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Jack Gambino - Muhlenberg College. Allentown, PA, US

Jack Gambino

Professor of Political Science | Muhlenberg College

Allentown, PA, United-States

Professor Gambino's research interests focus on the intersection of art and politics in political writers.





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Jack Gambino began teaching at Muhlenberg in 1990 after earning his Ph.D. in political theory from Duke University.  He teaches courses in political theory, including Political Ideologies, War and Justice, Utopia and Its Critics, American Political Thought, Politics and Public Space and an upper level seminar entitled Modernity and Its Discontents.    He has taught many First Year Seminars, including Sprawl: Life in Suburbia and Godfathers and Madonnas: The Making of Italian American Identity. He also team teaches a course with Dr. Hashim in Sustainability Studies that examines climate change and sustainable development in Bangladesh. In addition to Bangladesh, he has developed and co-directed study abroad program in London.  Dr. Gambino’s research interests focus on the intersection of art and politics in political writers such as Friedrich Nietzsche and George Orwell, as well as on the just war tradition and civic education.  In addition to serving as Chair of the Political Science Department 2006-2012, he served as director of Environmental Studies (2000-2008) and of the Hewlett-funded Public Engagement Project (1999-2003). He is currently co-director of the Philosophy/Political Thought interdisciplinary major. Dr. Gambino is the recipient of two teaching awards, the Paul C. Empie Memorial Award (2001) and the Donald and Anne Shire Distinguished Teaching Professorship for 2002-2003

Areas of Expertise (3)

Political Ideologies Political Theory Political Science

Accomplishments (2)

Paul C. Empie Memorial Award (professional)

Awarded annually at the annual Commencement of the College to that member of the faculty or staff whose teaching in the broad sense and whose service has been distinguished by a quest for meaning and value in learning.

Donald and Anne Shire Distinguished Teaching Professorship (professional)

The Paul C. Empie Memorial Award is given in honor of the late Dr. Paul C. Empie '29, former Chairman of the Board of Directors, to that member of the faculty or staff who relates his or her responsibilities to the widest perspective of humane living, and who as a mentor touches the lives of individual students in ways that lead to the fullest measure of personal growth.

Education (3)

Duke University: Ph.D.

Duke University: M.A.

Rutgers University: B.A.

Articles (1)

In Their Own Words: Assessing Global Citizenship in a Short-Term Study-Abroad Program in Bangladesh Journal of Political Science Education


The article examines whether short-term study-abroad (STSA) experiences can cultivate the cultural understandings and ethical commitments entailed by a cosmopolitan civic education. We examine students’ critical reflections on their participation in a two-week study-abroad program titled Climate Change and Sustainable Development in Bangladesh. Based on our analysis of student reflective essays, we argue that a well-designed STSA with multiple dialogical encounters with diverse constituents in the host county can provide students with significant opportunities to deepen and complicate their understanding of themselves as citizens with local, national, and global responsibilities. We use the study trip to Bangladesh as a “high impact” case study exploring the possibilities of STSA as a form of “dialogical cosmopolitan education.”

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