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Ian Evans

Adventurer, Motivational Speaker and Business Consultant. | Ian Evans & Associates Inc.

Kitchener, ON, CANADA

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Ian Evans is a motivational speaker, adventurer and business consultant. His speaking motto is "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone". As part of an international expedition, he skied from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole, briefly becoming the oldest Canadian to complete that trek. He has also climbed 5 of the “7 Summits” (the highest peaks on the 7 continents). A generous philanthropist, he has raised money for various charities on all of his major expeditions.

He is a chartered Accountant (UK) and has worked in Europe, Africa and Canada. Since 1997, Ian Evans & Associates Inc. has specialized in the restructuring and refinancing of transportation companies including airlines, courier and trucking businesses.

Industry Expertise (3)


Logistics and Supply Chain

Management Consulting

Areas of Expertise (7)

Adventure Travel



Business Strategy


Public Speaking

Motivational Speaking

Accomplishments (6)

South Pole Expedition (professional)


On January 6, 2015, by reaching the Geographic South Pole as part of an international expedition, Ian joined an elite group of fewer than 400 adventurers who have accomplished this feat.

Adventure Cycling - Australia (professional)


In 2012 Ian completed an epic adventure to cycle across Australia alone and unsupported.

Adventure Cycling - UK (professional)


In 2010, Ian and 2 UK-born friends cycled from one end of the United Kingdom to the other.

Adventure Cycling - Iceland (professional)


In 2009 Ian and one other companion circumnavigated Iceland by bicycle.

Adventure Cycling - Canadian Arctic (professional)


In 2008 Ian was part of a 3 man team that cycled from Skagway on the Pacific Ocean to Inuvik on the Arctic Ocean.

Mountaineering - The 7 Summits (professional)


The famed "7 Summits" - highest point on each continent has been a magnet for mountaineers for many years. Ian began pursuing this challenge in the mid-1980s and has successfully scaled 5 of the 7 peaks.

Education (1)

Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW): FCA (UK), Chartered Accountancy 1982

Affiliations (1)

  • FCA (UK)

Languages (1)

  • English

Testimonials (6)

Raj Kothari, GTA Managing Partner | PwC - Price Waterhouse Coopers

“I highly recommend Ian as a motivational speaker for any organization. His storytelling style is authentic and engaging and he was able to translate his experiences into meaningful advice and lessons that our partners can take into their day-to-day business life.”

Ward Tregoning, President | Transfrt McNamara

“Ian gave a fantastic inspirational presentation at our annual manager’s meeting. He is easily able to captivate the audience with his incredible life experiences and adventures from around the globe. Ian’s sheer determination is inspirational in itself and our managers were still talking about the presentation days later!"

Dr. Robert Wallis, Principal | Outward Bound Canada

"Ian is a talented speaker that kept 100 Grade 8's mesmerized! The presentations were perfect for our needs - he took our suggestions to link his experiences to our programming effortlessly. It was inspirational to hear how Ian overcame huge mental, physical and emotional challenges on the South Pole Expedition".

James Connolly, Assistant Head | The Maelor School, Wales

"Fantastic inspirational talk to our new year 12 from Polar Explorer Ian Evans. Brilliant !! Mental toughness personified".

Lloyd Lewis, Head of Cooperative Education | Guelph Collegiate Vocational Institute

Ian Evans is an inspirational speaker! Ian captivated the large audience with many powerful and meaningful "life lessons". If success of such a presentation can be measured in the level of class discussion that follows, then Ian's message was a smash hit, encouraging my students to express their thoughts in a manner that I have not seen all year.

David Sharp, Partner | DFK Richard Hill

"Ian was able to connect with our very diverse staff, making his experiences, both successes and failures relevant to our everyday lives. He left the group buzzing, full of enthusiasm and reinvigorated to tackle the big challenges in our lives. It was a great motivator for our group and I recommend Ian to any organisation that is looking for an inspirational speaker who shows that everyday people can do extraordinary things".

Media Appearances (3)

Ian Evans, 58, skis to South Pole, but leaves 'traumatized'

CBCNews  online


After skiing roughly 1,000 kilometres across the unforgiving Antarctic landscape, 58-year-old Ian Evans from Elora, Ont. and his three companions arrived at their final destination, the South Pole, on Jan. 6. But there was no outpouring of emotion or celebration from the group. Forty-four gruelling days of skiing and ascending 9,500 feet over ice and snow had taken its toll...

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Journey to the end of the earth: Elora's Ian Evans skis to South Pole

The Wellington Advertiser  online


It’s 7am in Antarctica and the sun is already high in the sky - it never set. In fact, there won’t be night again here until after February, when the continent plunges into constant darkness for the long winter season. In this icy desert, man-made fixtures such as date and time matter very little as the barren landscape sits resolute, stretching endlessly onward toward the coast. Look closer. Just over 100 miles from the geographic South Pole, two red specks sit stark against the colourless ground. They are tents, but this is no ordinary camping trip...

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BBC Interview

BBC  radio


BBC Radio interview in Shrewsbury, England. Interview on the solo bicycle ride across Australia and the upcoming South Pole expedition

Media Appearance Image

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