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Henny Admoni - Carnegie Mellon University. Pittsburgh, PA, US

Henny Admoni Henny Admoni

Assistant Professor | Carnegie Mellon University



Henny Admoni's research focuses on developing intelligent, autonomous robots that help humans on complex tasks like eating a meal or learning a new skill. Applying her background in robotics, computer science and cognitive psychology, Admoni builds mathematically rigorous algorithms grounded in human behavior research. These algorithms enable robots to detect, interpret and respond to human verbal and nonverbal behavior. Applications of her research include robot home assistants, robot tutors and robotic therapy tools.

Areas of Expertise (1)

Robotics/Autonomous Vehicles

Education (3)

Yale University: Ph.D., Computer Science

Wesleyan University: M.S., Computer Science

Wesleyan University: B.S., Computational Cognitive Science

Media Appearances (1)

The next generation of home robots will be more capable

The Philadelphia Inquirer  online


Wander around any big-box electronics store long enough and you may eventually stumble over a handful of domestic robots designed to tidy up after you. They're probably somewhere near the refrigerators and the washers and dryers, waiting for you to introduce them to a mess.

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