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Jacquelyn Hadnot - It Is Written Ministries. Overland Park, KS, US

Jacquelyn Hadnot

It Is Written Ministries

Overland Park, KS, UNITED STATES

Dr. Jacquelyn Hadnot is an award-winning author and teacher whose passion is to see lives changed through practical applications.





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God has called Dr. Jacquie Hadnot to encourage, inspire, motivate and activate the gifts of the Spirit in order to birth powerful ministries in the body of Christ. She is becoming a voice on the subject of prayer, worship and spiritual warfare.

She is recognized as a modern-day apostolic leader with a strong prophetic and psalmist anointing. She has a revelational teaching ministry with a mandate to saturate the world with the Word of God. Jacquies heart is to see people rise and walk in the destiny and inheritance of the Lord.

She has founded and established It Is Written Ministries, a publication company, an accounting and consulting firm, and a global radio station. As a retired accountant and business executive, Jacquie blends ministerial and entrepreneurial applications in her ministry to enrich and empower a diverse audience with skills and abilities to take kingdoms for the Lord Jesus Christ. She is a lecturer, conference speaker, teacher, business trainer, and financial consultant, providing consulting services to businesses, churches, and individuals. She has written over twenty-five books, manuals, and other materials on intimacy with God, prayer, fasting and spiritual warfare. She has also released several music Cds and received numerous music and book publishing awards.

Beyond the pulpit, Jacquie is a talk show host on both television and radio with her own program, Light for Your Path. Weekly she applies God’s wisdom to today’s world solutions. Her ministry objective is to make Christ’s teachings relevant for today. She also publishes a quarterly magazine by the same name.

In addition to her extensive experience, Jacquie has a Thd in Pastoral Theology and a Masters in Ministry Leadership. She is also a wife, mother of one daughter and grandmother of one grandson. She and her husband, Gregory presently pastor It Is Written Ministries in Kansas City Kansas. They also serve as owners and officers of Igniting the Fire Media Group.

Industry Expertise (3)

Media - Broadcast



Areas of Expertise (5)

Financial Management

Women's Issues




Accomplishments (5)

2010 Kingdom Priest Award (personal)

Excellence in Ministry

2007 Indie Excellence Finalist Award (professional)

2007 Indie Excellence Finalist Award for Book of Year in Religion Category

2007 USABook News Award (professional)

2007 USA Book New Award for Best Book of Year in Religion Category

2012 ABMA Image Award (personal)

2012 Black Image Award for Worldwide Evangelism

2011 Woman to Woman of the Year Award (professional)

2011 Woman to Woman of the Year Award in Wichita Kansas

Education (4)

Faith Bibe College: Bachelors, Theology 2002

Faith Bible College: Doctorate, Theology 2005

Park University: Accounting\Financial Management

Faith Bible College: Masters, Ministry Leadership 2003

Affiliations (5)

  • Kansas Society of Public Accountants
  • Unity Among Leaders
  • Christian
  • Booking Marketing Network
  • National Association of Professional Women!

Testimonials (5)

Valerie Thornton, Pastor | Rosser-Simpson CME Church

Dr. Jacquie has been a woman of the frontline of change in the lives of the people she encounters. She founded It Is Written Ministries to clothe, educate and encouage the less fortunate. Her mandate is to reach the world with a message of hope. She has done this throught the United States because of her love for God's people. She is an extraordinary woman because she does her work without much fanfare. Second, she does her work without receiving any compensation. Third, she does her work for the joy of seeing others live productive lives. Finally, what makes her extraordinary is because she is there for the homeless, elderly, sick, imprisoned, down troddened without asking for anything in return.

Jon Jukes, Musician | London, England

Amongst the deafening daily media bombardment or suffering, dis-unity and fear with our "civilised" culture, it is hard to remember that the voice of God conveys peace and not evil from a heart that longs to prosper and no to harm us. Dr. Jacquie Hadnot however, has heard and know this voice and uses this beautiful message to convey it.

Leland Thomas, Pastor | Embassy Internation Ministries

I am very proud of the gift that God has placed in this mighty woman of God. She has studied and taught the essence of spiritual warfare, and written a tool, The Art of Spiritual Warfare, that disarms the enemy and his plans against Christianity in this century. Dr Jacquie Hadnot is a tremendous blessing to the body of Christ and a true soldier to the body of Christ according to Ephesians 6.

Lateresa Williams, Evangelist | Little Rock Arkansas

Dr. Jacquie’s, The Art of Spiritual Warfare, is a great book to have in your arsenal of weaponry because it will prepare you for spiritual warfare. You can apply the teachings in this book to your life’s principles as tools and strategies for effective spiritual warfare. It also breaks down the methods of Satan as well as his kingdom and hierarchy in ways everyone can comprehend.

Dale Fountain, Overland Park KS, Minister | Spiritual Warfare and Kingdom Authority

War is no respecter of persons and Dr. Jacquie teaches us how war has a destructive nature. War means fighting, but in the Kingdom of God, we are to fight the good fight of faith. The Art of Spiritual Warfare has made an impact in my life. It has allowed me to understand the nature of spiritual warfare. Being in a war can be very complex if you do not understand who and what you are fighting. This book has illuminated warfare strategies, tactics and combative techniques. This book will be a blessing to anyone in the midst of warfare. Remember, you are in the army now!

Event Appearances (11)

Finding Intimacy With God

Intimate Encounters  EIM, Kansas City Kansas


Til Debt Due Us Part: Living Debt Free

Financial Management Seminar  It Is Written Ministries, Kansas City KS


Your Season for Change

Seasons in the Air  Inward Faith Ministries, Topeka Kansas


Annual Women of the Cloth Conference

Annual Women of the Cloth Conference 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011  Community of Christ Church, Raytown MO

Women and Domestic Violence

African American Male Initiative  Forest Park Community College, St. Louis MO


Women in Leadership

Breaking of Day Conference  Historic Phillips Hotel, Kansas City MO


Spiritual Warfare and Kingdom Authority

AWOW Empowerment Luncheon  It Is Written Ministries, Kansas City KS


Birthing Your Dreams

Pregnant With A Purpose: Birthing Your Dreams  Cedar Street Church


Naked, Broken and Unashamed

Pregnant With A Purpose: Birthing Your Dreams  True Light Church, Wichita Kansas


Believe That You Can

Pregnant With A Purpose: Birthing Your Dreams  Abbot Community Center, Topeka KS


Promoting Without Pride

Kingdom Music Festival  Sumpter South Carolina


Sample Talks (1)

A Woman of Worth

My mandate is to encourage, empower and motivate women to walk in victory. To encourage women to reconnect with the woman God created them to be. For years, many women have been sitting on the back burner, side lined due to low self-esteem, insecurity and inferiority. Many are pregnant with gifts, talents, ministry, peace, joy, healing, praise, dreams, goals, and purpose. I am called to be the tool God uses to help unlock their hidden or dormant potential.



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