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Hillel Glazer - Entinex, Inc.. Baltimore, MD, US

Hillel Glazer

Principal & CEO | Entinex, Inc.


Peronable, passionate, experienced consultant to high performance operations wanting lean & agile in their compliance-driven world.




Values, Principles & Practices (of Performance Improvement) Love And Marriage: CMMI and Agile Need Each Other Why Agile


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Hillel Glazer is recognized as the world’s leading authority on introducing lean and agile concepts into the compliance-driven world. He’s helped companies of all sizes and industries around the world successfully streamline their operations, increase value, and expose and eliminate practices that prevent them from achieving their performance goals.

Hillel’s professional passion is to work with companies motivated to achieve world-class operations and excellence. Drawing from his diverse experience base, Hillel’s been successfully pioneering the introduction of lean philosophies, methods and techniques into businesses and industries otherwise believed to be either too chaotic or too restricted by compliance and regulation requirements to be able to adopt high performance approaches.

His recent book, High Performance Operations: Leverage Compliance to Lower Costs, Raise Profits and Increase Comptetitive Advantage is selling well around the world.

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Private Pilot License (personal)

Pilots: Looking Down on People Since 1903

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High Performance Operations: Leverage Compliance to Lower Costs, Increase Profits, and Raise Competitive Advantage, FT Press

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University of Maryland, College Park: Bachelor of Science, Aerospace Engineering 1990

University of Maryland, University College: Master of Science, Technology Management 1996

Think: MBA for Technology

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Jeff Dalton, President, Broadsword Solutions | SEI / CMMI Institute / SEPG / CMMI Workshop

It's not often that a one competitor endorses another, but in Hillel's case an exception is required. I've watched Hillel speak on many occasions and he's always right on target with innovative ideas, wisdom, and practical advice delivered with passion and energy. We need more leaders in our industry, and Hillel is just the right person to deliver the message.

Bill Fox, Author, 5 Minutes to Process Improvement Success | Multiple

Hillel Glazer is one of the best presenters I've ever encountered across all things performance and process improvement. Over the past three years, I have attended at least ten of his presentations at leading industry conferences around the world. He is a dynamic and engaging speaker who can discuss a broad range of topics including Agile, CMMI, Kanban, Lean, Theory of Constraints, and much more, with deep expertise and experience. He *never* fails to deliver stunning new insights and simplicity that will enable attendees to walk away equipped to deliver needle-moving performance improvements. He is always evolving and improving his presentations to deliver practical and implementable leading edge ideas that you won’t hear anywhere else.

Pam Schoppert, Senior Process Advisor | Citizant, Inc.

Hillel is a seasoned process professional whose knowledge, experience and track record demonstrates his understanding of how to optimize organizational performance. His practical, no-nonsense approach to establishing and achieving goals endears him to those he works with. Hillel is an engaging presenter and brings a “best-for-business” approach when speaking, appraising or consulting.

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Values, Principles, and Practices

The concept of process improvement has been around for quite a while. Many methods have been defined to conduct and pursue improvement. Then why isn't everyone already an expert at it? We seem to never lack for "improvement" content, as if it's fresh -- which it's not, and exciting -- which it's not. Could it be because so much of what's been espoused hasn't worked? But why? This presentation examines several long-held assumptions about process improvement, proposes plausible flaws, and reveals new levels of empirically sound understanding that have allowed breakthroughs in performance. At issue is: too much focus on practices without honoring the underlying principles or internalizing values. There's too much worrying and arguing over practices instead of working towards results; worrying and arguing over what constitutes "compliance" instead of moving forward. What's the relationship between values, principles, and practices? Why does this matter? And, how can this understanding be leveraged towards becoming a high performance operation, sailing through appraisals and audits, and never again wondering whether a change to your process will negatively impact your ability to maintain those ratings and audit results.

High Performance Operations

Don't let the bureaucracy of everyday compliance issues get in your way of being lean and achieving excellence. Don't let your desire to be lean and agile turn into its own form of "compliance". Hillel presents a revealing systematic approach that puts compliance properly in its place -- behind your pursuit of excellence. An approach that champions lean and agile for their benefits but remains faithful to disciplined management, development, and governance of products and services. Discover the secrets of incorporating non-value-added necessities into the value-added work stream. One characteristic of the approach distinct from many lean initiatives is that it does not rely solely on incremental kaizen. However, it does rely on one important reality: High Performance Operations regularly let go of things that aren't working. Popular molds for dealing with compliance matters take one of two forms: (1) layering bureaucracy atop operations to meet the requirements, or (2) waiting for an epiphany. Neither of these molds work and must be let go. Organizations need a way to break these molds to make a complete shift in their operations -- a major kaizen event to re-balance their efforts in favor of excellence -- and from there to continue with routine incremental kaizen. The presentation looks at several facets including common mistakes that hinder high performance, the role of leadership, culture, trust, empowerment, learning and communication -- as prerequisites.

CMMI Crash Course -- Everything You Need to Know in 4 Hours

This course has proven informative for: people who know very little about CMMI and even less about appraisals, all the way to people with extensive, high maturity knowledge and experience with CMMI. It is designed to address frequently asked -- but seldom answered -- questions about CMMI and getting a level rating in plain, no-nonsense, straight-forward English. All-too-often these questions do not get answered until well into or past the decision to pursue CMMI. In effect, many people are pursuing process improvement using CMMI before they have answers to important questions. The Crash Course often reveals answers even people with CMMI experience didn't know - or worse - were duped about and in 3-4 hours answers many questions that are never addressed even after spending three days and thousands of dollar taking the official "Introduction to CMMI" course.



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