees for knowledge retention
 - build knowledge banks and human capital
 - enhance both your employee and customer experience



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