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Itzik Amiel - . Amsterdam Area, Netherlands, , NL

Itzik Amiel

Business Networking Award-winning Public speaker & Bestselling Author

Amsterdam Area, Netherlands, NETHERLANDS

GLOBAL LEADING AUTHORITY ON NETWORKING AND RELATIONSHIP CAPITAL | International Professional Speaker | Best Selling Author | Business Mentor








As an inspiring leader, power networker and in-demand award winning professional speaker, trainer and Business Mentor, Itzik has helped hundreds of leaders, corporate and professionals organizations and networks around the world more effectively and efficiently raise their international expansion and branding and empower their vision. Itzik's inspiring and innovative speeches and presentations on “the Art of Attentional Networking”, ”Are you paying Attention”, “Authenticity, Simplicity and Sincerity” etc. have made him an in-demand and innovative expert in the global networking and relationship worlds. With over 17 years of experience as a keynote speaker and his professional background and experiences, Itzik is widely considered one of the foremost authority on Attentional Networking and professional international business development and networking.

Itzik is the Author of the best-selling and leading book on Networking: 'The Attention Switch' on which it was said: "Dale Canegie super upgraded for the cyber-age"

Itzik holds a a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) (Cum Lauda) and a Master of Laws (adv. LL.M.) (in international taxation). Itzik also studied international tax and accounting and he is also certified mediator in tax and commercial legal subjects.

Almost 2 decades of experience in assisting clients in structuring their international expnasion globally and providing related trust and corporate management services. Focussed on results, commitment to excellence, think and act globally and internationally; effectively able to work and deal with diverse clients and realize a substantial growth.

Itzik is a member of the International Fiscal Association (IFA) and was the member of the board and the founder and the first Chair of the Young IFA Network (YIN) worldwide. He is a member of the International Bar Association (IBA), the Israeli-law Bar, AIJA, the Inter-Pacific Bar Association (IPBA), Asia-Offshore Association (founder and chair of the Young AOA) and STEP. Itzik is also the Chair of the European Corporate Finance asso. Furthermore, Itzik is an active board member and international ambassador of the CRM Association and the Global Alliances and Partnership association. Itzik is on the board of editors of the international tax Magazine (India); Analitica (Russia CIS).

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Corporate Training

Professional Training and Coaching

Financial Services

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'The Art of Attentional Networking™: Win Business and Influence People'

'The Power of Connections: Expand & Grow'

'Attentional Leadership™: Become A Trusted Adviser'

'Powerful Communication: Verbal and Non-Verbal'

'Powerful Connections: for Women'

Accomplishments (1)

Founder and Chair Young IFA Network (professional)


The Young IFA Network (YIN) is a member group within the International Fiscal Association (IFA), a non-profit international organisation that advances the study of tax law. IFA achieves its objectives through its annual congresses and the scientific publications as well as through national and regional conferences and scientific research. Although the operations of IFA are essentially scientific in character, the subjects selected take account of current fiscal developments and changes in local

Education (6)

Universiteit Leiden: advance LL.M., Law (International Taxation) 1999

Hamaslool Ha'akademi shel Hamichlala Leminhal: Accounting and Tax Advising 1991

Suma Cum Lauda

The Hebrew University: IT specialist, Computer programming 1995

STEP - Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners: TEP, Trust and Estate Planner

Manchester University: Mediator, Business law, international tax 2000

The Hebrew University: LL.B., Law 1995

Cum Lauda

Affiliations (3)

  • International Tax Magazine (India)
  • * IFA - International Fiscal Association * Founder and Chair Young IFA Network (YIN) * IPBA - Inter-Pacific Bar Association * IBA - International Bar Asociation * AIJA - incl. Tax Committee * CRM Association - international Ambassador * STEP - Society for
  • International Referral Network

Testimonials (15)

André de Almeida, Founder | President | Almeida Advogados | Inter-American Bar Association

“I first heard Itzik Amiel when I was President of the Inter-American Bar Association. Perhaps his greatest strength is his skill in personal diplomacy. He has a knack on his lectures for crossing cultural boundaries to establish mutually beneficial personal and business relationships. In short, he has a well-founded reputation as a speaker in the international arena with the personal touch to calm sometimes turbulent discussions. Therefore, I would highly recommend Itzik Amiel.”

Fernando Vaisman, , Partner | Almeida Advogados

“Itzik Amiel’s presentation on non-verbal communication left me and the rest of the audience in awe, and filled us with excitement. Itzik has a rare ability to engage with the audience and enlighten them to ways of thinking and communicating with the world that they may have never contemplated before. His innate charisma and seamlessly integrated multimedia presentation immediately captured the audience’s attention and did not let it go until every audience member was convinced of Itzik’s thesis, and could not understand how they had ever thought otherwise. Itzik truly gives a master class in how public speaking should be done.”

Alessandro Righetti, Partner | Studio Carnelutti

As a man and as a lawyer I have always considered the art of dialectics a value, characterized by rigorous logic and persuasive power. The ability to communicate is based on the value and use of words! Itzik is a man who definitely knows how to capture the attention and interest of his audience with words…personally I feel that his presentation at the globalaw meeting in Israel greatly exceeded the highest expectations of the audience.

Rene van Zelst, Partner | Cox & Partners

I admire his professionalism, his knowledge, his wide array of interests and the way he brings all of this together in a serious, yet lighthearted approach. He addressed the audience without notes, yet sharp and funny. I truly recommend him to involve in any conference. He did challenge the audience to identify what they want to talk about to get the ball rolling. His engaging talk made the day a real pleasure!

Alexander Hemmes, Head | DSC Students Association

Itzik’s lecture on networking opened the eyes of all attending students. His story contained lots of surprising elements that made the story fascinating throughout the whole lecture. Itzik spoke about the lessons that he has learned on networking in an interactive way, supported by video footage, funny and intriguing anecdotes and personal experiences. Every students left the room with ideas on how they could implement Itzik’s experiences in their daily life.

Agustin Mayer West, Partner | Ferrere Abogados

“As a regular participant of the IBA meetings I had the pleasure of attending Itzik’s presentations many times. Itzik is not only a great speaker, he is a showman. For conveying his meaning he uses words, gestures, body language and technology better than anybody I have ever seen. It’s impossible for one of Itzik’s presentations to go unnoticed; they are always one of the highlights of every conference. What he is able to convey in his presentations remains forever in his listeners’ hearts and minds. He is a unique speaker”

Dr. Rouven F. Bodenheimer, Chair | Young Lawyers Committee, International Bar Association (IBA)

As soon as I began organising the IBA Young Lawyers’ Committee’s very first joint standalone conference, I knew that I wanted Itzik on board as a speaker. He not only understands the challenges which face lawyers as they continue to develop personally and professionally in both domestic and international environment but Itzik also brings to the table an extensive legal and communications skillset and demonstrates the insight to get to the fundamentals of his topics and simplify complex issues. As well as his natural flair for public speaking, his enthusiasm for innovation in delivery makes him a pleasure to work with. At our conference in Munich in June 2012, Itzik actively interacted with the audience, encouraging everyone to participate i

Rajas Kasbekar, Partner | Little & Co.

“Itzik’s unique style of presentation managed to hold my attention all through his interactive session on networking skills held at the Annual conference of the International Bar Association in Dubai in November 2011. His presentation was simple, logical, interesting and had loads of humor in it which made it enjoyable for the audience. There were some excellent take-aways from the session especially on time management, people skills and marketing. It was an absolute pleasure to hear Itzik speak and I wish him success in his endeavor to reach out to a larger audience worldwide.”

Juan Guillermo Ruiz, President | International Fiscal Association [Colombia]

“Itzik is a very encouraging speaker as he inspires credibility and respect in every audience he addresses. His outgoing and friendly character makes him a very amusing person to be around and someone who can actually make an event positively different. I am confident that Itzik can easily exceed expectations as he very level-headed, creative and inventive. For sure, he is someone to watch”

Verginder Kaur, Partner | Dun & Bradstreet

Itzik has been one of the most important speakers at the CFO events organised by Dun & Bradstreet in the years 2010,2011,2012 and he was an inspirational speaker and exceeded the highest expectations of the audience. His words were moving and inspiring to everyone including myself. He truly deserved the standing ovation that everyone gave him.” He captured the entire audience’s attention and held them spellbound. His multimedia support is also riveting. It compliments the entire presentation beautifully. Combine this with his ability to connect with an audience, allowing those present to relate to his message and the result was a real magic in the room. Itzik'z presence and presentations have added a great value to our conferences and we

Rachel Levitan, Chair Senior Lawyers Committee | International Bar Association (IBA)

"Itzik has a very unique way of presenting a topic. He definitely is not the usual lecturer. His presentations are lively, sharp and inspiring. He is very successful in delivering the message".

Aku Sorainen, Senior Partner and Chairman | Sorainen

Itzik made a really excellent presentation during our firm's summer days in August 2012 for 160 people about networking and CRM. The lively way he shared his personal experience and gave practical hints was truly energizing and kept all of us fully focused all the time. Many people praised his presentation even several weeks afterwards. Itzik is a true asset for any company who wants to make its personnel aware of the importance of these issues.

Tom Wheeler, Managing Director | International Referral

"International Referral the global network of advisers invited Itzik to give a presentation on Networking, at our annual conference in London, September 2012. This was one of the highlights of the event and one attendee from Malta stated, it was ' the greatest presentation, I have ever seen'. On a personal level, Itzik is a great guy and I would highly recommend him for public speaking engagements."

Benjamin Cubides, Partner | Norton Rose SAS

There are messages that last in the minds of people. Yours is one. Transmitted with energy in a language easy to understand and with a clear and deep message that captures attention and leaves people with a smile and with new ideas and useful tools to achieve their goals. When organizing a tax congress one of the challenges is how to close the sessions with something interesting and with a room full of people. Thanks to you we achieve that with a non-conventional closing speech that we will never forget. Thank you for helping us to do the 3rd Latin American IFA Congress in Bogota a great success.

Robert U. Sattin, President | TAG Law and TAIG international networks

Thank you very much for your presentation on The Art of Networking at our international conference in Brussels. You not only engaged an audience of both accountants and attorneys from 5 continents, but were able, despite being the last speaker on our agenda, to capture the audience and receive great praise for your content and your presentation skills. I am pleased to pass on a few comments we received: “I found Itzik’s presentation not only to be enjoyable but more importantly clearly on point with concrete and useful suggestions, he is an amazing speaker”; “I thought Itzik Amiel’s talk was excellent” “I would say we had everything: interesting professional topics as well as high-level entertainment. For me, the most impressive topic(s)

Event Appearances (11)

The Art of Attentional Networking - for professionals

International Referral - Annual conference  London, UK


"The Secretes of the Unspoken Language"

IR on the road  Boca Raton, Florida


The Art of Networking - for the young professionals

Allen & Overy - Young Professionals Event  Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Institutioan Thinking vs. Network Thinking

BKR network Annual Conference  Amsterdam, The Netherlands


National Achievers Congress 2014

Success Resources  Netherlands


National Achievers Congress 2014 - India

Success Resources, Success Gyan  Bangalore, India


Real Success Tour

Real Success Group/  South Africa [Johanessburg, Cape Town, Durban]


National Achievers Congress 2015

Success Resources  Netherlands


Elevate 2015

ELEVATE  Copenhagen


IBA 2014

Annual conference 2014  Tokyo, Japan


IBA 2015

Annual conference  Vienna


Sample Talks (1)

• “The Art of Attentional Networking | Creating Global Relationships- Cross Borders, Cross Cultures”

Give to Get: Helping others help you succeed Whether you are selling a product, a service, or yourself, the relationship will always cement the deal. In this unique interactive presentation participants will learn how to develop and nurture relationships – and then how to develop new ones



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Become a Master Networker: Convert your Contacts into Contracts [ONLINE]

Would you like a FREE proven ways to grow your business instantly and make more money and endless referrals? Do you ever wish you had the opportunity to get new clients from any connection you establish with another person? Do you want to learn the secrets that master networkers use to attract, influence and deeply connect with business connections? Do you want to gain instant confidence so you can connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime? Do you want to learn one of the most powerful marketing methods for your business that is available for FREE for you? You definitely chose the right course! I'm going to help you increase & improve your connections with other people and grow instantly your business. This is a completely new way to think about how you interact with people and the impact you have on those around you. And you can learn this method of 'Attentional Networking' in basic steps in this course. Whether you are in the business world, looking for a job or the social scene you have to master the way you connect with others in the world. My goal is to make you more memorable, connected and influential with a charm and get repeat business and endless referrals with NO money! In this course you will learn how to become a master networker and connect authentically with every person to attract new prospects, influence and deeply connect and grow substantially your business. This course will teach you the power of networking and make sure you understand that networking is not selling. You will learn to develop your personal brand, so other people will know about you and refer business to you on a constant basis. I kept this course concise, compact and actionable because you're busy and you want change NOW! I got you. What others are saying about the course: "Itzik's course is a must for every entrepreneur. Itzik teaches you in easy ways how to make a real difference in your connections with other people to build a real network for the long run that brings you constantly new and more clients. The course is full of actionable ideas that can be directly implemented. If you would like to grow your business, you must take this course, from the #1 authority on Networking globally" – R. Gandhi, CEO [India]

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