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Herschel Knapp - USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work. Los Angeles, CA, US

Herschel Knapp Herschel Knapp

Adjunct Assistant Professor | USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work


Herschel Knapp is currently providing research and analytic services to promote excellence within a health care system.



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HERSCHEL KNAPP is part of the adjunct faculty. With more than 20 years of experience as a health science researcher, he has provided project management for innovative implementations designed to improve the quality of patient care throughout the Veterans Health Administration via multisite, health science implementations. He is currently providing research and analytic services to promote excellence within a health care system.

Previously, Knapp developed and implemented telehealth systems, utilizing videoconferencing technology to facilitate optimal health care service delivery to remote patients and to coordinate specialty consultations among health care providers, including interventions to diagnose and treat people with HIV and hepatitis, with special outreach to the homeless. He also served as the lead statistician on a longitudinal cancer research project and managed the program evaluation metrics for a multisite, nonprofit children’s center. His clinical work includes emergency and trauma therapy in hospital settings.

The author of numerous articles in peer-reviewed health science journals, he has also written textbooks, including Practical Statistics for Nursing Using SPSS (2016), Therapeutic Communication: Developing Professional Skills (2nd ed., 2014), Introductory Statistics Using SPSS (2013) and Introduction to Social Work Practice: A Practical Workbook (2010).

Education (3)

University of California, Los Angeles: Ph.D., Social Welfare 2001

Activities and Societies: Phi Alpha, Phi Kappa Phi Conducted original research on high-tech survey methodology Dissertation: Desensitization Aftereffects of Playing Violent Videogames TA: UCLA - Abnormal Psychology Adjunct Instructor: CSULB - Thesis Lab

The University of Texas at Austin: M.S.S.W., Social Work 1995

Activities and Societies: Member: Phi Kappa Phi Founding member of Phi Alpha Social Work Honor Society Internships: Oak Springs MHMR (chemical dependency rehabilitation); Capital Area Mental Health - Intake Counselor / Therapist

California State University, Northridge: B.A., Psychology 1988

Activities and Societies: Derived and documented original theory detailing exchange propensities within close relationships: Relational Expectation Theory

Areas of Expertise (2)

Emergency/Trauma Therapy

Health Science Implementations

Industry Expertise (3)

Writing and Editing


Health and Wellness


Research Articles & Publications (5)

Interdisciplinary Transgender Veteran Care: Development of a Core Curriculum for VHA Providers Transgender Health

Shipherd Jillian C., Kauth Michael R., Firek Anthony F., Garcia Ranya, Mejia Susan, Laski Sandra, Walden Brent, Perez-Padilla Sonia, Lindsay Jan A., Brown George, Roybal Lisa, Keo-Meier Colton L., Knapp Herschel, Johnson Laura, Reese Rebecca L., and Byne William

2016 The Veteran's Health Administration (VHA) has created a training program for interdisciplinary teams of providers on the unique treatment needs of transgender veterans. An overview of this program's structure and content is described along with an evaluation of each session and the program overall.

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The role of evidence and context for implementing a multimodal intervention to increase HIV testing Implementation Science

Barbara G Bokhour, Hemen Saifu, Matthew Bidwell Goetz, Gemmae M Fix, Jane Burgess, Michael D Fletcher, Herschel Knapp and Steven M Asch

2015 Increasing the use of routine preventive care such as HIV testing is important, yet implementation of such evidence-based clinical care is complex. The Promoting Action on Research Implementation in Health Services (PARiHS) model for implementation posits that implementation will be most successful when the evidence, context, and facilitation strategies are strong for the clinical practice. We evaluated the relative importance of perceived evidence, context, and facilitation of HIV testing during the implementation of a multimodal intervention in US Department of Veterans Affairs primary care clinics.

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Teleconsultation and Training of VHA Providers on Transgender Care: Implementation of a Multisite Hub System Telemedicine and e-Health

Kauth Michael R., Shipherd Jillian C., Lindsay Jan A., Kirsh Susan, Knapp Herschel, and Matza Lexi

2015 The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) is piloting a national program providing teleconsultation and training to clinicians to increase knowledge and comfort with treating transgender veterans and to expand clinical capacity. This program is based on Project ECHO and uses specialist expertise to train and educate front-line clinicians. Over time, the front-line clinicians increase knowledge and skills, enabling them to provide care locally and obviate need for patient travel. This program is innovative in its national scope, interdisciplinary team model, and multihub structure. This article describes development of the program and initial results for the first cohort of learners.

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Early Lessons Learned in Implementing a Women's Health Educational and Virtual Consultation Program in VA Medical care

S Kirsh, L Veet, JO Saavedra, L Altman, H Knapp

2015 Many Veterans Health Administration primary care providers (PCPs) have small female patient caseloads, making it challenging for them to build and maintain their women's health (WH) knowledge and skills. To address this issue, we implemented a longitudinal WH-focused educational and virtual consultation program using televideo conferencing.

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Central Implementation Strategies Outperform Local Ones in Improving HIV Testing in Veterans Healthcare Administration Facilities Journal of General Internal Medicine

Matthew Bidwell Goetz, Tuyen Hoang, Herschel Knapp, Jane Burgess, Michael D. Fletcher, Allen L. Gifford, Steven M. Asch, the QUERI-HIV/Hepatitis Program

2013 Pilot data suggest that a multifaceted approach may increase HIV testing rates, but the scalability of this approach and the level of support needed for successful implementation remain unknown.

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