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Howard (Shih-Ming) Hu - Southern Utah University. Cedar City, UT, US

Howard (Shih-Ming) Hu

Professor of Hotel, Resort, Hospitality Management | Southern Utah University


Specializing in international cuisine, hospitality management, and culinary science


Dr. Howard Hu is a professor of hospitality management at Southern Utah University. Along with his courses, Dr. Hu also helps students to obtain ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification, ServSafe Alcohol Certification, and Security Management Certification every semester.

Previously Dr. Hu’s was the department chair of Foodservice and Beverage Management and the founding director of the Center of Professional Culinary Training at Dah-Chin Institute. He also served as a tenured Associate Professor and an Assistant Professor at State University of New York-Oneonta (SUNY).

Dr. Hu earned a Bachelor of Science in Food Science from the National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, Master of Science in Hotel and Foodservice Management from Florida International University and a Ph.D. in Hotel and Restaurant Administration from Oklahoma State University.






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Meet Our Professors: Howard Hu, Hospitality Management SUU: A Community of Caring Testimonials from Graduates of SUU's Hotel, Resort, & Hospitality Managment Program


Industry Expertise (4)

Hotels and Resorts


Food and Beverages


Areas of Expertise (11)

Food Service Preparation Techniques

International Cuisine

Culinary Tourism

Culinary Programs

Hospitality Management

Food and Beverage

Food Service Operations

Catering Management

Hospitality in Tourism

Culinary Science and Technology

International Cuisine; Flavor Profiles

Education (4)

Oklahoma State University: Ph.D., Hotel and Restuarant Administration

Florida International University: M.S., Hotel and Foodservice Management

National Pingtung University of Science and Technology: B.S., Food Science

National Pingtung Agriculture Institute: A.S., Food Industry

Accomplishments (3)

Community of Scholars Award (professional)

State University of New York - Oneonta, 2012 and 2011

Outstanding Faculty Award (professional)

State University of New York Inter-Greek Council, 2008

Merit Award (professional)

State University of New York, Division of Behavioral Applied Science, 2011, 2009, 2008, 2007

Affiliations (3)

  • International Council on Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Education
  • North American Taiwanese Professors' Association, USA
  • International Culinary Tourism Association

Languages (2)

  • Mandarin
  • Taiwanese

Media Appearances (1)

School of Business Unveils New Minor in Event Planning

SUU News  


“This career has become very popular. If a student has this minor, it will offer them all kinds of opportunities,” says Howard Hu, a professor for the hospitality program, “If your major is business, or biology, or communications, a minor in event planning will help you out.”

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Research Grants (2)

Faculty Research Grant

NYS Graduate Research Initiative and Research Foundation $1,190

Acceptability of the drop quick bread prepared with okra gum as fat and cholesterol ingredient substitutes.

Oneonta Student Research Grant

State University of New York $450

Effects of flaxseed flour fortification in bakery products.

Articles (3)

Developing Low-Fat Banana Bread by Using Okra Gum as a Fat Replacer

Journal of Culinary Science and Techonology

Shih-Ming Hu and Hung-Sheng Lai


Today’s diners want slightly healthier menu items when dining out. Most of the traditional bakery products contain a high amount of fat and cholesterol. A single slice of banana bread contains 261 calories, and nearly 23% of the calories are from fat. Making bakery products healthier could be a good start to help decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases. However, preparing a low fat and delicious product may be a challenge to culinary professionals. This study investigates the acceptability of using okra gum as a fat replacer in banana bread and develops the replacement methods for the applications. Findings showed that okra gum can replace fat in banana bread and greatly enhance the nutritional density of banana bread without significantly sacrificing its color, texture, flavor, and overall acceptability. Results of this study provide a gateway for further research with okra gum as a fat replacer in bakery products.

Effects of Hotel Employees' Uniform on Customers' Perceptions of Employee Performance and Company Image

Journal of Travel and Tourism Research

Shih-Ming Hu, Teresa Chen, Ning-Kuang Chuang, Ronnie Yeh and Yi-Ting Tu


The purpose of the study is to investigate how different styles of employee uniforms affect customers' perceptions of the hotel image and employees' self-perceptions. The results of the study indicated a significant relationship between uniforms and employees' job performance. Significance also existed between employees' job satisfaction and styles of uniform. A significant relationship between styles of uniform and customers' perception of employee performance was found as well.

Senior Citizens' Perceived Service Levels in Three Restaurant Sectors

Journal of Foodservice Business Research

Shih-Ming Hu , Jerrold K. Leong , Woo Gon Kim , Bill Ryan and William D. Warde


The purpose of this study is to identify whether the senior citizens' perceived service levels differ among the quick service, casual dining, and fine dining restaurant. A total of 429 senior citizens participated in this study. Descriptive analysis, ANOVA, and Scheffe post hoc multiple comparisons were conducted. The information regarding senior citizens' dining behaviors was updated in this study. Overall, the quality levels of restaurants' services were moderately higher than the levels that senior citizens expected. However, senior citizens' perceptions for the service performance and perceived value were essentially different in some aspects among three restaurant sectors.

Courses (7)

HRHM 3000 Intro Hospitality Management

This course introduces students to a management career in the hospitality industry, which includes hotels, food and beverage, meetings and conventions, recreation and leisure, and information technology. The importance of leadership and the establishment of a service culture are also treated.

HRHM 3010 Tourism Management

Students study the organizations and techniques involved in developing and promoting a destination. The course highlights the importance of teamwork between public and private organizations in tourism activities.

HRHM 3020 Hospitality Safety and Sanitation Management

Students study safety and sanitation management principles in the hospitality industry related to safe foodhandling practices, responsible alcohol service, and developing and maintaining a sustainable facility for hospitality guests and employees. Students may obtain NRA ServSafe Food Safety and ServSafe Alcohol certifications.

HRHM 3110 Quantity Food Production

Basic principles underlying commercial production of food products and culinary arts management. Students will participate in the formulation, fabrication, and evaluation of culinary products and apply conceptual culinary and management frameworks to specific situations. This is a designated Service Learning course.

HRHM 3250 International Cuisine

Introduces students to influences of ingredients, flavor profiles, preparation, and cooking techniques that create the unique characteristics of international cuisine. Understanding food customs from different cultures will prepare students for globalization in the foodservice industry.

HRHM 4100 Beverage Management

Introduces students to the history, trends, and production processes of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages; the procurement, storage, sales, services, and control of beverage management techniques as well as laws related to responsible alcohol service.

HRHM 4200 Restaurant Management

Provides the foundation for understanding the challenges and responsibilities involved in foodservice management. Students will examine the formulation, implementation, and evaluation of foodservice processes and apply the conceptual frameworks to specific situations.