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Greg Waite - InventionShare. Ottawa, ON, CA

Greg Waite Greg Waite

CEO | InventionShare

Ottawa, ON, CANADA

Greg Waite is an entrepreneur, inventor and angel investor



Entrepreneur, inventor, angel investor for the past 35 plus years.

Greg's final “dream” company is InventionShare, dedicated to transforming breakthrough technologies into high social impact innovation.

InventionShare strives to get game changing technologies with strong social responsibility benefits into the hands of the many. Only large companies or large organizations can effectively scale and deploy these advances to the largest possible audience. Inventors need scale and business execution, large companies need game changing inventions and society needs rapid adoption.

Greg has extensive experience in Intellectual Property and technology commercialization. His first experience in intellectual property as a management consultant was to re-engineer Canada's largest management firm (CPDL) for patents, trademarks and invention license agreements. He created one of the first fully automated software systems (that is still in use today), redefined business process and created best practices for technology transfer and commercialization. He took those processes and software tools and impacted Canada's largest R&D and patenting groups in both government and commercial venues. NRC, CRC, NRCAN, DRDC, Space Agency, RCMP as well as Mosaid and Wi-LAN.

He architected and patented an expertise management system that is now extensively used to manage InventionShare's processes and best practices for Invention assessment, management, intelligence, licensing and acquisition.

A strong hybrid IP & IT background based on business process and information management with nearly 100 companies coupled with his inventive and entrepreneurial traits has provided him with a unique and rich history helping to shape the powerful and time appropriate InventionShare – high financial and social impact dividends, for people and planet.

And thus InventionShare was born - great business model and even better team!

Areas of Expertise (10)

Financial & Social Leverage


Breakthrough Technologies

Breakthrough Invention Fund

Technology Commercialization

Intellectual Property

Information Management

Business Processes

Invention Companies

Joint Ventures/Strategic Partnerships

Education (1)

Carleton University: BA, Finance

Patents (1)

Computer implemented system and method for providing a community and collaboration platform around knowledge transfer, expertise, innovation, tangible assets, intangible assets and information assets

US8589414 B2

2008 A computer implemented system and method for providing a computer and collaboration platform around knowledge transfer, expertise, innovation, tangible, intangible and information assets are disclosed. The system converts a static expert content into an active forum in an effective manner to promote collaboration among users in the various categories. The system converts the static content into one or more sections according to a parsing rule. Each section is assigned with one or more categories and one or more plug-ins for forming a framework. The system captures the framework as a model and generates one or more data partnering objects, and stores them in a database. Pursuant to a user's request and attributes of the user, appropriate one or more of the data partnering objects are retrieved from the database to generate an active forum. The system, then, publishes the active forum.

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