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H. Kenny Cheng - University of Florida. Gainesville, FL, US

H. Kenny Cheng

Chair | University of Florida

Gainesville, FL, UNITED STATES

H. Kenny Cheng’s research is focused on the impact of internet technology and software development.


H. Kenny Cheng’s research is focused on analyzing the impact of internet technology and software development and marketing, in addition to information systems policy issues, in particular, net neutrality. He teaches information technology strategy, e-commerce and supply chain management.

Areas of Expertise (10)

Information Systems and Operations Management

Internet Software Development and Marketing

Information Technology Strategy

Information Systems Policy

Supply Chain Management

Data Systems Policy

Internet Technology

Net Neutrality




Articles (5)

Special Issue Editorial: Information Systems Research in the Age of Smart Services

Journal of the Association for Information Systems

Yu-chen Yang, et al.


The rapid expansion of innovative smart technologies is creating exciting new opportunities and causing disruptions in many different sectors, including manufacturing, finance, insurance, and healthcare. This special issue seeks to identify the latest trends and research directions on this topic by presenting research on the development, evaluation, management, and organization of smart technologies in the age of smart services.

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Knowledge Sharing Ties and Equivalence in Corporate Online Community: A Novel Source to Understand Voluntary Turnover


Yuan Chen, et al.


An increasing number of companies start to use corporate online communities as a new information technology tool to facilitate internal knowledge sharing. The corporate community also offers companies a novel source to understand the operations such as workforce management. Little is known, however, about whether and to what extent an employee’s voluntary turnover is related to their knowledge-sharing activities in the corporate online community.

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Can “Gold Medal” Online Sellers Earn Gold? The Impact of Reputation Badges on Sales

Journal of Management Information Systems

Hsing Kenneth Cheng, et al.


Reputation systems have been an important component for improvement of online markets’ efficiency by reducing uncertainty about the quality of the sellers. Most, if not all, reputation systems examined in the extant literature reflect the sellers’ long-term accumulative reputation, which has several drawbacks that impede accomplishing the intended goals of the reputation systems.

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Does Identity Disclosure Help or Hurt User Content Generation? Social Presence, Inhibition, and Displacement Effects

Information Systems Research

Jingchuan Pu, et al.


Many user-generated content websites are experimenting with disclosing users’ identities to increase accountability for the generated content. However, the effects of identity disclosure on users’ content-generation behaviors are not well examined. In this study, we address this critical issue by using a natural experiment—a large corporate online community chose to disclose users’ identities in one section (the focal section) but not the other (the neighbor section).

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Implications of Counterfeit in a Common E-tailer Channel


Honggang Hu, et al.


Along with the growing prominence of e-commerce, counterfeiting business also shows a rapid growth in the online marketplace and has developed into a substantial threat to online retailing. In this paper, we investigate the impact of counterfeiting in a distribution channel where both the brand seller and the counterfeiter sell their products through a common e-tailer and two distinct contract types -- wholesale contract and agency contract.

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HKU-Lingnan-Florida  Platform Competition Conference (Paper Session 1)