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Greg Waite - VisiLeap. White Lake, ON, CA

Greg Waite

Founder & CEO | VisiLeap

White Lake, ON, CANADA

Greg Waite is an entrepreneur, inventor and investor who specializes in monetizing platform technologies.




Greg Waite is a seasoned leader in platform technology commercialization with over 30 years of experience in technology and intellectual property monetization and investment. He has contributed to the success of a unicorn company and has expertise in investment strategies, funding initiatives, and business development, investment, spin-offs, and M&A.

He has collaborated with over 100 technology companies, mainly focusing on IP, finance, business development, and the monetization of platform technologies. He has also led R&D teams on various commercial technology projects and is adept at acquiring new knowledge and skills in different technologies and industries at a rapid speed.

His specialty is Intellectual Property and technology commercialization. He began as a management consultant, transforming Canada's largest management firm for patents, trademarks, and invention license agreements (CPDL). He developed one of the first fully automated software systems, improved business processes, and established best practices for technology transfer and commercialization.

Greg has been the CEO of InventionShare since 2013, where he leads the monetization of intellectual property through a specialized platform technology monetization model. He uses effective methods and specialized tools to find unique technologies and match them with related market applications, achieving positive financial results.

He has also worked as a Business Advisor for ipCreate Inc., providing large companies with an edge in invention on demand (IP ahead of R&D) and virtual M&A. Greg has recently gained considerable AI expertise and application to generating AI and human curated data sets around business, markets and technology intelligence.

He is the founder and architect behind VisiLeap and uses the framework every day, in one use case to create structured datasets of intelligence on adjacent markets, competition, funding and channels for platform technologies. He has a Bachelor of Commerce from Carleton University.

His network is broad, experienced and of high character and integrity. Through his career, Greg has made a lasting impact on the technology sector through his dedication to promoting innovation and supporting technology companies.

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Carleton University: Bachelor of Commerce, Commerce, Finance, Computer Science 1983

Media Appearances (5)

InventionShare Acquires Patents and Establishes New Subsidiary, VisiLeap

InventionShare  online


“Our mission is to empower minds with AI and human curated datasets”, says Greg Waite CEO of InventionShare and founder of VisiLeap.

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InventionShare Announces Partnership with LYNX Business Management Group Inc.

InventionShare  online


“We are thrilled at this opportunity to be a conduit for engineering and manufacturing focused technologies that will advance design, safety and operational proficiencies in the aerospace sector said Greg Waite, CEO of InventionShare. The aerospace industry will benefit from advancements of design through to manufacturing, bolstering targeted ROI and OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) performance.”

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InventionShare Uses PatSnap's Business Intelligence Platform for AcceleRoute Patent Portfolio Valuation

InventionShare  online


The promise of improved Cloud Data Center performance could be worth billions, but how to value the underlying intellectual property? Greg Waite, CEO of InventionShare says, "We used the Patsnap Insights platform and we were impressed that it independently arrived at comparable valuations to our other methods."

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IP.com Places AcceleRoute Patents Alongside Top Global Companies for Data Center Innovation

InventionShare  online


Objectively assessing strengths and weaknesses of a patent portfolio is challenging. "To do it right you need to compare it to many other patents with similar characteristics," said Greg Waite, CEO of InventionShare, adding "without strong automation it can easily take days or even weeks to find highly correlated inventions and even longer to assess quality and predict outcomes like licensing and litigation."

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InventionShare Announces Expanded Business Model for Accelerating Technology Monetization

InventionShare  online


Mr. Greg Waite, CEO of InventionShare, announced today that InventionShare is broadening it's focus by expanding the company business model. Mr. Waite said "Originally our focus was on high risk/reward breakthrough technologies​, however, going forward that focus will broaden to include technologies that are proven in at least one market to offer a lower risk profile and shorter monetization cycles."

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Patents (1)

Computer implemented system and method for providing a community and collaboration platform around knowledge transfer, expertise, innovation, tangible assets, intangible assets and information assets

US8589414 B2

2008 A computer implemented system and method for providing a computer and collaboration platform around knowledge transfer, expertise, innovation, tangible, intangible and information assets are disclosed. The system converts a static expert content into an active forum in an effective manner to promote collaboration among users in the various categories. The system converts the static content into one or more sections according to a parsing rule. Each section is assigned with one or more categories and one or more plug-ins for forming a framework. The system captures the framework as a model and generates one or more data partnering objects, and stores them in a database. Pursuant to a user's request and attributes of the user, appropriate one or more of the data partnering objects are retrieved from the database to generate an active forum. The system, then, publishes the active forum.

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