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Jaime Leal - ARO Teams. Mississauga, ON, CA

Jaime Leal Jaime Leal

Entrepreneur & Kidnap Survivor | ARO Teams

Mississauga, ON, CANADA

Collaboration, Leadership and Happiness in the Workplace,





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After being kidnapped at gunpoint in Mexico, Keynote Speaker Jaime Leal, a well established business owner, humanitarian relief volunteer, former paramedic and television host, rapidly learned how to handle a crisis without losing his cool. His life depended on it. In the end, he arranged for a ransom and was released unharmed. But not unchanged.

Jaime uses his vast experience and expertise in the field of psychology, coaching and experiential learning to help good change happen and find the good in change that seems to be “bad”. A humanitarian relief volunteer, he has worked as part of a rescue team and also a translator, mediator, paramedic and staff volunteer in global hotspots around the world.

Canadian Keynote speaker Jaime Leal offers practical principles, which can be applied immediately to everyday business and personal life, in order to change perception and find the good in change that seems to be “bad”. His keynote speeches will inspire employees, help bring communities together, build a cohesive team oriented environment and motivate any audience.

Canadian Keynote Speakers: Jaime Leal

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Accomplishments (3)

Humanitarian Relief Volunteer - Haiti 2010 (professional)


Served during 45 days as a translator, paramedic and mediator at a campaign hospital in Haiti, right after the earthquake on January 2010.

Special Citizen Award 2009 (personal)


After my service as a humanitarian relief volunteer, paramedic and SAR team, I was granted the Special Citizen Award by Pazes.ORG a not-for-profit organization in Mexico.

Board of Directors of Connect 4 Life (personal)


I feel honoured to be part of Connect 4 Life a Canadian Charity.

Education (4)

MindSonar Netherlands: MindSonar Technician, MindSonar 2012

CMPNL and NLP Institute of California: Coaching ICF, Coaching 2007

NLP INstitute of California: Coaching, Coaching with NLP 2006

CMPNL Mexico: NLP Practitioner, NLP 2004

Affiliations (5)

  • Rotary International
  • International Coaching Federation
  • BNI
  • Connect 4 Life
  • MindSonar

Testimonials (8)

Omar Ramroop, Director | School of Social Entrepreneurs

We are incredibly fortunate to have Jaime as a member of our community. He is truly a genuine, authentic, and modest role model for social change leaders. I sincerely look forward to collaborating with Jaime again in the near future.

Susan Cheeseman, Volunteer Coordinator | CNIB Volunteer Appreciation Event

Jaime’s audience told me personally that they were empowered by his message that we are “more powerful than we realize”. CNIB volunteers mentioned that they left thinking that “yes, we all have barriers and these barriers can be overcome

Horacio Gonzalez, HR Director | Mary Kay

Jaime is a great Coach and a fabulous keynote speaker, his story and charm on stage keeps the audience connected, we have used Jaime several times and many more will come for sure.

Jeff Good, Director | CRESA Real Estate

Jaime is an eloquent and riveting speaker, sharing remarkable life experiences in a way engage his audience and illuminate his key messages. Not merely uplifting, he has important learnings to share and insights that will motivate and educate everyone that hears him speak. A speaker well worth hearing!

Melanie Taddeo, Director | CLC Connect Learning Centre

I have had the pleasure of hearing Jaime Leal speak numerous times on a variety of topics. He speaks with passion, and enthusiasm. His stories and experiences are both moving and inspiring. His audiences walk away feeling inspired and wanting more. I would highly recommend that any group, company, or organization that are wanting to inspire or motivate their staff, volunteers or members that Jaime Leal would be an excellent choice.

Tim Pervin, CEO | The Pervin Group

Jamie has a very strong personal story that shows how resilience and perseverance can result in focus and clarity. Motivational particularly for teams that are under-performing and need an external “reason why” to re-examine their personal/business situations and take action. Highly empathetic, he is a great addition as a motivational speaker for conferences and events.

Sharon Sedhev, Business Developer | Cognition LLP

Jaime is a powerful coach who provided insights into the thinking style our one of our top performers. I would recommend Jaime to anyone looking to capitalize on great talent within the organization.

Josh Hayter, Corporate Event Planner | The Beer Snob

I was amazed, at how he could take some pretty heavy subject matter, and still manage to have an uplifting message of positive change. I can’t think of a better person to bring in as a speaker. Great work Jaime!

Event Appearances (7)

Happiness in the Workplace

3rd. International HHRR Summit  Bogotá Colombia


Modern Day Miracles

SouthAmerican Youth Changing the World  Bogota Colombia


Blink - Everything Changes in a Minute

Students  School of Social Entrepreneurs - Toronto


Modern Day Miracles

RYLA International - Youth  OrangeVille ON Canada


In the Blink of an Eye

Event for Women at Rue Pigalle  Toronto, ON


Modern Day Miracles

CNIB Volunteer-Appreciation Event  Brampton ON


Happiness at the workplace

BeerSnob  Toronto


Sample Talks (3)

Fast Forward - Become Tomorrows leader, Today!

In Jaime Leal’s experience, there’s one main thing that separates leaders from the rest of the pack and that is leaders don’t make excuses. They are accountable, not only for their own actions as well as their teams and their organization’s performance. Jaime created and uses this seven step process to transform excuses into goals and problems into solutions: -Create a no-excuses environment -Model accountability for your team -Give each team member their full share of responsibility

Modern Day Miracles - The Power of Small Contribution

Follow Jaime on a journey through a series of inexplicable “coincidences” he encountered while serving as a humanitarian relief volunteer in one of this century’s most devastating disasters, Jaime walks the talk on this enriching keynote while the audience discovers how full of modern miracles our life is. -Realize that golden opportunities are all around us -Find the joy even in crisis or disaster -Appreciate the ability we all have to help others in a crisis

Blink - Everything Changes in a Minute

After being kidnapped at gunpoint, Jaime Leal, a well established business owner and television host, rapidly learned how to handle a crisis without losing his cool. His life depended on it. In the end, he arranged for a ransom and was released unharmed. But not unchanged. Jaime applied the wisdom he acquired under pressure to rebuild his highly successful business and now shares what he’s learned both from crisis and in business-building with audiences around the world.



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