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Irit Eizips - Amity. San Francisco, CA, US

Irit Eizips

CEO | CSM Practice

San Francisco, CA, UNITED STATES

Customer Success strategy and technology services



Irit Eizips is the Chief Executive Officer of a high growth customer success consulting firm, CSM Practice. Her firm helps companies initiate, validate and optimize Customer Success programs. The firm offers strategy and technology services to optimize productivity, proactivity and scalability for customer success teams. Typical results include a decrease in churn and optimization of upselling and cross-selling opportunities. The firm’s technology services include CSM systems, Salesforce, and Business Intelligence projects for customer success and account management teams.

Irit Eizips brings a unique perspective to Customer Success which is drawn from her experience working with a variety of business models, industries and customer success maturity levels. Irit is highly active in as a contributor and thought-leader in the Customer Success community. She frequently publishes blogs and contributes to books about the topic. It is therefore no surprise that Irit has been consecutively voted as a top Customer Success influencer in social media for the past few years and is frequently invited to speak at conferences and Customer Success public events. Irit has an engaging, dynamic and highly energetic style of content delivery, which makes her sessions extremely popular.

Industry Expertise (4)

Business Services

IT Services/Consulting

Management Consulting

Professional Training and Coaching

Areas of Expertise (2)

Customer Success Business Intelligence


Accomplishments (5)

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Education (2)

San Jose State University: MS, Accountancy

The Academic College of Tel-Aviv, Yaffo: Bachelor's Degree, Bachelors of Arts in Economics and Management

Courses (1)

The Best Kept Secrets of Scaling Customer Success [ongoing]

This is a series of webinars focused on educating CSMs and their executives about best practices in scaling their team and processes. Learn how to take your Customer Success efforts to the next level and scale your team through automated plays, improved QBRs, and much more. 1. How to Drive Efficiency With Automated Customer Success Plays (recording available) 2. How to Become a More Proactive CSM with Productivity Tools (recording available) 3. Demonstrating Your Value to the Board and Getting Your Budget Approved (recording available) 4. Defining Your Customer Engagement and Account Segmentation Models (recording available) 5. Creating Responsible Customer With Powerful QBRs and Maturity Models (Upcoming: August 23)

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Selected Blog Posts (5)

Easy Customer Success Playbooks You Can Quickly Automate



Scaling means doing more without hiring more customer success managers. A common way to approach scaling is through process automation and leveraging technology. There are many ways to apply technology to your customer success playbooks to scale your business. The proper Customer Success term for incorporating a technology to automate the client journey is typically referred to as “tech-touch” or “No Touch” engagement model.

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3 Simple Ways To Promote Productivity And Proactiveness



Many customer success organizations still work in a high touch approach. If asked, they will admit that their job is to do anything for the client. This approach is not scalable, time-consuming and what is worst, it hands over the control of the journey to the client instead of leading it. In this blog post we're going to address how to make the customer success team more proactive. We are also going to focus on specific steps one needs to take to be less reactive and why this would help customer success teams to scale.

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How to Get Your Customer Success Budget Increased



To get the budget, you must do some preliminary work way before you submit it. In other words, you should articulate the value that your customer success team brings to your organization in the months preceding the budget demand. Ideally, you should demonstrate the value in a way that ties with the company’s overall goals. This often means your customer success team’s impact on the company’s growth.

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The QBR Mistakes You Need To Stop Making


Mathilde Augustin


QBRs are an amazing opportunity, but they're also where dropping the ball has the most painful impact. We asked leading Customer Success experts to share the biggest QBR mistakes Customer Success teams are guilty of, and how to avoid them moving forward.

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Segmenting Your Customer Base to Scale


Irit Eizips


As your company grows and more customers are added to your care, you will either need to hire more people, or be smarter with your time. To scale your Customer Success team, you will need to segment your customers and apply the appropriate engagement model. This means defining the appropriate amount of time and resources to mitigate the related level of risk each customer segment entails.

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