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Harold Mangum - Memory Technologies Institute. Garland, TX, US

Harold Mangum

President MTI - Cognitive Training Psychologist- Memory Architect | Memory Technologies Institute


Cognitive Memory Architect/Training Psychologist MTI - "America's Memory Guru"





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Memory Technologies Institute & Harold Mangum are America's Memory Architects. Harold President/Cognitive memory training psychologist he has spent thirty four years training in which twenty five years has been spent perfecting the way we remember everyday. He develops memory skills within you to improve your memory & improve your lives. He will show you why one of the two minds you now have will sabotage your goals, desired habits or changes and New Years resolutions unless you learn how to maintain awareness and focus by using EPIMEMORY the new 21st Century Memory paradigm and NEUROBICS the new brain maintenance tools neuroscience researchers now say we have to have to allow our mental life catch up with our longer physical life!

Averaging over 220 presentations a year in the past he continues researching how the brain remembers while changing the mental performance beliefs, and perceptions of thousands of workers, students and executives throughout corporate America.

Harold teaches simple life changing tools that make your life more manageable and less stressful.

You will enjoy his southern style as it permeates his life’s analogies analogous to yours throughout his presentation to make you feel the main subject of his training is You! His whole attention will be on you becoming a better informed human being. His motto is, "We remember what we understand , we understand what we pay attention to, we pay attention to what we desire, like or need!" Now we need to know how to record it and recall it the proper way THE BRAINS WAY!

Harold’s presentations are moving, inspiring, and intellectually humorous. Most importantly, audiences of all ages walk away with tangible skills and tools not just ideas, or concepts, easy-to-apply learning objectives that can immediately be implemented.

His methodology blends scientific wisdom with revolutionary lessons from modern thought leaders. These teachings, combined with his unique exercises and singular approach to realizing permanent, positive change, form a proven system for ultimate memory achievement.

Download his free app from Apple or Android under "America's Memory Guru" or under YouTube as Harold Mangum to view his audio and video demos. To Book Harold go to : or

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Memory Improvement

Mindful Based Stress Reduction

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Prsident Memory Technologies Institute, President Memory Training Institute (professional)


MEMORY TECHNOLOGIES INSTITUTE Harold Mangum is President of The Memory Technologies Institute. Harold brings 34 years of training and development experience to the industry, 25 years of which he has taught memory improvement specifically. Harold a cognitive training psychologist educated at the University of Texas worked 14 years at ARCO Oil & Gas Company, as Director of Training and Development in the Engineering and Operations Division

Education (1)

University of Texas Dallas, Texas: Bachelors, Graduate Studies,, Cognitive Psychology 1989

Additional University study: La Tech Ruston La. Nichols State University Thibodeaux, La. Lamar University Beaumont Tx. University of Houston TJC University of Alaska Tulsa University Eastfield College Richland College

Testimonials (6)

Ken Bingham, Sr. Vice President | Rotan Mosle - Dallas Workshop

Why isn't this taught in Grade School? Ken Bingham Senior Vice President Rotan Mosle Division of Paine Weber

Jerry Bayless, Vice President HRD | HRD-ER Texas Instruments Inc. DSEG Dallas Texas

"Texas Instruments will be forever thankful of your ability to train memory improvement techniques and especially in implementing learning "Six Sigma"

Pat Aldez, VP HRD | Verizon Dallas In-House Workshop

" I give your program two big thumbs up! The concepts taught and the skills I have gained will no doubt be very valuable to me from both a professional and personal standpoint. I only wish that I took this back in grammar school! Much Thanks.

P. Alves, VP Sales and Marketing | Sprint Communications Kanasas City Missouri

I walked into the workshop with more than a little doubt. I have attended motivational seminars and seminars on, "How to Conduct Seminars, " the results were always the same. At first I was fired up for awhile but a few weeks later, it was gone. These techniques are one I can use today, tomorrow and years from now! Thank You Harold Mangum and MTI

David J., Operations Director | Delta Tubulars Houston Workshop

"This has been the best management program I have attended in 35 yrs. int the oil and gas industry!

Lynn Travis, Training & Development ER AT&T Power Systems Mesquite Tx. | AT&T In House Workshop

"At AT&T we had to learn the power systems mission statement to be able to win the Malcolm Baldwin award for training. We would not have been able to do it across our departments without the tools that MTI taught us to be able to improve our memories."

Event Appearances (1)

The Benefits of a Powerfull Memory for PMI Project Mngt. in 2013

PMI 2013  Hyatt Regency Downtown Houston Texas


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The Benefits of a Trained Memory

The Benefits of a Trained Memory in 2013. Presenting the plan and how its communicated is paramount when it comes to winning the bid, change or proposal approval. The act of speeches and presentations public or private is the number one fear in America today. The number sixth fear is death and most people would choose number six over number one too many times. The main reason is due to fear of forgetting the notes, or power point doesn't work, or tray of slides are out of order.



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