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Hessie Jones - ARCOMPANY. Pickering, ON, CA

Hessie Jones


Pickering, ON, CANADA

Author, Digital Strategist: Generational insights, Big Data Strategy and Performance, Customer Centricity



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MaRS Discovery District: Social Business: an Evolution in Developing Sustainability Scotiabank   presentation december 7, 20112 The future of f commerce- june 29, 2012 The Great Canadian Latency: Why Canadian Businesses lag in adopting social media Social CRM - #Datamarketing @DM2013Toronto  McDonald’s Goes Customer Centric: The tough choice, and rewards, of building around your customers Social media and health care november 14, 2013


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As a seasoned digital strategist, Hessie Jones continues to challenge the notion of complacency. With extensive experience in technology including start-ups, banking, advertising and social media, she has held management positions at Yahoo!, Citi, ONE Advertising and Aegis Media. Launch successes like Yahoo! Answers propelled Hessie into the world of social media.

Hessie is the author of EVOLVE: Marketing (As We Know It) is Doomed!, an essential resource for marketers who have witnessed how technology is transforming communication and want to adapt to the demands of the new consumer.

As an active writer for Huffington Post, Steamfeed, Digital Journal and WhatsYourTech, she is a purveyor for understanding and adapting to change: in marketing practices, in communication, and in understanding the evolving consumer mindset and behavior.

Currently, Hessie is the Founder of ArCompany, helping companies realize the value of social intelligence and its impact on the inevitable next level of social business. She’s also a cellist, MBA guest lecturer, wife and hockey mom.

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Media - Online

Direct Marketing





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Big Data

Big Data Analysis

Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics / Risk Assessment

Big Data and Analytics

Customer Acquisition and Social Media

Customer Awareness

Customer Acquisition

Customer Analysis

Strategic & Business Planning

Generational Differences

Marketing & Corporate Strategy

Generation Y

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Advertising & Marketing

Education (1)

Wilfrid Laurier University: Honours Bachelor of Business Administration, Business Administration 1990

Affiliations (7)

  • MaRS Discovery District - Speaker and Mentor
  • DMZ - Digital Media Zone - Mentor
  • Canadian Marketing Association - Member
  • Wired Women - Speaker
  • Rotman School of Business - Guest Lecturer
  • Ryerson School of Business - Guest Lecturer
  • University of Toronto - Guest Lecturer

Languages (1)

  • English

Media Appearances (9)

Bryan Kramer: PODCAST: Evolve: Marketing (as we know it) is Doomed

Bryan Kramer  online


I was asked to be interviewed with my co-author, Daniel Newman, by Bryan Kramer, author of Human 2 Human. During this podcast, I provided my insights on the role of technology and how it forces Marketers to become more data-focused, more agile, and much faster than how we're used to operating. We discuss topics like lack of corporate understanding, the importance of stakeholder, employee and customer relationships in engaging this idea of community to shape the future of your business.

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Marketing Must Evolve or Die

Huffington Post: Jure Klepic  online


Jure Klepic, renowned speaker, writer and social innovator calls Evolve: Marketing (^as we know it) is Doomed -- the "Ogilvy manual for the 21st century". This article provides an inherent demise of the traditional role of marketing especially considering marketers' increased accountability today, the fickle Millennials who seem to mistrust corporate. His article sets out to explain our viewpoint on the new rules of marketing that couples crystal clear case examples, case studies bound in experience, along with the views of leading experts from today's top marketing minds.

Media Appearance Image

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Marketing As We Know It … Doomed? Dead?

Ready Set Podcast  online


In this Ready, Set Podcast, both Daniel Newman and I offer background on EVOLVE, in particular how marketing has really changed; an understanding of the real changes from the accepted norms to the disruptions that prove effective today; why keeping customers is more of a challenge today; and why Marketing is too important to live ONLY within the Marketing department.

Media Appearance Image

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brand book bite from evolve: marketing as we know it is doomed [PODCAST

Denise Lee Yohn  online


Denise Lee Yohn, speaker, brand-building expert and renowned author of "What Great Brands Do" interviewed myself and my co-author Daniel Newman about EVOLVE. Here we highlight the role of direct marketing and how it's changed from traditional practices. In particular, we are going back to building 1-to-1 customer relationships to rise above the noise of the marketplace. We also delve into the question of ROI and how nurturing relationships needs to always map to purchase. Finally, the challenges to the new marketing mindset need adoption at all levels of the organization, more importantly, in the C-suite.

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Spin Sucks: Join Hessie Jones for a Special Author Q&A Today

Spin Sucks  online


This Q&A Online session with Lindsay Bell-Wheeler and Gini Dietrich of renowned PR AGency, Spinsucks embraced EVOLVE as a resource that provides a wake-up call. We discussed all facets of Marketing that have changed: the role, the tactics, the accountability – areas that impact how practices also need revamping. Listening, measurement, and elevating the perception from the customer viewpoint and incorporating in a rapid test and learn environments need to be baked into the culture. In the end, a culture that embraces curiosity to improve will win.

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Where is Content Headed

B2B Marketing Insider with Michael Brenner  online


Michael Brenner, Head of Strategy at Newscred and also a featured contributor to EVOLVE provides clarity into the role of content in the New marketing environment. Content has expanded beyond TV, print and proliferated online sites and platforms. We are overwhelmed and publishers are not competing with the common user and social platforms for readership and mindshare. He discusses the importance of taking a different approach through storytelling, More importantly, we need to understand the needs of the user to effectively communicate with them.

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Interview for Evolve: Marketing: (^as we know it) is Doomed by John Rampton

The Examiner  online


John Rampton, writer introduces EVOLVE this way, "If the title didn’t pull me in quickly, it’s safe to say that the back cover did. And this is a compliment considering I’m a marketer and I see through most of the hyperbole." In his interview with my co-author, Daniel Newman they discussed the "morbidity" of the book title; the increasing importance of data as it relates to making customer decisions, and the impact on privacy; and the 8 key disciplines that define the evolved marketer.

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Leaders in Advocate Marketing: Q&A with Hessie Jones

Social Media Today  online


I was honoured to be interviewed by Dan Sullivan, Founder of Crowdly for Social Media Today. I provided my viewpoint on the role of advocates, especially today where they can be the disruptors of traditional awareness and media channels. In it I have a firm stance on whether Facebook continues to be the place to nurture a brand's strongest fans. We also discuss some of the most forward thinking brands that are doing this.

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Seismic Shifts in Marketing #BBSradio

#BBSRadio  radio


This was a pleasant interview with Michele Price (@prosperitygal) and we spoke about the idea for EVOLVE: Marketing (as we know it) is Doomed!, the New Media for small business, and why we are all going back to the Mom and Pop Store

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Event Appearances (9)

Generation Next: Targeting The Millennial Market

Digital Media Summit  Sheraton Centre, Toronto


Rotman's Women's Leadership Symposium

Evolution of Social Media in Business   Shangri-la Hotel, Toronto


MarsDD: Building a social and sustainable business

Key Note : Start-up: Developing Sustainable Business  Marsh Discover District, Toronto


Social CRM: The future for managing relationships:

Data marketing Conference 2014  TIFF Lightbox, Toronto


Data Security, Mobile Monetization: Geofencing, Mobile Ads

Data marketing Conference 2014  TIFF Lightbox, Toronto


Can Financial Services Keep Up with theNew Digital Ecosystem?

American Marketing Association: The Future of Financial Services Roundtable  Sheraton Hotel, Toronto


The Future of F-Commerce

All Facebook Marketing Conference  San francisco


Monetizing Forums

ForumCon  San francisco


Generation Next - Targeting the Millennial Market

Digital Media Summit  Sheraton Hotel, Toronto


Sample Talks (5)

Busting Generational Stereotypes

Marketing across generations is hard. Everyone: brands, marketers and news organizations perpetuate stereotypes about Millennials, GenXers and Boomers. ArCompany is busting those myths. Our regular on-air broadcast features generations: of all ages, real talk about their perceptions, what they value across a variety of topics. It’s time to listen and stop stereotyping.

The Future of Business

The economy, two-way communication, continues to challenge business: mindset, culture and process. The speed of information, coupled with the new consumer expectations will mean business will need to adapt. Millennials (who will make up over 75%) of the workforce by 2025 will influence how business functions. This new agility will challenge business but will also yield strong opportunities. Find out how.

The Future of Data and Performance

Big Data, Privacy – two sides of the same coin. What we do, what we say online continues to add to this increasing well of data. Coupled with the rise of mobile, this spillover of information sees no real end in sight. How should marketers leverage all this information that’s out there so it builds meaning for their business?

Marketing is Doomed

Technology is changing the game for Marketers and Brands. It is transforming communication and is mandating some drastic changes to the way things have been traditionally done to build awareness and drive sales. What do you have to do to adapt to the demands of the new consumer?

Customer at the Core

Marketers have always controlled the message. They traditionally created markets for their products. The 4 Ps of Marketing somehow forgot the customer as a core tenet. These days, customer experience is everything. It will make or break the relationship with the brand. How should marketers evolve to begin to build products for customers and not the other way around?



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