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Jack Uldrich - The School of Unlearning. Minneapolis, MN, US

Jack Uldrich

Author, futurist & "Chief Unlearning Officer" | The School of Unlearning

Minneapolis, MN, UNITED STATES

Futurist, Best-Selling Author & "Chief Unlearning Officer"





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Jack  Uldrich  is  a  renowned  global  futurist  and  the  author  of  ten  books,  including the  award-­winning   bestsellers  -­  The  Next  Big  Thing  is  Really  Small:  How Nanotechnology  Will  Change  the  Future  of   Your  Business,  and  Jump  the Curve: 50 Strategies  to  Help  You  Company  Stay  Ahead  of  Emerging   Technology.  His most  recent  works  include:  Unlearning  101:  50  Lessons  in  Thinking  Inside-­Out  the   Box,  and  Higher  Unlearning:  39  Post-­Requisite  Lessons  for  Achieving  a  Successful Future.                                

Jack   is   the   founder   and "Chief Unlearning Officer" of   The   School   of   Unlearning -- an   international   leadership,   change   management,   and   technology   consultancy   dedicated   to   helping   businesses,   governments,   and   non-­profit   organizations   prepare   for   and   profit   from   periods   of   profound   transformation.  

Clients   include   Fortune   100   companies,   venture   capital   firms,   and   state   and   regional   governments.   Uldrich   is   also   a   regular   contributor   on   emerging   technologies   and   future   trends   for   a   number   of   publications,   including   The   Wall   Street   Journal,   Leader   to   Leader,   The   Futurist,   BusinessWeek,   The   Scientist,   CityBusiness,   The   Futures   Research   Quarterly,   and   TechStation Central.      
Jack   is   a   frequent   speaker   on   the   technology,   change   management,   and   leadership   lecture   circuits,   and   has   addressed   numerous   businesses,   trade   associations,   and   investment   groups   around   the   world,   including   IBM,   Cisco,   USAA,   General   Electric,   United Healthcare, Wipro,   Verizon,   General   Mills,  Pfizer, and  the  U.S.  Chamber  of  Commerce.  He  is  also  a  regular  guest  on  CNBC, MSNBC and  CNN.    
Uldrich,  a  former  naval  intelligence  officer  and  Defense  Department  official,  also served   as   the   Director   of   the   Minnesota   Office   of   Strategic   and   Long   Range Planning   under   Governor   Jesse  Ventura.

Industry Expertise (10)

Corporate Leadership



Health Care - Providers

Agriculture and Farming

Elder Care



Corporate Training


Areas of Expertise (1)

Futurist Change Management

Accomplishments (2)

Jack has authored 10 best-selling books (professional)

Foresight 20/20: A Futurist Explores The Trends Transforming Tomorrow (2012) Higher Unlearning: 39 Post-Requisite Lessons for Achieving a Successful Future (2011) Unlearning 101: (2010) Green Investing (2008 & 2009) Jump the Curve: (2008) Soldier, Statesman, Peacemaker (George Marshall 2005) Into the Unknown (Lewis & Clark 2004) The Next Big Thing is Really Small (Nanotechnology 2003)

Jack has delivered hundreds of keynotes around the world. (professional)

A sampling of past clients include: Young Presidents Organization World Presidents' Organization Cisco United Healthcare IBM PepsiCo National Cotton Council Lockheed Martin WiPro Verizon Wireless USAA Wells Fargo General Electric Allina Hospitals CenterPoint Energy Chief Learning Officer Summit Meritas Association of Corporate Growth Tennessee Hospital Association Mississippi Hospital Association Maine Hospital Association TEDx 1000Lakes The Iowa Healthcare Collaborative

Education (1)

Drake University: BA, Economics 1986

Jack also received his master's in public administration from the Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota.

Testimonials (5)

Joe Robles, CEO | USAA

“Dear Jack: Just a quick personal note to thank you again for speaking to our senior management team. Your words were exactly what we needed to set the team’s frame of mind for a day focused on strategy.”

Elisabeth Brinton , Chief Business Officer | Sacramento Municipal Utility District

“Thanks again for coming to SMUD and working with us! At last night’s Board meeting, board members shared that they felt it was, “the best workshop ever.” You are a masterful facilitator! The quality of the dialog and list of assumptions now up for deeper consideration and discussion represent a very positive step forward for SMUD – thank you! If you are thinking of another book – it struck me that you could write a “how to” guide for effective and persuasive communication. Your use of numbers, history, stories, analogies, etc… is masterful. I wish I could have all of our communication staff learn from you! “

Mike Smoczyk, VP, Human Resource Development | Kraus Anderson

“I have been doing professional development for 25 years and Jack is absolutely one of the top speakers I have observed. He spoke to about 200 of our project managers, superintendents and company leaders at the end of a long day of training and everyone was focused on his message. He received very high ratings on our conference evaluation forms. Jack uses humor, facts and creativity to get his message across. This was two years ago and many of our people still reference his talk. “

Amy Purcell, Executive Director | The MoneyShow

“You were the hit of the show, numerous attendees came up to me and other staff members commenting on how much they enjoyed your talk. In fact, there was one gentleman who came up to me just after the opening ceremonies and said that hearing your presentation was worth coming to the show alone and he didn't need to hear anybody else.”

Jim Hancock, Vice President | Wells Fargo

“Judging from the number of people that lingered to ask a question and the general “post-meeting buzz”, it’s clear that your presentation had people thinking. In all honesty, this is one of the best programs that we’ve had in a long time and we’ve had plenty of excellent ones. Thank you for an entertaining and though provoking program.”

Event Appearances (5)

World Presidents' Organization

  St. Louis


10 Future Trends CIO's Need to Know Today

SingTel CIO Days  Hong Kong


Why the Future of Health Care Will Require Unlearning

Utah Hospital Association's Annual Meeting  St. George's, Utah


Future Trends in Health Care

Maine Hospital Association  Portland, Maine


How Future Trends Will Fuel "Green" Sustainability

Global Inspiration Days 2012  Lucerne, Switzerland


Sample Talks (4)

The Unlearning Curve

An extensive one-day program, this interactive seminar utilizes a series of provocative questions and exercises to explain why unlearning is necessary. It then takes participants then through a six-step process that shows leaders how to unlearn many of their deepest and longest-held assumptions, beliefs, habits and ideas. It is ideal for any organization struggling with change or for those organizations wishing to exploit the next great opportunity.

Future Trends

Jack speaks on future trends for a wide variety of industries including: agriculture, education, energy, healthcare, manufacturing, telecommunications and the utility industries.

The Future Requires Unlearning.

The pace of technological change is accelerating. Today’s organizations are living in a world where “constant change is the only constant.” New advances in biotechnology, nanotechnology, and information technology are bringing forth exciting and unexpected discoveries every day, while the expansive and growing power of the Internet, social networking and the open-source movement are fueling the fires which threaten to consume much of today’s existing business landscape.

The Future of Health Care

Visit Jack's website at for a detailed description of his talks as well as videos and recommendations from past clients.



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