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Glenn  Bracey, PhD - Villanova University. Villanova, PA, US

Glenn Bracey, PhD

Assistant Professor of Sociology & Criminology | College of Liberal Arts and Sciences | Villanova University


Glenn Bracey, PhD, is an expert on race and social movements and race and the law.






Social Protests in Sports - Discussion



Areas of Expertise (7)

Race and Law

Social Movements

Critical Race Theory

Black Lives Matter


Race and Politics

Activism and Social Justice in Sports


Dr. Bracey is an expert on race and social movements and race and the law. Some of his current research looks at white evangelical churches as a racial movement. He can discuss movements such as Black Lives Matter and ongoing protests in the NFL concerning racial inequality.

Select Media Appearances (7)

NFL Tells Players To Stand And Respect The Flag And National Anthem



Well, you know, I asked a professor at Villanova, a sociology professor named Glenn Bracey who's followed the story closely. He says, in the short term, the new policy will have a chilling effect because the power of the protests was in being public, as we discussed earlier, not hidden away. And he thinks it now falls on the players to find creative ways to continue bringing attention to the issues. So we'll see what happens.

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NFL owners to meet, with racial divide on the agenda

The Christian Science Monitor  


Minutes before kickoff for the first round of Sunday’s football games, the National Football League website carried two unusual features … “Unfortunately, this is not a unifying moment,” Glenn Bracey, a Villanova University sociologist who studies racism and social movements, writes in an email. “The NFL is prioritizing profit over black people’s lives and addressing racist policing.”

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34 Can the NFL convince players to stop national anthem protests?

USA Today  


The days of NFL players protesting during the national anthem are numbered. That much is obvious following Roger Goodell’s letter to NFL owners Tuesday and comments made by league spokesman Joe Lockhart. ... “Savvy viewers of the NFL's `unity’ efforts could see that owners were not protesting the same thing that many players were protesting. (Colin) Kaepernick and other players protested police brutality and racial injustice; owners protested President Trump making it more difficult for them to use black players to make money,” Glenn Bracey, a sociology professor at Villanova who specializes in racism and social movements, said via email.

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Multiethnic Churches: An Interview with Dr. Glenn Bracey

Truth's Table Podcast  


In this episode, the women of Truth’s Table are joined by Dr. Glenn Bracey, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Villanova University, specializing in racism and social movements. He has published in several leading journals, including award-winning articles on the white-supremacist nature of the US government and racist cultures in white evangelical churches.

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How "race tests" maintain evangelical segregation

Religion Dispatches  


Comedian John Crist’s YouTube sketches lampooning Christian subculture have gained notoriety largely due to the repetitive one liners that tap directly into the core of American Christianity writ large. ... In a recent study called “‘Race Tests’: Racial Boundary Maintenance in White Evangelical Churches,” published by Sociological Inquiry, researchers Glenn E. Bracey, II and Wendy Leo Moore sought to reveal how evangelical religious organizations, many of which claim to be open, remain so heavily segregated.

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In ‘Handmaid’s Tale,’ a postracial, patriarchal hellscape

The Undefeated  


Recently, Elisabeth Moss, the star of Hulu’s new adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale, the 1985 dystopian Margaret Atwood novel, was a guest on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. Colbert invited Moss to explain the show’s premise to those who might be unfamiliar with it. “It’s about, in America, a right-wing totalitarian fundamentalist regime …,” Moss said, smiling coyly. ... Recent findings from researchers at Villanova and Texas A&M universities suggest that’s highly unlikely. Glenn E. Bracey II and Wendy Leo Moore found that white evangelical Protestant churches subjected black parishioners to “race tests” and would push them out if they were found wanting.

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An Endless Fight, A Defining Choice

The Sporting News  


We’re having a moment in sports right now. The moment is all about sports — and at the same time, it has nothing to do with sports. If you don’t understand that, then you’ve made up your mind that the games, wins and losses, and numbers and records are all that matter. … Glenn Bracey, a sociology professor at Villanova with expertise in critical race theory and the history of social movements, has framed on his office wall the iconic photo of Smith and Carlos with gloved fists raised on the victory stand at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City.

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Select Academic Articles (3)

“Race Tests”: Racial Boundary Maintenance in White Evangelical Churches

Sociological Inquiry

Glenn E Bracey, Wendy Leo Moore


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Black Movements Need Black Theorizing: Exposing Implicit Whiteness in Political Process Theory

Sociological Focus

Glenn E Bracey


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Toward a Critical Race Theory of State

Critical Sociology

Glenn E Bracey


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