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Islam Albadri - Hypatia for Comprehensive Development. Assiut, Assiut, EG

Islam Albadri Islam Albadri

Video Editor | Hypatia for Comprehensive Development

Assiut, Assiut, EGYPT

Co-Founder and Vice-Presedent at Hypatia Association for Comprehensive Devolopment





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Half MD, and the other half is anarchy
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Industry Expertise (3)

Media Production

Media - Online


Areas of Expertise (2)

Video Editing

Local Media

Education (1)

Assiut University: Student, Medical Studies

Affiliations (1)

  • Hypatia for Comprehensive Development

Testimonials (2)

Islam M. Albadri, Video edtor | PelVideo Project

PelVieo is a project belongs to Hypatia for Comprehensive Development, it is a project about local media for Upper Egypt. it still in the pilot phase, as a start it covers Assiut and Sohag provinces. PelVideo covers issues that don't attract the central media, we care in PelVideo to cover events and issues which are neglected by traditional media, and belongs to citizens don't have enough chance reach their voices to media. PelVideo is based on two fundamental principles: the first is the social media which makes who has a problem to talk about it, and the second principle is creative commons which means that human creations are belong to all humanity not just for those who have the knowledge. Pelvideo makes all media to use the content of

Islam M. Albadri, Videographer and Video editor | Shogga Project

Shogga is a project belongs to Hypatia for Comprehensive Development, Shogga is the name of black cloth that covers the female body, and here we used ir as a simpol for the restrictions that faces women in Upper Egypt The project observes all violations against women in the Upper Egypt and makes a decumentation of that in films, video clips and reports

Sample Talks (1)

Local media

Nowadays, local media is an important issue that we have to fight for in Egypt. Upper Egypt is totally neglected by traditional centralized media production, so social media is our parallel pathway to avoid this neglection



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