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Greg Shaw - International Federation on Ageing. Toronto, ON, CA

Greg Shaw Greg Shaw

Director of International and Corporate Relations | International Federation on Ageing

Toronto, ON, CANADA

Mr. Shaw represents the IFA at the United Nations, works closely with governments, and maintains the IFA’s elder abuse initiatives






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Greg Shaw has a science and health administration background and is the Director, International and Corporate Relations for the IFA. Prior to joining the IFA he held senior management positions within the Australian Government in the Department Health and Ageing. He has held appointments with the Ontario Securities Commission Senior Expert Advisory Committee, the Toronto Police Service Community Advisory Committee and the City of Toronto Advisory Committee on Long-Term Care & Services.
His earlier work focused on policy development and program implementation for the Australian aged care reforms, quality assurance and supporting the aged care needs of rural and remote communities throughout northern Australia. An advocate of the aged care needs of marginalized community groups in the 1990s, he worked with many Aboriginal and ethnic communities resulting in the establishment of aged care homes and community aged care services specifically designed and targeted for those communities.
Since joining the IFA he has had responsibility for the development of the Building Capacity in Health Care Programs in Africa, worked closely with the South African Human Rights Commission to establish an older person’s forum in that country and in 2010 worked with the Government of Mauritius on the establishment of an Observatory on Ageing.
He represents the IFA at the UN, works closely with government and has responsibility for IFA elder abuse initiatives. Elder Abuse initiatives have included the development of educational toolkits targeted towards youth, an International Forum on Sexual Safety of Older Women and in 2013 lead a high-level meeting to examine issues of financial abuse of Canadian seniors.
Greg has worked with other Civil Society Organizations on the Global Thematic Consultations on Population Dynamics to ensure the needs of older people are recognized. A current priority for 2020-21 is a possible IFA Summit and Global Think Tank on Longterm Care Design and Standards - Best Practice to Mitigate Pandemics Post COVID-19.
His responsibilities include Age-Friendly Cities/Communities initiatives within the IFA and providing technical advice and support to the government and others engaged in age-friendly program development. A recent Memorandum of Understanding for a new city development in China, ongoing AFCC work with the city of Akita in Japan and more recently delivering a series of AFCC workshops in the Republic of Iran is a testament to his expertise.

Areas of Expertise (10)

Population Ageing

Care Continuum

Elder Abuse Prevention

Healthy Ageing

Program Implementation

Policy Development

Quality of Care

Age-friendly Environments

Vision Health

Dementia Care

Education (3)

Curtin University: Public Health Administration 1994

Western Australian Institute of Technology: Land Surveying 1978

Wembley Technical College: Engineering Surveying 1974

Affiliations (5)

  • Ontario Securities Commission Senior Expert Advisory Committee (SERC)
  • Toronto Police Service Community Advisory Committee
  • City of Toronto Advisory Committee on Long-Term Care & Services
  • Ontario Long Term Care Association (OLTCA) – LTC Innovation Expert Panel
  • WHO Patient Safety Working Group

Media Appearances (5)

Aging in Canada: How well are we treating our elders?

canada.com  online


According to Greg Shaw, who heads up the International Federation on Ageing (IFA), ageism is widespread in Canada – and a lot of it is rooted in a range of misconceptions many Canadians share about older people.

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Combating ageism

Calgary Herald  online


“Older and younger Canadians need to find opportunities to connect more,” says Greg Shaw, Director, International and Corporate Relations of the International Federation on Ageing. “The simple act of getting to know someone from a different generation promotes positive attitudes and behaviours, and helps address misperceptions that inadvertently set in when people don’t have enough exposure to each other.”

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Seniors, youth unite through anti-ageism film project

CBC  online


Such fears lie at the heart of ageism, something that Greg Shaw, a director at the International Federation of Ageing, says is probably one of the "most socially tolerated forms of discrimination in Canada."

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Millennials team up with seniors for anti-ageism project

canada.com  online


“This project is trying to bridge that gap between younger and older people,” said Greg Shaw, director of corporate relations for the International Federation on Ageing. “The simple act of getting to know someone of a different generation promotes positive attitudes and behaviours…There’s a knowledge-transfer that goes both ways.”

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How Australia’s long-term care system avoided COVID-19 crisis

CBC News  online


Why Australia's long-term care homes saw almost no COVID-19-related deaths.

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Event Appearances (5)

Ageing Populations and Emerging Trends in a Technological Era of Advancing Innovation

The 6th China International Senior Services Expo  Beijing, China

The Global Ageing Population: Impact and Implementation of Agenda 2030

United Nations DPI Briefings  New York, USA

Creating Age Friendly Environments

Municipal Governments of the Republic of Iran  Tehran, Iran

Financial Abuse of Seniors

IFA and Government of Canada high-level meeting  Toronto, Canada

Reframing Elder Abuse

Washington Academy of Medicine and US Administration on Aging  Washington, D.C.

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