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Govind  Hariharan, Ph.D. - Kennesaw State University. Kennesaw, GA, US

Govind Hariharan, Ph.D. Govind  Hariharan, Ph.D.

Professor of Economics | Kennesaw State University


Govind Hariharan is an economics professor who previously served as executive director of the India China America Institute.





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India, China, US and ASEAN update by Stienberg Review, National Critics Choice India Summit: U.S. Companies Going to India Porter Prize - CEO Talks - Govind Hariharan - Executive DIrector, ICA Institute Financial Inclusion World Education Congress 2014, Dr. Govind Hariharan



Govind Hariharan has consulted for numerous organizations, public and private, such as the World Bank, Council for Quality Growth and M&T Bank. He is very active in the business and civic communities in Georgia. He has been a member of various state and local taskforces on health care especially in the areas of health information and transparency.

Hariharan is currently a member of the advisory boards at the Georgia Department of Revenue and the Georgia Indo-American Chamber of Commerce. He previously served on the boards of the American Diabetes Association- Atlanta, Georgia and the WellStar Institute for Better Health. He is actively involved in many academic and business organizations in India as well. He has been interviewed and quoted in many media outlets including the Financial Times, Investor Business Daily, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Atlanta Business Chronicle, Buffalo News, National Public Radio, Money Talks, and the Weather Channel.

His papers are key citations in health care, personal finance, regulation, economic development, information technology, and law. He was coeditor of a conference volume on The Problem of Development which featured articles by most of the recent Nobel Laureates in Economics. One of his papers was chosen as among “key papers by leading scholars” and reprinted in “Classics in Risk Management” edited by Professors Gayer and Viscusi of Harvard University. Similarly, his paper on estate taxation, and on smoking initiation are very heavily cited in academic and policy literature. His recent research on the stockholding behavior of US individuals won the prestigious Ross award in 2006 and another is among the top 10 most cited papers ever in the Financial Services Review.

His current research studies the effect of different health shocks on portfolio allocation by the elderly (AMHCR award recipient), medical technology and technology intermediaries. He has taught a wide range of courses at universities across the globe including stints in India, China and Singapore and has received numerous awards for his teaching.

Industry Expertise (5)

Education/Learning Information Technology and Services Financial Services Health Care - Services International Trade and Development

Areas of Expertise (4)

International Expansion Retiree Health and Investment Behavior Health Systems Public Policy

Accomplishments (3)

Education Leadership Award (professional)


Govind Hariharan received the Education Leadership Award from the World Corporate Universities Congress. The award recognizes business education professionals for their benchmarks in educational practices. The award was given during the World Corporate Universities Congress in Mumbai in June.

Ross Best Paper Award (professional)

Govind Hariharan won Best Paper Award for his collaborative work with Kenneth Chapman and James P. Dow Jr. on in the article "Changes in Stock Holding Behavior: Evidence from Household Data" Financial Research Letters 2(2) 89-96.

Outstanding Teaching Award (professional)

Professor Hariharan was awarded the Outstanding Teaching Award from the Coles College of Business at Kennesaw State University.

Education (3)

State University of New York at Buffalo - School of Management: Ph.D., Economics

Delhi School of Economics, New Delhi, India: M.A., Economics

University of Kerala-Kerala, India: B.A.

Affiliations (2)

  • Wellstar Institute for Better Health
  • American Diabetes Association- Atlanta & North Georgia

Media Appearances (2)

Viewpoint: It's the Chinese economy and not the Chinese market that should worry us

Atlanta Business Chronicle  print


After a period of torrential growth, the relatively fledging stock market in China has recently plummeted by over 30 percent from its peak in June 2015. The Shanghai Composite Index, which reached a peak of 5166 on June 12 slid to a low of 3622 by Aug. 3.

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Closing the Skills Gap - East and West

BizEd  print

Kennesaw State’s Govind Hariharan suggests teaching Eastern and Western approaches to business.

Some experts are calling this era the Century of Asia, and it’s not hard to see why. China and India are becoming economic giants; along with the U.S., they account for one-third of the world’s population. It’s likely that everyone in the business world will eventually have close interactions with Chinese, Indian, or American businesses or employees. This means that Eastern and Western business schools will need to work together in innovative and relevant ways to produce managers who can succeed in global business environments.

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Event Appearances (4)

Closing the Skills Gap: East and West

World Education Conference  Mumbai, India

The Growth Potential from Financial Inclusion

Sixth Southeastern Development Economics Workshop  Atlanta, Georgia

Allocation of Medical Technology under Certificate of Need Laws

Annual Meeting of the Southern Economic Association  Atlanta, Georgia

Competing Blindly vs Collaborative Competition

4th Indian Marketing Summit  New Dehli, India

Research Focus (4)

Health Behavior and Systems

Extensive research on health behavior and comparative health systems.

Asset Allocation Behavior of Retirees

Extensive research on financial asset allocation decisions of people approaching retirement.

Public Policy toward Health and Taxation

Extensive research on public policy toward healthcare and taxation.

Emerging Markets

Extensive research on emerging markets, particularly China and India, through the India China America Institute.

Recent Papers (4)

Modeling Risk Factors and Disease Conditions to Study Associated Lifetime Medical Costs Service Science


We develop a mathematical model that captures the complex interactions within the health service system featuring chronic diseases and provides valuable lessons that could assist in controlling escalating healthcare costs. We utilize a Monte Carlo simulation framework to ...

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A Model to study Disparities and Lifetime Medical Costs Service Science


We develop a mathematical model that captures the complex interactions within the health service system featuring chronic diseases and provides valuable lessons that could assist in controlling escalating healthcare costs. We utilize a Monte Carlo simulation ...

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Competition In Mediation Services: Modeling the Role of Expertise, Satisfaction, and Switching Costs Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce


This article analyzes competition among mediation service providers that match clients and vendors in a horizontally differentiated market. This is an issue that is important for decision support of mediators in determining pricing and service strategies. We present a ...

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Location-allocation planning of stockpiles for effective disaster mitigation Annals of Operations Research


In the existing framework for receiving and allocating Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) assistance, there are three noticeable delays: the delay by the state in requesting federal assets, the delay in the federal process which releases assets only upon the ...

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