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Gretchen Chapman - Carnegie Mellon University. Pittsburgh, PA, US

Gretchen Chapman Gretchen Chapman

Professor and Department Head | Carnegie Mellon University



Gretchen Chapman's research goal is to illuminate the psychological processes underlying decision making and to harness these findings in the design of theoretically motivated, policy-relevant interventions to facilitate healthy and pro-social behavior such as vaccination and blood donation. Her research combines the fields of judgment and decision making and health psychology. Using both laboratory and field experiments, she tests behavioral interventions, simultaneously exploring the theoretical mechanisms of decision making and also yielding policy insights into methods for improving health behavior and health outcomes. She is a former senior editor at Psychological Science, a past president of the Society for Judgment & Decision Making and the author of more than 100 journal articles.

Areas of Expertise (1)

Public Policy

Education (2)

University of Pennsylvania: Ph.D., Psychology

Bryn Mawr College: A.B., Psychology

Media Appearances (3)

Why are masks such a big deal for so many? Psychologists have thoughts

The 1A (on NPR)  

If you’ve been on a flight or taken public transit recently, you might’ve seen fewer masks on fewer faces. This is because a Florida judge struck down the federal travel mask mandate last Monday.

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America’s Flu-Shot Problem Is Also Its Next COVID-Shot Problem

The Atlantic  


We don’t have to resign ourselves to this fate. Flu shots have had their failures, but they’ve clearly had their successes too. Roughly half of American adults don’t get an annual flu shot. The other half do. “The best predictor of whether you got a flu shot this year is if you got one last year,” says Gretchen Chapman, a cognitive scientist who studies vaccine behaviors at Carnegie Mellon University. To at least a degree, we have been doing a few things right.

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Wearing Masks Indoors Again? Some States Are a Vehement No.

New York Times  

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